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Having a sick baby is pretty much one of the worst feelings a mom can have. It’s especially tough when you can’t do a lot for them except try to make them comfortable. And sometimes, that’s hard.

Tuesday, E seemed warm to me. Actually she was hot. She had wanted to be held and cuddled all morning. I finally took her temperature, and she was at 100.4F. This seems to be a magic cut-off for the pediatrician.

fever baby.jpg

I called. They told me to keep an eye on it and give her some pain/fever reducer. There should really be something that helps with the pain (she seemed miserable), but doesn’t do anything to the fever. Fevers are good (within reason). She got up to 101.2F via ear thermometer. She was burning up, so I caved and gave her some medicine. About 45 minutes later, she smiled for the first time that day.

sick e

(Right after I took her temperature and got 101.2F)

She still had a fever Wednesday, so I called to take her in. She screamed when I touched her ears, so I thought it was an ear infection. I just wanted it confirmed.

I was wrong.

Apparently, modern medicine then goes into hyper overdrive and must rule out anything and everything when a baby this young has a fever.

(I wish we would have just stayed home.)

They tell me they want a urine sample (yep, a catheter), a blood test via CBC (poking her in the heel and squeezing) and a chest x-ray (in a torture device that they say “looks like a torture device but doesn’t hurt them). I really questioned the doctor. And, I’m pissed. I’m pissed because she made me feel like a bad mom for questioning her. She made me feel like I was a terrible mother if I waited to see if her fever broke on her own and waited one more day. “I’ve seen things go wrong in one day.”

(By the way, I refused the “non-torture” torture device and held her for her x-rays.)

Damn you doctor. Fine. Let’s do the tests. (Followed by a call to the husband that we are looking for a new pediatrician. One that lets me be the mom and doesn’t make me feel like poo. One that doesn’t make me feel like the B mom because I question them. One that acknowledges that I am an intelligent, educated woman! If you are in my area, I’d love a recommendation!)

All of the tests were done, and four hours later, we were home. She pretty much went straight to sleep.

e on monitor

(Notice it says 81F in her room. Our house has one AC unit and it’s thermostat is downstairs. Stupid. So I had to crank it down really low and her room cooled off finally!)

About two hours after that, we got a call that the blood and urine look good, but her x-rays show bronchiolitis. But her lungs sound good, so we are just keeping her hydrated and watching the fever.

I’m wishing I wouldn’t have looked for a link…asthma and RSV are both mentioned. Scary.

But, I’m still questioning the doctor’s office. And, I still want to find a doctor that works with me. Even if this was the right treatment/ tests to run, I don’t want to feel like a turd because I question the necessity of the tests.

(We are still keeping an eye on the fever and congestion and watching her closely. I’m confident there won’t be any steroid breathing treatments required, but as always, prayers for a speedy recovery are definitely appreciated.)


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  1. Poor little E! I had the experience of the “mystery fever” with Maggie. X-rays, blood work, attempted catheter. It all ended up with a “procedure” to see if she had something like urinary reflux? I literally have blocked out the whole experience from my memory because it was just horrible. Being my first baby I was so scared and unsure and not really given any choices. Makes me mad now – looking back. It definitely toughened me up though!

    Sending positive thoughts that her fever “poof” is gone!

    1. The next day, you never would have known she was feeling bad the day before.

  2. You most definitely need a new pediatrician. Hope E feels better ASAP and that this clears up.

  3. Poor baby, I hope she feels better soon. I think you are totally right to find a new pediatrician that you’ll feel more comfortable with. Good luck in your search, I hope you find someone great!

    1. I’m still looking..guess she’s going to the same office next week for her 2 month check up…but at least it’s “our” doctor.

  4. Oh sweet E I hope you feel better very soon. I’m glad you have a mommy that asks questions and ALWAYS has your best interests and comfort in mind. She rocks! Another smile tomorrow will definitely reassure her! We love you and are praying for a healthy, quick and comfortable recovery!!!

    1. Thanks, Liz. Finding a replacement has been quite the challenge..they are all in practices that follow things “by the book!”

  5. I gave you our doc’s name in the GSMMs group. I think you live out my way…? So sorry you had to deal with that! Hope everyone is doing better tonight.

    1. She’s much better now…I’ve just got to get on finding a new dr.

  6. i hope she is feeling better!! that sounds horrible, i hate with the teeny tiny ones have fevers, so scary!!

    1. She did so well with it all! It’s harder on the mom, I think.

  7. I’m sorry Momma! I hope she gets to feeling better soon. If she doesn’t get to feeling better take her to Children’s they are so great in emergencies like that. Plus they have Urgent Care offices.

  8. Went through the mystery fever when my youngest was 5 months old. Bad thing was we were on vacation in PA. I knew she was warm for several days and finally bought a thermometer. Her fever was almost 105! I immediately asked the hotel we were staying at for a pediatrician (this was almost 19 years ago, no real internet) We went to office right away. They did the cath, and then sent us to the hospital to have blood drawn. It was exhausting and so scary. They never found anything wrong and her fever went down in another 2 days.
    So tough to not overreact, but sometimes we just need to wait it out. I had an earscope when my kids were little. Many times they would cry with ear pain, but when I would take to doctor next day, it would only be a tiny bit red. Doc said it can flare up and down. Having the earscope kept me from running in to always see if ears were infected.
    Try finding an older pediatrician. Tiffany uses one in Covington that has practiced for over 30 years. He definitely believes in a mother’s intuition.

    1. Yes, I need an old school one…those are my favorite.

      And, an earscope, too!

  9. I’m so sorry she is sick!! We changed peds for the exact same reason! Aren’t they suppose to be ok with us asking them questions?? Good luck finding a new ped! There are many good ones out there! I hope E gets better soon!!!

    1. I’m still on the search! I need a recommendation and even those are hard to come by.

  10. ugh. That sounds awful.
    I hope she starts feeling better very soon.

  11. I just HATE it when they make you feel that way. I’m so sorry, I know that feeling… Hoping she’s much better tomorrow!! xo

    1. Yep, she was soo much better the next day. Makes me wish I went with my gut and waited one more day.

  12. There is nothing more terrible than when our children are sick. Nothing. Especially at night, since they get sicker at night, and our worry levels (at least mine) are through the roof. When my oldest son was 12 weeks old, he had a high fever… to the hospital we went, and blood work, catheter, chest x-ray… turns out he had a UTI and was hospitalized for two weeks… IV’s, more blood work, etc. Nightmare of my life. At three years old, my son got pneumonia… the worst case ever, two weeks in the hospital, oxygen mask, IV’s, X-ray’s, CV scans, etc… and then, lung surgery, to drain fluid. Chest tube. Nightmare, and something, even though he is 100% fine, I’ll never get over.
    Sigh. Being a mom, it’s tough.
    I hope your darling is better SO soon. And try to not question the doctors… they really are doing what they think is best to help your baby! xox

    1. Oh, how scary, scary, scary. I know why they did it. I totally get it. I know they are doing what’s best, but I just wish they wouldn’t have treated me like I was dumb.

  13. So scary Krystyn! We had the same thing happen to Eli when he was 2 months. Same tests…they wouldn’t let me hold him and he had to go in the torture device. His ended up being an RSV pneumonia and it was just awful.

    Sending prayers and well wishes for E!

    1. I was really surprised they didn’t do the RSV test…that one is so easy in comparison.

      How scary for you and Eli!

  14. cindy miller says:

    Feel better soon, E 🙂

  15. grandma Pat says:

    Glad she is feeling better already. Unfortunately, with so many people suing the medical industry they have to do all the testing to cover their butts. They don’t however, need to give you any amount of grief for asking questions.
    You battled pneuminia for a week when you were just a few months old. You sat in my arms and your temp went from 100 to 104 in a matter of a few minutes. I took you to the Dr. immediately, they sent us to the ER. After x-rays, blood work, and a spinal tap. They sent us home saying it was just a virus. You ran ahigh temp off and on for the entire week. Finally on the following Friday your DR. got the x-rays from the hospital. He said “she has a small spot on one of her lungs. I am going to treat this as pneuminia” He put you on an anti-biotic and the very next day you were feeling better. It was a very terrible week for you and I was very angry it was not caught at the hospital.

  16. I’m sorry it was so hard for both of you. I have a great pediatrician…I’ll message you info, ok? Hope you are both better now.

  17. Poor baby girl! My daughter had to go through lots of tests like that when she was tiny. She had a fever of 103 though, so I didn’t question anything. Your doctor should not ever make you feel like a bad parent for questioning what they want to do to your child. That’s ridiculous, and you should not have to put up with that, especially since you are the one paying them! My husband and I actually drive an hour north of Atlanta to see a family doctor in Calhoun, GA whenever our daughter needs medical care because we have had such bad experiences with doctors in Atlanta over the years. I hope little E feels much better soon!

    1. Wow! You must really love your doctor. Although, I think I’d drive an hour, too!

  18. I hope she is feeling a little better today. All that testing is SO not fun for you or the baby. poor thing… praying all is well!

    1. Definitely not fun for mommy! She only cried a couple times. Fortunately, she wont’ remember.

  19. Annie has had bronchiolitis twice in her short life. Last March (the week I went back to work), and again in September. (Remember the torture device I put her in and posted? yeah .. then)

    It sucks. 99% of the time it’s viral and there’s nothing you can do but let them work through it. I got a lecture too. For not taking her to ER. It was a Saturday afternoon. Her cough progressed from normal cough to seal bark cough. We took her to urgent care because our pedi was closed. I was told, “never mess with a baby cough. Always go to ER.”

    But you yourself just told me that it’s not life threatening and she’ll work through this on her own. It’s viral. ER would have been $100 and taken 2 hours to be seen. At the urgent care I got seen in 15 minutes and was only $20. Seems like Urgent Care was the better option.

    Keep the other kids away from her as best you can. But in all likelihood, she got it from her oldest sister.

    1. I remember you posting that picture! I just couldn’t put my blobby baby into it (well, she really couldn’t get a good fit, either, she tried and I quickly put the stop on that).

      And, exactly, it’s likely viral, but we need a white blood cell count to confirm it.

      Glad you were able to do urgent care with Annie.

  20. Poor Baby AND mommy! If you don’t feel comfortable with that doc, I would for sure be finding a new one!

  21. so sorry miss e. our miss e has been in the hospital the last two days. sick babies are heartbreaking. here’s to both of you feeling better really soon!

  22. lura staffanson says:

    Im so sorry for all you and E went through. Good luck on finding a doctor with better bed side manner. Give E a hug from me and consider yourself hugged too.

  23. Oh my, sounds like a very rough week already. So sorry lady. I would question the test for sure. It may just be allergies to all the pollen in Atlanta. Don’t get scared……I’m keeping you in my prayers.

    1. I wonder if little ones can have allergies? Poor thing has watery eyes and is congested. Guess we’ll know more next week at her 2 month check up.

  24. Lexi Conklin says:

    aw 🙁 i hate when my little one is sick, i feel like crying watching him miserable not feeling well. and dont ever feel bad questioning a doctor, thats your job as a parent! i hope shes doing better!

    1. Thanks. Mostly better. Still a little congested, though.

  25. Yikes! I agree, I’d like a doctor that respects my education and intelligence and gives me the info I need to make decisions for my child. Good for you though!

    1. Thanks! I guess I should start carrying my degree around with me so they don’t treat me like a dumb woman!

  26. You have every right to question the doctor and the tests, I really think they should expect it. I ask about everything when one of my kids are getting tests done etc. just for the fact that I want to know and no doctor should take it the wrong way. I’ve even brought my son to have a second opinion once because I didn’t think the first doctor really cared. I hope everything is alright now and she is getting better 🙂

    1. When one of the technicians asked if I was okay and I said no..she looked puzzled. I said, “wouldn’t you be worried if I was okay?” She was like “nope, not at all!”

  27. You’re right when you say that modern medicine goes into hyper overdrive and must test everything. I think you have the right to question the necessity of the tests. In order to be fair to doctors, I think you also need to realize that they are probably trying to order everything to cover themselves. Unfortunately, many people are lawsuit happy and want to suck everything they can out of a bad outcome.

    1. I’s so sad that they feel like they have to do that to cover themselves.

  28. Aww you’re not a bad mom! I would have been the same way. I hope you find a pediatrician who is more caring and works with you better 🙂

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