Putting the girls back where they belong


So…we’ve discussed the failed jeans shopping with the weight loss. But, we haven’t talked about the “girls.” Yes, those.

I’ve breastfed three kiddos. Gone through the pregnanies and the weight gain and now the deflation (and they are still in working order). Bra shopping is right up there with jeans shopping for me. 

Because I’m still breastfeeding, I’ve been wearing a nursing bra. The same couple that I got with the first kiddo. I guess you could say they are a little stretched out and probably not so supportive. So, I was pretty happy to try out the Genie Bra. It doesn’t have an underwire, thankfully because underwires aren’t really comfortable lately (and seem to cause me mastitis). Already winning points without even putting it on.

And, then I put it on. It was a little snug going over my head (no clasps or hooks to irritate, but means it goes on more like a sports bra), but fit very comfortably once in place. Most importantly, the girls were up and located where they were supposed to be. The fabric is crazy, too. I’m told it conforms to any cup size (obviously, I only have one at the time)! So, in theory, it would have fit when they were much bigger…like “preggo” girls or “my milk just came in” girls. Plus, it never looses its shape, so unlike my nursing bra, it won’t stretch out after wearing it one time. And yet, it has a wide band design that lifts and separates so there’s no uniboob.

Genie Bra Review


It can also doubles as a camisole. I see this as a plus, but I noticed on a couple shirts that came up higher, the straps stuck out. Maybe it was just that particular neckline? Because the front center didn’t show.

While it doesn’t have a flap to flip down for nursing, I’ve found it’s very easy to either raise up or lower down depending on my preference and the top I’m wearing. I went back and forth on which was better, but they both worked. And, it was nice that I didn’t feel like I was saggy.

They also make Slim and Tone Leggings that are the same material that helps to pull everything in, but not give you a uni-butt! They keep things tight and in place and help your legs and butt not look lumpy (if you have lumps…I have lumps!)

It’s definitely a comfortable bra and an added bonus that it acts as a camisole without having to wear a ton of layers (which I feel makes my tummy look thicker).

I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Genie Bra and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. 2013 must be the year of the bra. I got some new ones too and they changed my world. I’ll have to check out Genie Bra. Very cool. I love the fact that there is no underwire!

    1. I think new ones in general just rock…especially after wearing old ones!

  2. Any recommends for a bra post-nursing? I’m slowly coming to the determination that Victoria’s Secret was that she was an 18yr old never-married-never-had-kids woman.

    1. Rats, I thought I replied…somebody on FB told me that they used this post-nursing and loved it for that, too!

      VS? Never liked their bras…even when I thought they were cool.

  3. grandma pat says:

    I have seen those bras before and wondered if they were comfortable. Glad to hear they are. I will have to try one out. Undersires are terribly uncomfortable.

  4. that is pretty neat that it holds it shape for more than one cup size… that was what irked me with other bras when I was pregnant… I knew I would not need the bigger ones forever…

    1. I have several different classes of bras, normal, pregnant, nursing….so I’ll have to test this one out for “normal” too.

  5. mrs. hils says:

    You don’t have lumps. I was wondering what a real person would think about the Genie Bra. Keep us updated about your feelings toward it!

  6. ah bras … yeah. I need some new ones. I don’t want to spend the money on one until I know they’re done shrinking.

    Maybe I’ll look into one of these.

    1. I feel you….completely. I’m certain when all is said and done I might not need one at all!

  7. I just received this bra as well, and I’m a nursing mom. I LOVE this bra, it helps to make my breasts look as though their same size, when they’re really over a cup size different! However, I CANNOT nurse while wearing this bra. It’s too snug and uncomfortable to lift a boob out of it. I do better with underwire bras, surprisingly. But other than that, it’s extremely comfortable. I just hate how wide the straps are… I live in spaghetti strap camis and that just doesn’t mix well with the genie bra.

    1. I still couldn’t decide if I liked the over under better for nursing and had to hike it up pretty high.

      Yeah, the straps are definitely wider than a spaghetti strap. Once I realized it was supposed to double as a cami, it made a little more sense.

  8. I hear you about body changes. I breastfed both my girls, and as much as I hear that your “girls” won’t sag because of breastfeeding, they are vastly different (droopy!), compared to pre-kids. This looks like a nice product!

    1. I don’t think I ever heard they won’t sag..maybe during, but then after? Um…they end up in my armpits when I lay down.

  9. I had such a problem finding nursing bras that fit me well. I ended up ditching them for my regular push ups! I’m in deflation mode now and will probably end up having a lift and implants at some point, so not something I ever thought I would do.

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