That time I freaked out our sitter


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We’ve been fortunate to have found a sitter that is great with all four of our kiddos. It’s been a long search and if she isn’t available, I’m not sure what we will do. And, hopefully she will forgive me for freaking her out!

Last week, we went to a Hawks game with another couple and left the girls in the sitters hands. When we have a sitter, I leave a disposable diaper. Which, really is silly because cloth diapers are just as easy to put on. But, I realize the intimidation factor, so I try to avoid anything that will make a sitter stressed.

So, disposable it was. Along with jammies all set out for bed.

Our friends that attended the game with us have a fancy porch light that also has a camera that is motion sensor activated. So, if somebody comes to their house, they are alerted and the camera starts recording. I wanted to show them my new gadget. It allows me to see our girls in their room with a monitor while not being at home. It was also great while we were in Jamaica so I could peek in on the girls sleeping without them knowing it.

I pulled the camera up on my phone, and showed her my little girl sleeping in her bed. (picture created for reenactment-this picture is using the app’s “snapshot button that saves the picture to your gallery).

As I showed my friend, my brain started processing the picture. I’m certain I left out pajamas that had stars on them. I don’t see any stars. I looked a little closer.

gynoi wifi monitor review

Nothing new. She had taken her pajamas off. For some reason she loves to unzip her footed pajamas and take them off. But, I looked closer and realized she was butt naked. Yep, she took her diaper off. Which I should have remembered from our trip to Houston and while we were in Jamaica. There were many naps and mornings we found her like this. Turns out, she isn’t really a fan of disposable diapers. She doesn’t do this at all in cloth.

Back to the story.

gynoii wifi wireless pan tilt video baby monitor review

Yep. She did it again. Of course, I failed to mention to the sitter two things. 1) That B really doesn’t like to keep her PJs and diaper on at night. 2) That I have a Gynoii WiFi Wireless Pan-Tilt Video Baby Monitor with HD Infrared Night Vision so I can look in their room from anywhere I have a signal. Which is quite handy when it comes to not having to change sheets when you get home or not.

Gynoii WiFi Wireless Pan-Tilt Video Baby Monitor with HD Infrared Night Vision, Two Way Audio and Time-Lapse for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and tablets

About the Gynoii WiFi Wireless Pan-Tilt Video Baby Monitor with HD Infrared Night Vision

  • The only friendly WiFi baby monitor with authorized GUEST Account.
  • Perfect for working parents, grandparents and relatives remote access to see the baby without making a sound.
  • 60 Second Easy Setup: Connect to Wi-Fi via iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets, live stream with stunning video in under a minute
  • Stay Connected with Two-Way Talk, Intelligent Sound and Motion Alerts, and Audio Only Mode with 720P HD Day and Infrared Night Vision
  • Time-Lapse maximum 160 minutes video into 40 seconds, capture snapshot or clips and share to any social network like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Multiple users viewing at the same moment: Let grandparents and relatives talk or play the any custom lullaby music from the mobile devices, or even help to watch the baby

They really have thought of everything with this new monitor. You’ll remember I used their monitor without the pan and tilt option and was quite pleased with it. The one thing I really wanted to add was the pan and tilt option, so now I’m set. This monitor allows me to see two girls in one room with one monitor. But, if I wanted to, I could easily have another monitor in the house (same room or different) and swipe easily between them in the free app.

I originally had trouble setting up the wireless connect (which was stressing me out because we were headed out of town the next morning), but their tech support got me through it. Apparently, it’s not a good practice to have a space in your wireless name. Once I got that squared away, I was connected in seconds. I could see B.


And, I could use the pan and tilt button to literally swipe on the screen to move it over to where E was sleeping. These are screen grabs, but I wanted you to see how it looks on your phone or tablet’s screen and see all of the options.


Just like the other monitor, you can take a snapshot or a video/timelapse video. You can also play a lullaby from your devices library or talk to baby to help calm them (or remind them to lay down).

You can also set it to audio mode or set alerts to let you know if there is motion or a sound.

What I forgot to do is set up an account for the sitter (and my parents) so they could check in on the girls without going into the room.

Gynoii pan and tilt wireless digital monitor

We’ve been very impressed with the Gynoii WiFi Wireless Pan-Tilt Video Baby Monitor with HD Infrared Night Vision. The room is very dark for the girls, so this will show color in brighter lit rooms, but ours pretty much always reverts to infrared. Even in the time that we’ve had the monitor (about 2 months), the panning and tilting has become even smoother and faster. The one improvement I would like to see is a longer cord. I know, crazy in a baby’s room, but we don’t have many outlets and this one seems exceptionally short, so ours is on an extension cord.

Buy it:

You can buy this monitor on amazon and it ships for free with prime! The price is amazing and I don’t have to worry about having a parent unit that has to be charged because I always have my phone with me!

Gynoii pan and tilt baby monitor

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