Back to School with Kids on 45th Review with Video and discount code


We’ve already been back to school for over a month here! Crazy, right? Because we start school so early in the year, we don’t typically do any back to school shopping. We have a ton of summer clothes and it’s too hot for anything but shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Even in mid-September, we are still in the 90s!

So when Kids on 45th reached out and offered the chance to try out their seasonal boxes of adorable, gently used kids clothes I figured it was a good time to start looking for a few more pairs of shorts and also some clothes for the Fall.

Kids on 45h review and unboxing

In the box you get a variety of brands, and pay less than you would shopping at Walmart or Goodwill — prices start at $1.99 for t-shirts right to your doorstep. You know your price up front and get to select from a variety of clothing items based on your child’s needs.

Kids on 45th box price

To make life even easier, Kids on 45th has a simple (and optional) subscription service option. Overall, moms pay up to 90% less than retail and they love it — all you have to do is pick which specific clothing styles you want, how many, and Kids on 45th does the rest.

Kids on 45th order

Additionally, they want to know what your child likes/doesn’t like and what you think they are looking for in clothes.

Kids on 45th style profile

Kids on 45th provides access to a wide ;range of brands (like Gap and Justice) for a fraction of the price, and are helping reduce the more than 15 million tons of annual textile waste in this country by recycling clothes that are in almost perfect condition.

We were sent exactly what we requested in our box. Some of them had tags and others appeared to be brand new. Check out the video below for our full reactions.

kids on 45th box haul

We agreed that we didn’t like everything that came in the box. Going forward, I will put more info in the style comments to request shirts with a more tapered fit as well as pants that are fitted. Additionally, I’ll specifically ask for more athletic style shorts and jeans shorts, which is what she wanted.

kids on 45th box haul shorts and shirt

Even though we got a couple items that weren’t favorites, the athletic leggings, sweater, jacket and a few shirts seemed worth what we paid.

True to their word, they also guarantee your happiness. So I reached out once the box was received and made notes on what we didn’t like and why and they credited our account to come back and select other items in our next box.

kids on 45th box haul pants and jacket

You can purchase boxes as needed or turn on the subscription at any time.

Discount code:

Head over to Kids on 45th to set up your style profile and use code “areyouserious” to receive $10 off your first box.

Check out our video here:


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