A is for Apple, B is for Banana, C is for Cereal


Breakfast is usually a busy, crazy time. So if there is a food that the girls can feed themselves, it already wins bonus points for us.

E loves her cereal. Sometimes for breakfast and sometimes for a snack, so we were thrilled to try out the new Post Sesame Street Cereals.

post sesame street cereal

They come in two flavors, A is for Apple and B is for Banana (however, the boxes both say C is for Cereal, and they don’t say in big letters what flavor they are. Apple comes in a red box with Elmo on it and banana comes in a blue box with Cooke Monster on it. Confusing for sure).

This new cereal provides toddlers with 2/3 of their daily whole grains serving with only 1 gram of sugar (hallelujah…a cereal that isn’t packed with sugar).  Additionally, the fun X and O shapes are specifically designed for little fingers and the yummy cereal has a soft texture that melts away for safe and easy consumption. Oddly enough, E preferred to pick up the Xs and would eat them before the Os.

They have a very subtle and definitely not overpowering taste which I appreciated. Both E as well and the 6 and 4 year old enjoyed them. And, I appreciate that they are high in whole grains and low in sugar which is hard to come by in cereals these days.

You can pick up a $1 off coupon for Post Sesame Street Cereal.

We received the samples to test out the cereal. All thoughts are our own.

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  1. Only 1 gram of sugar..impressive. Do you think adults would like the texture of the cereal?

  2. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Now this is something I like to see for the little ones. I use to like to just have cheerios when my grandson was small. I have to mention this to my sister for her to pick up for her grandchildren. We love things like this

    1. They are similar in taste to cheerios, except they have a hint of fruit flavor. My older two keep stealing them from their little sister.

    1. From the PR firm “We know that some consumers are interested in purchasing GMO-free products. For those consumers, Post’s independent division, Attune Foods, makes a number of non-GMO products verified by the Non-GMO Project, including Erewhon and Uncle Sam brands. ”

      So, I’m thinking that means, no, these aren’t necessarily GMO-free.

  3. We tried these cereals recently and I like that they are not over sweetened!

    1. They definitely have just the right about of flavor to them.

    1. Yes, they love to see characters they know on the front.

  4. One look at that cereal box and my grandson would be so excited to eat it! I’d love for him to try it!

  5. Marty Montes says:

    May have to try these!

    1. Just ever so subtle. The 4 year old is constantly stealing them from her baby sister!

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