Sister Love. It doesn’t get much sweeter


Girls, can I get a picture of the two of you together?

Both girls sit down…so far apart they are practically on separate planets.

Please sit a closer to each other.

Scoot, scoot, as two bottoms end up practically glued to each other.

Can you put your arms around each other like you love each other?

Four arms go perfectly in place in perfect unison.

Smiles are added (without request).


Sister Love

Yep. They love each other.  And, they don’t even have to put on an act!

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  1. Sooo cute, and such a great shot!

  2. I love the sister-love pics. 🙂 THey r so sweet together!!

  3. Awwww! Maggie is just starting to really show her love to Abbie and it is so sweet!

    1. Isn’t it just the sweetest when they start really interacting?

  4. their curly hair is so beautiful 🙂 sisters are so sweet to each other… most of the time anyway 😉

    1. Thank you. I’m sure they will spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out how to straighten it!

      And, yes, most of the time.

  5. Mr Serious says:

    We’ve got some awesome girls!

  6. grandma Pat says:

    Cute, Cute picture. Sistesrs are very special that’s for sure. I am glad I have 2 sisters, you have a sister, and Iz and Nat will have each other. It’s definately a special bond.

    1. People never believe me when I say it’s the exact same color! I guess Izzy’s looks different because it’s longer, but it really is the same:)

      Holding onto this picture for the fighting days.

  7. Sweetness! Can I just say, I love those red curls…gorgeous!

    1. I have a feeling they are going to spend their entire lives hating them…despite us telling them how much we love it.

  8. First off, that is adorable! I love those “sister pictures” that are so beautiful. On a side note, my oldest has the same pink heart jacket as your oldest. 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      I’m lucky. We have two sets of grandmas that just love to shop for the girls! One day this arrived.

    1. Sometimes their cute hurts…other times, they just hurt each other.

  9. Gorgeous! What a great pic. Frameable! And that hair! The most gorgeous hair on those girls, EVER!!!!! WOW! So pretty. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kat.

      What’s funny is I see Grace’s cute little hair cut with her bangs and long and shiny and I think how gorgeous her hair is!

  10. There is just something about that sister bond. You have a built in best friend forever. They are so cute!

    1. It really is an awesome bond…even though I know we’ve got some rocky roads ahead.

  11. I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a while. I must catch up. Look at those sweet girls! So beautiful! They have grown!

    1. Thanks, Hailey. You have been quiet!

      And, they certainly have grown!

    1. Oh, and the fiery hair? Totally matches the personality!

  12. So adorable! The only way to get The dudes in a picture together is if one is in a headlock and one is lying on the ground with a foot on his back!

    1. We can definitely duplicate something like that around here, too!

  13. So sweet! You do have the prettiest, sweetest girls!

    1. Ahhh…thanks! Although, sometimes, I have to remind them and myself that they are sweet.

  14. they look like they sure do, and they look so so cute too boot!! love that big sister’s hair:)

    1. They have their moments of letting me capture the good ones.

  15. I’m coming to Atlanta this summer, would love to visit you and your girls….they are so adorable!

    1. Oh, yes, that would be fun. You’ll have to let me know when you’ll be here.

  16. They’re such cuties! You took a great picture!

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