How to make a bad day good…well, at least better.


1) Birth a really cute kiddo and feed her chocolate before dinner, so it’s stuck in her teeth and all over her shirt.DSC_5350

2) Realize that she can now climb up on your arm chair.DSC_5351

3) Get out your camera. DSC_5352

4) Act silly and take pictures. DSC_5353

5) Make a really goofy face…check her corresponding face.DSC_5354

6) Fall in love all over again with the sweetest baby girl, ever. DSC_5355

7) For extra credit, blow her some kisses and she how she responds.DSC_5356 DSC_5357

PhotoStory Friday Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli 


Don’t forget…if you haven’t snapped your Mommy and Me Monday picture for this week, there is still this weekend.  Make sure you turn that camera on yourself, or get it in another person’s hands!  Come back Monday after you post and link up!

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  1. Could she be any cuter?!?! Love the picture of her sitting in the chair – just joy on her face.

  2. OMG so freakin cute! I just keep looking at them over and over and over again. 😉

  3. She is so cute! It looks like she "caught" your kisses in her mouth in the last one!

  4. Cute pics! She looks like she has a lot of expressions! ha. I will get my Mommy and me pic in this weekend. I absolutely love that idea.

  5. That smile is killing me! Give her an extra hug for me, will you? 🙂

  6. That smile is just the most precious thing ever!!
    THis was one of my favorite simple, yet so precious!!!

  7. SO adorable–and hey, sometimes you have to break out the chocolate…


  8. It looks like she's sucking in those kisses in that last shot.

    That is a GIGANTIC smile!

  9. That's just too cute! Too really, really cute. Thanks for the post; it made me smile.

  10. I love it! I think just looking at the pictures is enough to make your day better!

  11. What a cutie-patootie! I love it when they will play for the camera. My son is going through the phase where he says "cheese" and makes a totally horrible grin most of the time!

    I may have to come back for your monday carnival sometime soon. Sounds like fun!

  12. Now I feel like I haven't seen her in so long! She looks so big to me! She's just adorable. Charlie just realized he could climb into and onto everything. Fabulous.

  13. Very cute post!! Sorry you were having issues commenting on my blog. It seems to be working fine now. Who knows.

  14. What a beautiful baby she is!
    I am changing up my blog slightly and I added a part for Meme's, do you want me to add yours to Mondays?

  15. the perfect bad day buster – sweet, gummy, super cute baby 🙂

    here's to a happy weekend friend!

  16. She is so photogenic! Love these shots!

  17. Krystyn, your girls have the greatest smiles! I just love them!

  18. You have a major cutie on your hands!

    sometimes chocolate before dinner is just a little bit better…lol.

  19. That is great, what a cutie!

  20. OK??? I need one of these like YESTERDAY. She's so presh!

  21. LOL! Those are soooo cute-love her smile!

  22. I gotta catch some more pics…better yet video…of the dude after he's had some ice cream. CRAZY time! Adorable pics as always of the lil' lady!!

  23. Too funny- this works for me too! I wanted to let you know I awarded your blog an award! I love your posts- please stop by and check it out! thanks!

  24. OH la la… she is soo cute! I can totally hear her giggling during these pictures! Adorable.

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