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The girls were home with me two weeks ago. It was a nice change of pace and we really enjoyed ourselves, had some play dates and even skipped a couple nap times.

But, I realized how much they eat. Man can they eat. And eat and eat. I’ve heard that boys eat you out of house and home, but I’m quite certain our girls will do the same.

0.2 seconds after they eat breakfast (typically, a half of a bagel, cereal, toast, a cereal bar and fruit or something else easy to go), they are asking what they can eat for their second breakfast.  Seriously, they ask for second breakfast.  Why?  Because after breakfast at home, they go to school and get a breakfast snack.  Or second breakfast.

So, I contend, they are hobbits. But, much taller and much, much cuter! (And, I can already see sister number three laying on top of them.)

my hobbits

Secret…never read Lord of the Rings. my thing.  I’ve been in the same room with the movies and couldn’t even watch them.  I just don’t do the fantasy theme.


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    1. Sometimes, you just get lucky…this is definitely one of those times!

  1. LOVE the picture! I can see Boris snuggled on top too! I’m a HUGE breakfast fan too…love that they eat two! Never read or watched the Lord of the Ring stuff either. I imagine it’s pure torture. I prefer more educated shows like Jersey Shore and RHOBH!

    1. Educated and refined…yeah, I don’t think Jersey Shore quite fits into those categories.

  2. I say that all the time about my girls! Breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, second snack. When the girls are home I feel like they eat non-stop!!! And that is a beautiful picture of the girls!

    1. Seriously…when do they stop eating..and it’s not like they are growing.

      Lucky shot…very lucky shot.

    1. It’s just not me. I never could do Harry Potter, either.

  3. They could be twins, you know, if they weren’t a couple of years apart. 🙂

    And my kids eat like that too, OMG! The morning is like a buffet around here… Hobbits, all of ’em!!

    1. Oh, I know..and I know they’ll be the same size or closer soon and people will think they are twins (they did with my sister and me all the time).

      Where do they put all that food?

  4. that just might be the sweetest, cutest picture of them yet friend!!

    1. Totally a lucky shot. They were acting crazy right before and right after it!

  5. You have some cute little hobbits there. I joke that I am a hobbit when I am pregnant. I eat breakfast, then need a second breakfast, etc.
    I love the movies, couldn’t really get into the books though.

    1. Pregnant is totally a different issue (as I go to get a snack).

      I couldn’t do the movies or the books!

    1. Awww…thanks!

      Would it be bad to say I bet it’s a phase? My girls definitely go through that..even from day to day. Hopefully, that’s what it is:)

  6. This happens in my house too. No matter how much food I stuff in them at breakfast they always ask for a snack about 30 minutes later.

    1. Glad to know we aren’t alone..but seriously, where do they put that food? Their metabolism must be working overtime at night!

  7. grandma Pat says:

    that is the cutest picture especially with all the red. I am glad you had some quality mommy time with the girls. I am sure they enjyed their vacation from school.

  8. Mine did that when they were in brick & mortar. Breakfast here, then breakfast (again) at school. Part of it was social, part was they liked a bigger meal in the morning. Adorable picture, btw.

    1. I guess it just carries over from school, because they do it at home, too! I guess since they sleep so long at night they get hungry?

      Thank you:)

  9. I thought that my teenage daughter ate a lot. That is until my 16 year old started dating a 17 year old. Holy cow. They aren’t kidding when they say that teenage boys eat a lot. 🙂

    1. The hair..oh, the hair. On the days that I’m willing to do something with it, it looks so good. On the other days? Well, not so good. Hopefully, I can teach them how to do something with it…soon!

  10. What a cute, cute picture of those two. You are right, the third is going to fit in there quite nicely 🙂

    1. Thanks, hon. My mom called me the next day and requested a duplicated picture with #3 smack on top. Yeah, I’m sure that’s easier said than done!

    1. Same here…I tried to read Harry Potter and I didn’t get why everybody went on and on about it. Talking owls and stuff. Totally not my thing!

  11. Oh your girls are so precious! I just LOVE their red hair! My daughter is constantly eating, too. I used to joke that when I was pregnant with her, I was pregnant with a hungry teenage boy! 🙂

    1. Awww…thank you!

      I think I’m pregnant with a teenage boy, too!

  12. The color of their hair with the shirts is fabulous!

  13. Cutest hobbits ever. My son gets two snacks at school, too – morning snack and afternoon snack and lunch. And then sometimes he comes home and has another snack then, too. I’m expecting another growth spurt any minute now.

    1. Oh, yeah, they get lunch and afternoon snack at school, too! But, if I let them eat a snack at home, they don’t want dinner:)

  14. i love your red-headed babies, i was hoping our dd would come out with shockingly red hair…but she didn’t! haha, maybe i’ll get a redhead someday 😉

    1. We are 2 for 2 and neither of us have red hair…wondering if #3 will have red hair, too. Pretty sure that would be a genetic anomaly..we’ll know in a few weeks.

      1. I was holding onto a slim chance, hubby’s grandparents on one side were Irish and his grandmother had red hair when she was younger. 2 years ago, He had 3 cousins give birth within a month of each other, 2 girls, 1 boy and the 2 girls have red hair. Plus, hubby’s beard grows in mostly red while he has dark brown hair. But, I got my hopes up for nothing! 🙂

        1. Both of us have aunts with red hair…and my husband does have pretty red sideburns, too!

          Maybe the next one? But, those recessive genes have to be on both sides of the family:)

          1. ok good to know! i’m pretty sure there’s no redheads on my side…

  15. They look so happy! I’m with you on the girls eating everything, my daughters can out eat my son and me combined.

    1. Sometimes, you just get a lucky shot, right? Because they were acting totally crazy right before and after! There are many meals they out eat me (tonight included).

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