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I think school has been working on "faces."

At dinner the other night, she said "happy face" and did this…

Happy Face

and then "sad face" and did this…

Sad Face

Is it funny that the sad face is my favorite?  Because she’s totally smiling under that pouty lip and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

**Sorry mom.  The oldest has been in pictures.  But this one has been extra silly as of late.  Promise to Skype you so you can hear her count in Chinese!**

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  1. Aww, she is so cute & that pout was my fave too! She is good at it, watch out! She’ll be conning you in no time!

    Bernadette – new follower

  2. Mr Serious says:

    I love it! Ooh I can’t wait for the chinese counting. It blows my mind

    1. Oh, it was about 2 seconds (but I did ask her to do it!)

  3. That is the cutest “sad” face I think I’ve ever seen!

  4. That is hilarious! I’m lovin the sad face too!!

  5. Seriously, that sad face? Is too much! Just adorable!!!!!

    1. She totally knows she’s too much. That makes it that much more killer.

  6. SO CUTE! I think I like the sad face best, too – because you can see by the gleam in her eyes she’s trying not to smile. 😉

    1. Oh, yeah…the corners of her mouth are totally turned up.

  7. She definately has Mr. Serious’s lips. Yes we need to skype this weekend to hear Izzy count. You have 2 silly beautiful girls.

    I am so glad both the girls have such nice straight teeth.

  8. Oh, Yes! You can see the smile in her eyes.

  9. That is tooo cute. And the tease about counting in chinese – we want to see that too!

  10. She is such a cutie pie!! 🙂

  11. Awwwwww the sad face is by far my favorite as well. I love Nat!!

    Love, Mere

  12. am i this behind on your blog?? for real where have i been??

    and one more time… r u SURE they really can’t fit in your carry on?? i am pretty sure i need them to come with you!

    1. Trust me…she won’t fit. No way I could carry her, either.

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