If you see me runnin’, don’t be hatin’


Just cheer us on!

Since discovering we will be going to Disney, there hasn’t been much information. We’re on pins and needles with three weeks until departing. But, we found out there will be a runDisney fun run while we are there and I signed up.

Stop laughing.

I mean it.

Anybody that knows me knows I’ve never been a runner. Right down to the timed 9-minute mile in elementary school where we collected straws for each lap and I finally did it and that mean Ms. Dagle wouldn’t give me the last straw, so she said I didn’t complete it.


The last time I ran anywhere (besides when my children are hurt), I think was a 1-mile turkey trot in college that my roommate made me run a second mile. Ouch. I had to ice my knees for days! So no running.

But, with the fear of being left out in me (yes, I have a problem), I immediately signed up for the 2 mile “fun run” with a mandatory pace of 13 minutes/mile or better. And then I got to “training”

running with my homies

I realize that 2 miles is a walk in the park for most people, but I don’t want to be sore or injured, so I’m trying to build up to it. After three walk/run attempts (two with small people in tow, one of whom thinks whining is part of the mandatory requirements for riding her bike), I think I’m getting there.

The good thing is, this one isn’t screaming in the stroller (like she usually is) and the occasional giggle at her sister keeps it light and fun.

getting comfy

Fortunately, my much encouragement required daughter really has been a trooper. Yesterday, right in front of the house at the end of our jog/walk/run, she got distracted and stopped paying attention to where she was going. Right as I said “you need to pay attent….” she leaned off the side of her bike and scraped her knee up. Even with a scratch, she pulled her bike up to the house.

Training Injuries

Even with the doubling back, having to literally give my girl a push on her bike and constant cheering section I’ve become, I feel confident if I keep it up, the 13 minute mile will happen. Because I’m no quitter (but seriously, please tell me the pollen isn’t as bad in Florida, because I sound like an old woman with my deep, sexy voice).

I’m going to do it, right? You’ll see me crossing that finish line 3 weeks from today at or before 6:26am! My thoughts will be with those in Boston the entire time.

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  1. You can do it! If nothing else, your training will come in handy as you navigate the winding streets of the Disney parks – you need speed and endurance to zoom around all the slow-walkers and looky-loos 😉 I’m fairly certain we walked ten miles on our first Disney trip… and that was just one day! Keep up the good work, mama!

    1. Oh, I’m sure! I got a fitbit for my birthday (by request) and I’ll find out exactly how much we walk!

  2. Have a fun time! You’ll do great! I love the picture of your daughter with her leg up over the front of the stroller. My kids used to do that all the time!

    1. I’m certain I have one of each of my girls doing the same thing! Silly kids!

  3. I’m trying to get myself in gear for the first time in my life- i actually like running and didnt even know it- im trying to lose this baby weight- ok- shame on me for blaming the kids- but just had to say- your jogging trips sounds like mine- 2 kids in the jogging stroller- the 4 year old- begs to ride his bike- then cant keep up- then wants to ride in the stroller the whinner- just keeps whinning- RUN FASTER SHE TELLS ME- i’m laughing now- but when she tells me- im not…..

    you’ll make it

    1. The one run without the kiddos was definitely nicer than the others! I sort of wish I had a double stroller and I could just throw a snack at the 4 year old!

  4. grandma pat says:

    i’m not a big runner either but once and a while I get a whim. I know you can do the 2 miles for sure.

  5. Good luck on your run! I love the idea of being a runner…but then I actually run…and realize that maybe running isn’t for everyone 😉 Enjoy your trip.

    1. I definitely don’t think I’m made to be a runner, but it was nice getting out by myself one time with nobody bothering me. Just alone with my thoughts..and the pollen.

  6. I don’t run ever I, which is sad. I am not sure I could make the time. Good for you that’s a great fun goal to strive for.

    1. Here’s hoping I make it. Like I said, I run to a screaming/hurt child!

  7. Grammy Staffy says:

    I am proud of you and your side kicks . Way to go! Hugs, Lura

  8. Grammy Staffy says:

    Ps… A friend talked me into putting the follower link back on my blog. Will you please be a follower of my blog. Thank you dear

    1. Hi Grammy. Pretty sure I already am..I have been for a while!

  9. Love this post! (Well, minus the owie on the little one)! I signed up too and am training. This out of shape mama isn’t sure she’s going to make the 13 minute mile pace requirement, but I sure am going to try to get there the next couple of weeks! Looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

  10. That is great! My neighbor just did a run at Disney World a month or so ago. Her’s was like 13 miles! Yes, she is a total runner. 🙂 What you are doing sounds like fun though. I am not a runner either, but to run through Disney would make me want to take part too. Good luck!

    1. 13.1 miles…that’s like a half marathon.

      I’m hoping the Disney run is going to work!

  11. You’ll do great! Its good to challenge ourselves every once in awhile.

    1. Oh, I challenge all the time, just not so much physically lately!

    1. Thank you for your confidence in me! I need to get some of that!

  12. You can do it! I’m not much of a runner either, but with thinking of those that were affected in Boston in your heart, I’m sure you’ll get through it. Have a wonderful trip!

    1. I hope I can..not feeling too encouraged after my 13+ minute miles this weekend.

  13. cant wait to hear how you do….
    you will have a blast 🙂

    1. I’m thinking I might need to pay somebody to chase me to make sure I finish!

  14. WTG!!! Good luck with your Disney Marathon. I have a ton of Disney friends that do different Disney Marathon’s all year long. There’s no denying that Disney always does things right ;-).

    1. Not quite a marathon! Just 2 miles. There’s not a marathon bone in my body!

      1. How on Earth did I miss you said it was 2 miles? That’s what I get for trying to comment on a lack of sleep :-p. 2 miles is still great, and it will be fun in Disney! I’m not a runner either. I would consider 2 miles a big accomplishment for me too.

  15. Good Luck! I can’t wait to hear about your time at Disney!

    1. I have a feeling it’s going to be even more amazing then I ever imagined.

  16. Love this — what a great place to run a marathon! Boston will appreciate your running thoughts 🙂

  17. You can do this. I decided yesterday I want to do a 5K. rofl

  18. I am doing the Disney Tink 1/2 marathon in January – good luck to you!

    1. That’s way more impressive than my 2 miles! So exciting for you.

  19. Tracy @ The UnCoordinated Mommy says:

    You can do it!!! I’ve started “running” too. It’s going alright, but I wont be signing up for any so called fun runs anytime soon! Lol

    1. I just had to sign up for it! The jogging stroller definitely helps!

  20. I used to say that the only reason a person should ever run is if someone is chasing them. However, I too have decided to try to run a 5k. I’ve walked a dozen, and even completed a 10k, but running an entire 5k is a lot! The 13 minute/mile pace would be too fast for me at this point, but it sure does sound like fun.

    Good luck – and have fun!

    1. Yeah, I’m at about 13.5 minutes right now…but I’ll get there in the next week or two.

  21. i still can’t believe you are going to be there in 3 weeks!!

    so so so excited for you!!

  22. Good luck with your training and race! That’s a great goal!

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