Happy 3 Months, Sweet E. Claire


How has it been three months already? I feel like I was just telling everybody that she had arrived and sharing her birth story. And, now, she’s a smiling, coo-ing, head-holding up-ing, giggling-only-one-time little person.

I can’t get enough of her. Just looking at these pictures I want to run upstairs and go get her and snuggle her. I didn’t.

She’s the sweetest and (despite the gassiness) easiest baby. I guess she has to be when she has to go everywhere with us. Please don’t let me jinx it by typing it out.

ECH 3 months

The bigs started going to daycare right around this age, and I went back to work. I can’t even imagine leaving her at their school (not that the school isn’t awesome, just that I’m not ready to leave her). In fact, she still hasn’t been in the nursery at church either. Yeah, I’m not really sure who I am.

Happy 1/4 year sweet girl!

(just because I love to remember what the older two looked like at the same age!)

#1-3 Months

#1 at 3 months

#2-3 Months

#2 at 3 months


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  1. Aww what a sweetie. Love that last shot. Love that you included the other two as well.
    My baby turns 3 mths in a couple of days. time flying way too fast!

  2. happy three months sweet girl!!

    it’s so funny bc looking at her pics i can see so much of her big sisters – but then when you showed the bigs as littles, i don’t see the same thing?!?! does that make any sense? i mean she just looks like her!!

  3. Wow. Three months already?! She is just precious and looks like such a big girl sitting in that bumbo thingy.

  4. grandma Pat says:

    I can’t believe she is 3 months either and what a strong neck already. All cutie patuties.

  5. Happy 3 months! Such a cutie in all her pictures!

  6. She is absolutely ADORABLE! Yeah, I’d have trouble leaving her in any school or daycare, too. 🙂

  7. Those are some great expressions you’ve captured! Love em…and that you call her e-claire! Delicious!

  8. Barbara Montag says:

    Gosh she is so sweet – thank you for sharing these pics.

  9. I cannot believe she’s 3 months old either. I mean, seriously? 🙂 She’s a doll!

  10. Gah!!! She is just so adorable!!!! And three months already? That is just not possible!

  11. little cutie pie 🙂 i love that~ E. Claire! 🙂 she must certainly be the sweetest thing ever with a name like that!!

  12. Precious! She is so beautiful! (all of your girls are)
    She looks a lot like big sister Isabelle in these pics.

  13. Oh that smile!, she is so precious and yes three months has definitely gone by fast.

    1. Her smile gets me every time (which is good with the big sisters are being stinkers).

  14. omgoodness. Your babies all look so similar (and cute!)
    Happy 3 months to baby E!

    1. The 1st and 3rd look the most alike..I think it’s in the eyes.

  15. It all goes by WAY too fast!! Adorable – they all resemble each other!

    1. Thanks! My mom picked it up at consignment (we are very off on the seasons than the older, two!)

  16. Sandra Grose says:

    OMG Krystyn! I can not believe E is already 3 months! And just as beautiful as I remember her. 🙂 Love the pics!

    1. Awww..thanks, Sandra. I can’t believe it, either.

      And, thanks for the compliment..I’m certain it’s because she’s so cute and not because of my camera wielding skills!

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