How to keep kids safe on the internet (for FREE!)


I’m working with Cocoon Kids. But, you can get the download free, too!

The internet terrifies me when it comes to my kids. There is so much on it that isn’t appropriate (for anybody), is scary, and is downright disgusting. Not to mention the people that hide behind their computers acting like somebody else, or being a bully. 

It scares me so much so that we really don’t have much if any computer time at home. The oldest gets to use it at school and the middle gets to play with a tablet every once and a while. I figure they will likely be on computers the rest of their lives, so no rush. But, because she gets to use it at school and sees me on it, she wants to use the computer, too.

Our solution? The Cocoon Kids download. It installs as a toolbar right in firefox.

Cocoon Kids

Once I downloaded it and set up an account, I just had to click the little “power” button, enter my password and she was safe. There is a wonderful list of predetermined “white list” sites that she can visit (from a parent blogger advisory board) that I selected as a starting point. She can only visit these sites set up for her (you can have multiple accounts for different children at different ages).

Cocoon Kids

If there is a site she thinks she wants to add, she has to ask for permission and I can add it to her list (if I want to do so using the password, or I can deny her request). 

Cocoon Kids

I’m a big fan of the white listed site because there is no way to keep up with a black list. There are ways around them way too easily. I like that there are selected sites, and she can only pick from those.

Cocoon Kids

I did make the screen fill the entire monitor. Because, if she happened to scroll down and get into my docking station, she could have easily pulled up a safari or google chrome browser window and accessed the internet. So, you still need to expect to supervise your children and keep an eye on them.

There are many benefits to CocoonKids that are awesome. 

cocoon kids

We did have issues with some of the videos working within CocoonKids (when visiting I’m not sure what the cause is, but hopefully, it’s just a fluke or a setting that I don’t have right on my computer. I did notice a little more lag time as CocoonKids takes all sites through a proxy, but it’s helping teach patience and slowing my kids down a bit, so that’s all good with me.

Thank you to CocoonKids for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are my own. 


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  1. We don’t have kiddo’s but i should share this with my sister-in-law who has kids. I think it is important to protect them as there is SO much stuff on the internet that can pop up, or if you type in a wrong url goes to a gross page! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, yes, the wrong url…gross. I remember when the White House had a couple pages (like the .org or something) went to a p0rn site!

  2. Interesting! We have a device that acts in a similar manner, but for the moment my boys are quite limited on computer time, so I don’t have to worry about it too much. This looks like a great option for some point in the future when they’re on the computer more

    1. Yeah, we still limit it quite a bit, but I like knowing this option is there.

  3. Some great info here, this will be great for my daughter.

    1. Yes, definitely. I wonder what schools use for these types of things.

  4. grandma pat says:

    this is great for kids – very sad though that it has to be dues to crazies out there

  5. I could live with it lagging if it saved me from the nervousness of my kids jumping on something they shouldn’t be on. Thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks so much for sharing about this site. I’m always overly cautious when my little ones go on the internet. There’s just too much out there for them to see. I have my Parent Control on, but am definitely going to try using this as even with Parent Control there are still loop holes. Will definitely check this out!!

  7. I need this my son wants to do a blog this summer and I am going to let him do one as his summer project I am worried about safety but this will ease my mind for the most part.

    1. Oh, definitely! Nothing is perfect, but helping us breathe a little easier is nice.

    1. I don’t even know how I would keep up with a black list.

  8. Thanks for sharing. Noah is still a little young for the internet, but it is important to have a kid safe program.

    1. It will be that many more times awesomer when he’s ready for it!

  9. This is such a good idea! I used to work at a public library and you would be amazed at some of the things kids would look at on the computers. :/

    1. Oh yes…..I don’t even know how they keep the library computers safe…and at ours, they are right front and center where everybody can see what you are doing.

  10. Amy Orvin says:

    It is scary! The internet can actually be a dangerous place for adults or kids. Great info I didn’t know about. Thanks for the post.

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