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I’m feeling slightly dilemmaed (yes, I made up that word).  Do I share the wedding pictures?  Even though the sis is still on her honeymoon?  Do I get to share them first?  Well, since she’s out of the country and I can’t call her, and I just spend TEN days in Houston, I’m making an executive decision.  After all, it’s the reason for our trip!

Friday night was the rehearsal.  It was a little long, but the girls did very well.  I think this is my favorite picture from the evening.

Em and #1 (rehearsal)

The girls practiced their part.  They were ready to “drop flowers on the floor.”  And, they were adorable and perfect.

all ready for dropping flowers

Emily (real smile).  Me (ick).  But, she put my garter on for my wedding, so we had to do the same!

Sisters with the garter

Aunt Emily with the best flower girls ever (and I’m not just saying it…despite my bias).

Em and the girls

It’s blurry, but they were doing it.  They got their (fake) petals sprinkled perfectly down the aisle.  Daddy didn’t have to walk with them (I was already at the front) and they didn’t hesitate.

Favorite part?  When #2 got to the front, she said “I did it!” loud enough for the entire church to hear it! Perfect.  (And, yes, every single person told me about it like I wasn’t there!)

flower girls

After just being pronounced the Mr. and Mrs.  BTW, David said his vows the loudest I’ve ever heard anybody say them.  I think he was a little more than ready to get this show started.

Bride and Groom

For the reception, the girls changed into cowboy (or is it cowgirl) boots.  Thank GOD!  The shoes were like torture devices (but we had to stand for a reading during the ceremony of almost all of Genesis 1-2.  It was over NINE minutes of reading).  So, I was very thankful to not have to wear them!  Check out my air!  (second from the left of Em).

Boot jumping

And, there are just too many pictures from the reception, so I’ll save them for Friday.  But, I’ll leave you with this picture…a little reunion for the class of 1999 from our high school. It was nice to see them.

Class of 99 reunion

The wedding and reception were a blast!  Many congrats to my sister and new brother-in-law.

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  1. AWESOME pictures!! And those flower dresses were BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like it was just a gorgeous wedding. And you did get some serious air!

    1. It really was gorgeous.

      And, a trick! I’m sure I barely jumped, but if you pull your knees up really high, it looks like you are getting huge air!

    1. It was a lot of fun. I couldn’t have been more proud of them! I’m so glad they did so well.

  2. You and your sister are gorgeous and the girls are adorable! And whoa, you did get some air in that pic! Congrats to your sis!

    1. Awww…thanks, Steph!

      And, a trick! I’m sure I barely jumped, but if you pull your knees up really high, it looks like you are getting huge air!

  3. I LOVE that last picture. So cool.

    This is so timely because last weekend my kids were in a wedding and I posted about that too. 🙂

    You know what they say about great minds…..

    1. It was fun doing it, too (except, I swear I hurt my shoulder!)

      Yes, great minds indeed!

  4. Your sister was a very lovely bride!! And that photo of your daughters is the sweetest most loving thing ever 🙂

    That shade of pink really looks great on you! I bet it was a really fun time – I know your daughters enjoyed being flower girls!

    1. Why thank you! I’ve got to get it framed and up in the house.

      I’m so impressed that you said that. When she told me of the color, I thought it was going to look terrible because it was the same color as me!

      Yes, we all had a great time.

  5. What a beautiful bride! And what do you mean ick?! You look gorgeous, Krystyn!

    And I must say that your little ones? Cutest flower girls EVER.


    1. Thanks, Chelle! They are pretty stinking cute, aren’t they?

  6. Love the cowboy boots picture, of course, second to your daughters heading down the aisle.

    Looks like a wedding to remember~

    1. I was sooo thankful for those cowboy boots! (The silver shoes were horrible).

      Yes, definitely memorable.

  7. Awesome x 100000!!! Thanks for sharing, even though you didn’t have express consent 😉

    1. Yeah, I think she’s forgiven me…actually, I think she was sneaky and looked at the pictures on her honeymoon!

  8. uhm i was like YES you share! she’s gone – i can’t wait for her to get back and give you the ok!! thank goodness you heard me screaming at the computer!!

    i love it. all of it. love the girls. love the dresses. em’s. the littles. yours. love hearing all about it. and you know i won’t be mad if you want to share more 🙂

  9. Those are FANTASTIC and she looks beautiful!!

    1. Thanks, Dee! I can’t wait to see the ones the professional took!

  10. Looks like so much fun! Congrats to your sis!

    Okay, that pic of your girls hugging each other is just about the CUTEST photo ever. That must be blown up and framed!!!!

  11. Congrats to your sister and brother-in-law. Looks like they had a beautiful wedding. Like the cowboy boots photo.

  12. I love that she shouted “I did it!” My 2 y/o does that too. Gotta love Dora!

    1. Hmmm…I don’t know that this was a Dora influenced thing…we have only seen it a couple times!

  13. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You all looked beautiful! Your girls are just precious. They have the same hair (whirly curls) as my Court except theirs is red and Miss C’s is blond. I love it!!
    So happy everything went well. You’ve inspired me to look for a pair of cowboy boots. So cute!

    1. Thanks, Mary! We think they are pretty cute, too!

      And, the cowboy boots were way better than the heels.

  14. That looks like so much fun and your sister is a gorgeous bride. And you are so beautiful too! I just love weddings. Thanks for sharing your sister’s with us. xo

    1. Oh, thanks Elaine! You are too sweet. I forgot how much I love weddings, too.

  15. I’m loving Em’s dress from the rehearsal dinner and her wedding day ‘do! She sure made a gorgeous bride! Best wishes to her and David!

  16. looks like a beautiful wedding, Krystyn! The girls looked adorable & so did you! Congrats to your sister!

  17. So beautiful! I think it looks like a gorgeous wedding and the girls look absolutely precious. How adorable what N said that at the church, she must have been SO proud of herself. I can just imagine your smile when she said it – I am grinning from ear to ear just thinking about it.
    I can’t wait to see the photos from the reception. =)

    1. Don’t you know it. Biggest smile, ever!

      Hope you came back by. I’ve already got the reception photos up.

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