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Mr. Serious brought home an awesome apple pie for my birthday. With a caramel/butterscotch something so good I’m sure that’s not what it’s called topping. He did good and totally surprised me! We waited to postpone the actual meal out celebration for this weekend because of a choir rehersal.


Usually, I hem and haw and can’t make up my mind, but this year, I actually put in a request for Chuy’s. It’s so good (mmmmm..creamy jalapeno…margaritas…..) so I knew that’s where we should go. Lunch just worked out better, so we were off.

It didn’t disappoint and we had a nice time. The girls were pleasantly surprised that they were offered dessert after their lunches (even E got her own) and that we let them. You can’t beat a rainbow sherbet pushpop.

mommy and me monday at chuy's

In hindsight, I wish I would have gotten all of the girls on my lap with their push pops, but they probably would have thought I was trying to take them away!

push pop with E

Thank you, my most favorite people for making my birthday week so special.

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    1. It was so tasty! I want to go back and have another meal there. It’s so hard to decide what to eat!

  1. That pie looks amazing! Sounds like a great birthday to me.

    1. You should see me wiping the drool off my keyboard after looking at it again.

  2. The pie looks delicious! I am very happy your birthday was great, and you had a little surprise pie! Papa Bear sure knows what you like.

    1. So very good. It was from Gabriel’s if you’ve ever been there.

  3. Yay for an awesome birthday! I love your smile in the photo above! It definitely looks like you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and cheers to many more fabulous birthdays!!

    1. Yes, it really was an awesome birthday! My people make me happy!

  4. Sounds like a great time! We have a Chuy’s here but I’ve never been! I think we need to go sometime soon!

    1. Oh, yes, you must go…as long as it’s the one that’s loud and tacky and covered in Elvis memorabilia!

  5. What a fun birthday! Love the apple pie btw and creamy jalapenos. Mmmmmm.

  6. oh my goodness those children of yours are adorable–glad your birthday was extra special!!! thanks for sharing-you made me smile 🙂

    1. Oh thank you! They are pretty cute, aren’t they…of course, I’m not biased!

  7. Grammy Staffy says:

    Happy birthday to one of the sweetest moms I know. Im glad that you had a nice time out with your family. That pie looks so yummy…. Definately birthday worthy. May the coming year be your very best. Hugs, Grammy Lura

    1. Thank you very much! It was a nice celebration with my favorite people!

  8. I hope you had a wonderful birthday week! That pie looks amazing! I love apple pie but have never had anything like that before, I’d love to try it some day. And those push pops look delicious!

    1. I had never had anything like that either. The buttery-caramel topping with a little bit of the natural sugar to add crunch. Oh my….I’m salivating thinking about it again.

  9. uhm super yum!!!

    and happy happy birthday!!!

    hope it was all things awesome!

  10. Amy Orvin says:

    Wow, I love the pie. It looks great! Happy Birthday!!

    1. Thank you! It was so tasty. I didn’t eat full meals so I had enough calories left to have two pieces!

  11. Hope you had a great birthday! We love Chuy’s as well – there’s only one in our area so the wait is always forever, but worth it!

    1. Totally worth it. We got there right when they opened, so no wait! Thank goodness!

  12. This apple pie looks delicious. Happy Belated Birthday!

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