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Happy 0.75th-of-a-year Birthday


Dear E,

We’re here again so soon. This month has been full of so much change for you. It’s craziness.

9 months EC

You are everywhere and super quick! You started off angry crawling, but that only lasted a second. Now you are a crawling machine. One second you are in the living room and the next you are at my at my legs and pulling up on them. That’s right in one month you are crawling and pulling up and diving out of your crib. You are keeping us on our toes, that’s for sure.

You have seven teeth now and you know what to do with them. Ouch. There are like three more trying to come in. 

9 months EC 9 months EC

In addition to some purees you are doing really well with table food; chicken and peas are probably your favorite. I love watching your little fingers delicately pick up your peas one at a time with that pincher clasp. But sometimes you still do the scoop and shovel.

9 months EC

For the most part, you sleep through the night. Sometimes you still need a little snack and then you go back to sleep.

You say “mama” but I don’t think you know it’s me just yet, but you know it makes me happy!

This month, you also started clapping. It’s so dainty and sweet. You clap when you are finished nursing and it melts me. I love the applause. Yet, you still shake your head “no” for every question!

Fortunately, you still really like the camera. I think it’s mommy acting like a crazy person behind it that really makes you like it. But you are so super fast and don’t really like sitting. So, we’ll see how things go. 

You are pretty stinking awesome. Everybody that sees you comments on how happy of a baby you are and that you are so smiley. As long as I don’t turn my back on you, that’s always true.

Loving you. Loving you at this age. Can’t wait to see what else happens this month (if you start walking, mommy might add leg weights!)



PS You were 18 pounds, 1 ounce (50th percentile) and 28 inches (75th percentile) this visit. Your sisters were the same on their respective growth charts for their well-visits this year, too!

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  1. I can see why people say she looks so happy. It shows in the photos. She’s a cuite.

    1. Thanks, Terra! She only gets upset every once and a while!

  2. SEVEN teeth?!?! We have NONE! And look at all that hair she’s getting! She is looking so much like the older girls!

    1. She now has 8 teeth..but seriously, the older two had 0 and maybe 2 at this time….and I can’t believe how much she looks like them, and yet how different.

  3. Aww little E is so precious! She has the *best* smile! It’s really awesome that you document your daughters’ growth and development so thoroughly.

    1. Thankfully, they are all good smilers. Probably because I jam my camera in their faces all the time!

      And, sadly, this is the best I’ve done out of the three…well, maybe I was good with #1, but poor N..I didn’t do so well with her.

  4. She is growing so fast. Amazing how quickly that first year goes by.

    1. Don’t I know it…It’s crazy. Everyday I look at her and wonder where my little snuggly baby went.

  5. She is growing so fast!!! You want to see what they do next but sometimes you want to slow them down and savor the moment a little longer

    1. I’m still at the slow down stage…for the older two, I have some feeling of wanting them to speed up…especially when they get sassy!

  6. Dear E,
    I know it’s impossible for you, but please stop growing so fast and being so friggin’ cute.
    You’re making Ms. Joyce really want to have another baby!

    1. I’m telling you, one is the hardest adjustment….adding a second really isn’t that much crazier:)

  7. Oh she is so beautiful.
    This is a lovely letter and keepsake for her when she is grown. Love this.

    1. Thank you very much! I hope she appreciates it one day, too!

  8. I love her smile. She always looks like she’s having a blast!

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