**scroll down just a bit for the picture after the egg incident**

What works for #2…

…apparently, still works for #1.

Look at how ridiculously long her legs are, too. Those definitely aren’t mommy’s genes at work.

From last week, there were many requests.

You asked for the result of #1’s egg disaster.

I told you…it’s bad. I’m mean, aren’t I?

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. Wow! That whole egg thing REALLY upset her…

    I am so not laughing! 🙂

  2. Awww, how cute they are “sharing”. Just wait till N can actually move on her own. Then it gets UGLY!!!

  3. Those are some LONG legs!!

    And poor thing…at least she’s passionate right? hehe

  4. it is always the bigger one who wants to be the little one again!!

  5. I think every Mom should have a few pictures of the kids crying. These are what are REAL! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

  6. It’s always great when we, as parents, can use toys and other items for our second (and other) children from our first.

  7. Aww they can still play with the same toys 🙂 how cute:)

    and you arent mean about the egg picture… but Daddy is in the background smiling! now thats mean!! 🙂 haha

  8. I love how Matt is laughing at her in the background! Haha! Now I'm mean too 😉

    Karys & Izzy both got long legs – not from us!

  9. Tee hee hee…..our kids are going to be traumatized by our shooting of even their miserable moments. 🙂

  10. What a big girl N is in the bumbo! I’m jealous of Izzy’s long legs! Too funny. And the egg picture is priceless…

  11. Oh that poor thing! She was REALLY upset about her egg!

  12. Wow… she does have some long legs on her!

    And that face is just so pitiful! Poor thing!

  13. please stop posting pics of my Blubs and Sampson crying…so not cool!

  14. Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander says:

    Such sweet photos, and yes, she sure does have long legs! You may have a model on your hands.

  15. those are some cute pics–and really long legs, you’re right!

  16. oh you are a mean mama 🙂

    but you sure do make some cute babies!

  17. haha…That is EXACTLY what Tate did with our bumbo seat too! And it looked just as funny. hee hee! 🙂

  18. I can’t believe she was so upset over the egg. Poor thing. It’s funny though. I guess that makes me a mean mama too.

  19. Oh yeah! Ben was 3 when Gavin was born and he still sat in the Bumbo to be silly!

    That IS one sad face!!

  20. Pitiful…but yeah, my two oldest sit in cupcake’s bumbo all the time. They think it’s hilarios, too!

  21. I think sometimes those pictures (the one of her crying) will be those priceless one she will be super curious about in a few years.

    Still makes me giggle though 🙂

  22. Oh. But I love Daddy’s grin in the background.

  23. Awww the tears!!! I can’t believe how big N is getting!! She is Izzy’s twin!

  24. Awww the tears!!! I can’t believe how big N is getting!! She is Izzy’s twin!

  25. What a cute pair.

    Love the egg disaster picture. Priceless.

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