Happy 11 months


Oh, my E. 11 months? It’s really not possible. It was only yesterday I was dreaming about you and now you are about to turn one?!

11 months

You really have the cutest and sweetest demeanor. Of course, as long as mommy and or daddy are in plain sight. If we try to let somebody else hold you or sit with you? You’ll have none of that.

You have enough hair that you actually need a clip or a bow in it, otherwise, it’s in your face and your eyes. I even gave you a pony tail this month and it was like three inches tall. Yep, it stood straight up on your head.


You still have 8 chompers, but I think those molars are working their way in. You want to chew on everything. Case in point, see picture 1 where you are chewing on your sister’s belt buckle.


You are super duper fast with your crawling and a very quick cruiser. However, you are super nervous to try to stand on walk holding anybody’s hands. Totally fine with me. I’m okay with you not walking for a while longer. You don’t really like to sit still, though.

You will pretty much eat anything we give you these days, but your favorites are yogurt and avocado. Not together, but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind. You still breastfeed at least 4 times a day but you might have found a sippy cup you like, too.


You like to clap and try to dance whenever you hear music. Shaking your head “no” is hilarious to you although I’m sure you have no idea what it means. You sign “all done” like nobody is listening and it cracks us up every time. I think I’ve seen the sign for “milk” and “more” a couple times, but still not consistently. You occasionally say mama and dada, but you still haven’t perfected it.

We love you little monkey. I can’t believe it’s been 11 months already. Here’s hoping you’ll sit still long enough next month to get a picture of you with your cake.




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  1. OMG I love her smile with her teeth they grow so fast makes me almost want another one….almost.

  2. Wow, I cannot believe she is so close to ONE either! Love these pictures.

    1. So, I’m a month late, but crap…Friday is the bid day. I’m a little overwhelmed!

  3. Happy 11 months sweet E! Not sure how I feel about you not being ok with anyone except mom and dad seeing as I plan to visit soon. I think some Facetime calls will help that. Love your chompers! They are too cute, and powerful, my finger knows from experience!

    1. Thanks, Joyce…you know AJ needs a little sister. Just saying….

    1. Don’t say it again…I totally know. Friday? Two days. I can’t stand it.

  4. She’s not looking like a baby anymore? They grow too fast!!

  5. happy 11 months sweet girl!! i can’t believe it’s time to start planning your big first birthday!! that just seems crazy!!

  6. ACK! That is almost a year! That’s not possible already. I can’t believe it.
    She is so stinkin adorable! 🙂

    1. No kidding. I remember thinking the same thing with your Grace….and now she’s like 15:)

  7. Super cute!! They grow up way too quickly, don’t they!?!

    1. It’s crazy that she needs it. Her hair is constantly in her face.

  8. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. And how much she looks like her sisters!

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