Mommy and Me Monday- In the backyard (The 59th)


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

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Spring is here.  Again.  Along with the crappy yellow pollen.  EVERYWHERE!  Including my eyes, my nose my mouth, my car!

I should buy stock in allergy medicine.  And, now, the girls are getting allergy symptoms, too.

Despite all of that, they love playing in the backyard (the dog is no longer a problem…not sure where he went, but we are super thankful!)

Mommy and Me Monday

Lucky for us, too, only one little girl needs a push on her swing.  But, they both like to go "super looper looper fast!"

(Promise that’s me…and I’m not 12.  But, I feel like I look like it in that picture.  Really, I’m not.  And, I’ve got a super big birthday this month, too!)

Mommy and Me Monday 

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  1. She sure look like having a blast. We went to the playground today too even if it was too cold, now my son is sniffling, arggghhh..

  2. I always get comments on looking young for my age as well. It’s a good thing though, because one day when we are much older we’ll look much younger & can use it to our advantage! haha! Love the swing pictures, we’ve been loving the weather here as well!

    1. Here’s hoping that’s the case. My mom still gets ID’d so I guess I’ve got that going for me.

    1. Thanks. Now that the dog seems to be gone in the backyard, I like the fence and swings a lot more.

  3. I love that shot of your girl and your ponytail! 🙂 Glad you’re able to get outside and yes the pollen is BAD!

  4. my daughter would freak out…she doesn’t like swing…lol! awwwwww…the girls are having a great time….oh, I hear you! I hate pollens. Happy spring!

    1. My girls just love swings. I think they could swing and slide all day.

  5. you do look like 12 years old in the the kid seems to be enjoying the super looper fast swing. visiting for MMM!

  6. im glad your little one is having so much fun! 😀

  7. Allergies are horrible aren’t they? Mine have been bothering me too. I’m allergic to grass, so it’s really hard once people start cutting their lawns.

    1. Oh, that’s a really, really bad one to be allergic to!

      (Glad you are back!)

  8. I am so relieved to hear that the dog is gone. I so hope he stays gone!
    And the allergies are awful this year. I have two sons that are miserable.

    1. Amen! There is still one in the backyard, but he’s not as loud or annoying!

      I yearn for the day of no sneezing.

  9. How nice that you got lots of flower blooms there that pollen grains is just everywhere. 🙂 Hope you wont get serious allergies. Lovely pictures you got here. The kids are sure having fun outside the house. Happy Spring!

    My Mommy and Me

  10. Hurray for outdoors weather! Mother nature keeps teasing us with one nice day and then snow and sleet just to spite me. Hoping for spring blooms soon, even though it will mean the daily taking of Claritin.

    1. Oh, super yucky no fun. although, I’m not certain I would trade the sneezing for snow.

  11. Oh, I love the swing! Wish we can have one in our backyard! Your daughter is so cute!

  12. Cute! Yes….the pollen is out of control. I dont understand why they have a pollen count of 90 as high when its never under 2000!! Crazy!

    1. That’s a good point. Although, they will still have to call it super high, right?


  13. Everyone always thinks I’m way younger than I am too! You do look young from the back like that! 🙂 cute picture!!

  14. It looks like she is in love with the swing…so much fun!

  15. Weeeee!
    Enjoy looking young! Happy early Birthday!

  16. You look like so young, well looking young always sounds good

  17. Pollen is awful in GA! Crazy awful! Never saw anything like it where we lived in PA. We all have allergies.

    PS…couldn’t get mr linky to work for me for some reason. I would upload the pic, crop and then it would boot me to the Mr linky actual site. Strange!

    I did get my Mommy and Me Monday post up this week though. Yay!

    1. It is ridiculous!

      PS I added your link in the same day…maybe Linky was down for a minute.

  18. how fun!
    I really want to install a playground in the backyard but cant decide which kind. Plus it needs to be small enough to fit in the backyard, Plus, it has to get approval from HOA. decisions like that are tough!

    1. Oh, that does make it tough.

      The previous owners put ours in!

  19. surely you and your kids had so much fun together…

    linked up my first entry..

    have a great day!

  20. yay for spring and double yay for super big birthday months!!

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