Meeting Princesses at Disney


The girls had no idea what to expect when we told them we were going to Disney world. In fact, when we first got to our hotel room, they just wanted to go swimming at the pool.

I tried to explain the castle at the beginning of their movies and how we could actually go see it and that got them moving a bit.

However, it wasn’t until our last day in the park, at Epcot, that we finally got to meet some princesses. They were a little awe-struck. Poor Belle was chatting them up, and they just stood there and looked at her.

Princesses at Disney

(Please notice the super cute matching outfits made by grandma).

Right after we met Belle at the end of her time, we quickly walked over to see Sleeping Beauty (who is N’s favorite at the moment despite never seeing the movie). They did a little better with her, but still were quite quiet for my usual girls. Aurora was telling us all about her pink dress and who made it and that her fairies were working on a blue one for her next. It was pretty cute how much E was into her.

Princesses at Disney

{It was sooooo hot. Look at E’s sweaty, curly hair. Major props to the cast members that were costumes in that heat and still stay in character 110% and have a smile on their face the whole time!)

And one final family shot to round out our trip. If only Mr. Serious would have dressed in red!  

Princesses at Disney

I’m glad we’ll have all of these picture to go with our memories. I know the girls will love looking through them.

As participants in the Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2013 we paid our conference fee, which included hotel accommodations, park tickets, meals, and other gift items. I was not required, or asked, to write about the conference, events, or speakers. The honest opinions are my own and that of my family. We were set up with the stroller rental service in exchange for our review. 

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  1. My daughter can’t wait to meet the princesses!

  2. Grammy Staffy says:

    Love and hugs from Alaska

  3. What great pictures! Don’t be surprised if everyday they ask to look at these pictures again!

    1. What’s funny? I didn’t even notice until I was uploading the picture. Otherwise, I definitely would have tried to convince him to change.

  4. So sweet! Even though I have boys, we chose to do the Ariel sit down lunch @ Disneyland where we met all of the princesses. It was a really cute experience!

  5. How fun! The girls do look a little awe struck. So cute. 🙂

  6. I remember when I was little I was TERRIFIED of the Disney characters. After a LOT of convincing through, I did go talk to Snow White, but that was it haha.

  7. My daughter would have been awestruck too! Heck, so would I! Lol.

    Your matching outfits are so adorable, maybe you can photoshop your hubby’s shirt to be red, lol.

  8. So adorable! I love how the cast members stay in characters. They are such good actors! I saw Gaston next to Gaston’s Tavern in the new Fantasyland and boy was he awesome. He told a group of girls “Don’t worry, at Disney dreams do come true” and then he said they could touch his muscles. So great!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  9. Sooo glad y’all had a good time! And they got to see some of the princesses! We were surprised that we didn’t see too many characters when we were there. But we did get to talk to the evil step-sisters and they were hysterical!

  10. My daughter just LOVED meeting all the princesses at Disneyland. But she is sure to tell everyone that she didn’t get to meet Rapunzel or Pocahontas!

  11. So sweet! That age is so much fun because they still believe it’s real. Even at 17 months Nick was in awe of meeting his favorite characters on the Disney Cruise.

  12. I met Cinderella when I was about 21 and it was STILL exciting!

  13. What a great memory! And I bet they talk about those moments all the time – even if they didn’t do much talking when they were there!

  14. how cute! My kids loved meeting princesses at Disney

  15. What a special day! I can’t wait to share this experience with my son some day!

  16. so fun friend! memories that will truly last a lifetime!!

  17. Those pictures are so cute! I loved meeting the Disney princesses when I was little 🙂

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