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We’ve tried out several different high chairs with the girls. I’d like to think I know what I like and need to work with the girls and in our kitchen. With 6 people total, we have to have a high chair that works in our space.

We previously had a chair that was supposed to be a “space saver” because it sits on one of your chairs. The problem? It also takes up one of your chairs! Plus, it takes up a ton of space and prevents the chair from being able to go under the table when not in use.

I came across the Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair and had to get a closer look!

Beyond Junior Y Highchair review

First things to note, it works for kids approximately 6 months (sitting) and up. All the way to adult! So, I can use the chair at the table when there isn’t a kid sitting in it! The box was nice and flat and well packaged and included an allen key as the only tool needed to assemble the seat. I did it in less than 10 minutes (and this is only because I scrutinize the directions and read every page!)

It has a revolutionary EZ-Seat technology that makes the sitting area easy to clean and it also enables a quick adjustment of the seat in less than 20 seconds. You just have to push a button on either side and slide the seat bottom and/or foot rest out and back into it’s new spot. Honestly, I think 20 seconds is a over-estimate!

Beyond Junior Y Chair

This eco-friendly high chair is made from top-quality European cultivated beech wood. It comes with the included food tray and dishwasher safe cover (that I took off for the pictures!) Because you have to push the buttons in on the side of the tray, it is a little harder to adjust and you definitely need two hands. I think there is a learning curve to it. But, there is also great appeal in not using the tray at all and pushing your child up to the table.

You can see on the picture of B above that it includes waterproof seat and backrest cushions and comes with the 5-point and 3-pt restraint system (as shown below on on E). According to the manual and testing, the 5-pt harness must be used on children under 36 months. If I adjust the straps just so for B, I’m able to keep the shoulder straps up, but more often than not because she is taller than the harness, they slipped off her shoulders. In personal use, I don’t think she needs more than the 3-pt harness, but the manufacturer can’t state that.

I really like that there is a bar between the legs attached to the seat. It prevents me from pushing B all the way up to the table, but it also gives me that added security of knowing she can’t fall down the middle of the seat.


Also, when the child is under 36 months, the seat needs to be in the first and highest position (as shown in the pictures with B above). This is because the safety testing is done here. I feel that B sits up a little too high in that position as well as it’s a little difficult to push up to our table. I would love to see testing done on the second seat position as I feel she fits in the seat better. However, in all pictures here, B is in the top position as suggested by the manufacturer.

I really like the foot rest for B, too. She seems to prefer it over our old seat where her feet dangled. On that old seat, she often had her feet up on the tray because it seemed like she wanted a place for them. Not with the Beyond Junior Y chair. She lets her feet rest on the footrest.

Because this chair is for kids and adults, I wanted E (and myself) to try it out. E is 40 months (I had to do the math, I really had no idea!), so I first had her in the seat with the padded seat and the 3-pt harness and the seat in the second position (looking at the pictures, I forgot to move the footrest down). It took just a couple seconds to remove the top part of the 5-pt harness and adjust the seat down.

For older kids and adults, you can remove the child seat portion completely and use the “footrest” as the actual chair. This also can be adjusted in just seconds to the desired height.

In both of these positions it was easy to push E and the chair right up to the table so she could eat with the family.

3 year old high chair and big chair

The Beyond Junior Y Chair is overall a win for us and we’ve moved the older “space saving” seat out of the house. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d love to see the same EZ-seat technology applied to the tray and I’d like to see it approved for babies to have the seat one position lower so they sit a little further down in the seat.

Often when we have family over, after the kids go to bed, we sit at the kitchen table and have to remove highchairs and booster seats, but with the Beyond Junior Y, we just take a couple seconds and remove the child seat and we have a seat for an adult, too!

Beyond Junior Y high chair pin

Thank you to Abiie for providing the Beyond Junior Y chair. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Nice versatility. We have a model that you can use from 1 month to “youth,” (or your booty is too wide to fit) and it goes under the table pretty well. Red is using the booster portion, but it’s almost time to get the other part back out!

  2. pat chance says:

    what a great idea for a highchair to adult chair

  3. This sounds like a great seat. Especially since it can be used by adults as well.

  4. Aside from the perk being able to use this for years, I also like the way this looks. But I wish there was a way to use it pushed up to a table and still have the safety of keeping the baby from falling down the middle. I really want our youngest to truly be able to join family dinners but I haven’t yet found a high chair that works with our table.

    1. in the pictures with the green seat, there is a bar between the girls’ legs. Also there is the 3 or 5 or harness. I’m not worried about them falling down the middle at all. And in the overhead shot, you can see B is up to the table. The middle bar is there as well as the harness.

      I guess I didn’t explain it right? Does that help?

      1. Yes, it does help! 🙂 I don’t think I was very clear either… sorry! I just meant that the bar between the legs would probably prevent us from pushing it far enough forward to reach our table. My table has this ridiculous low-hanging lip so that’s been our problem! I’d still love to have one of these, though. 😉

        1. Ours has a lip too! I totally get it! It’s like 4″ tall and has been a problem with most seats too. It’s why we moved our now 3 year old to a booster seat because we could scoot her up. Breaking the rules with this one on the second position, it totally fits!

  5. Erin Taylor says:

    I know this article was published a few years back but I have a question if you are still available. I’ve contacted Abiie customer service and their answer was “check youtube”. Very helpful…not.
    My issue was with the groove 1 position of the seat for the high chair mode. I was trying it with my 4 mo old and the tray barely fits over his legs! If the tray is in the tightest position his belly completely hangs over it. If the tray is further out there is too much breathing room. This makes no sense. He is on the 50th percentile for growth so not overly huge, and this position is supposed to last until 36 mo?! You would think the tray should be mid belly height.
    The manual says to have the seat in Groove 1 and the footrest in groove 4 with grooves numbering 1-8. My chair has 9 grooves (4 on top, and 5 on bottom). In the pictures, it suggests that the footrest would be in groove 5 on my model. I’m thinking groove 1 is wrong.

    Anyway did you ever try a lower groove so that the baby fit better?

    Also what type of cleansers did you use to clean the wood? Just mild soap/water? What about hydrogen peroxide?

    1. Hi Erin-

      Sorry they told you to check youtube. You are right, that isn’t very helpful.

      I do recall feeling like the tray was a little low for my liking, but didn’t have issues with it fitting over our daughter’s legs. When our almost 3 year old sat in it, I did find she was more comfortable with the seat down one lower.

      I know the biggest thing they mentioned was that the piece between the legs met with the tray so they couldn’t switch their leg over to the other side and slide out (but, you should have the straps and harness on, so that shouldn’t be a concern).

      I think it’s one of those time you use your mom best judgment and keep an eye on your little one to see how they respond. I hope that helps.

      1. Erin Taylor says:

        Wow thanks for the fast reply! That makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to move their legs over the center post. I think I will move the seat down one level to try it out and just watch him.

        1. You are very welcome!

          Hopefully that’s a good solution for you all.

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