Award and other $hit!


Rookie mommy mistake, maybe? Trusting my daughter too much, maybe?

Friday afternoon before nap I changed #1’s diaper, and went to put her shorts back on, and she had a fit. I was done fighting, so she went to bed sans pants. Never a problem before, but you can guess where this is going.

When she wakes up, she usually knocks on her door to let her out (we put a child lock on the inside because she was always escaping).

Upstairs I went.

“Oh, #1, you made a poo poo” (because I can smell it).

Then, I notice it sort of coming out of the crotch of the diaper.

Then, I see her hands….covered in poo! Dried on poo.

I ask her what she did.

She said “lotion, mommy!” She thought she was rubbing lotion on her bottom!!!!

Poo everywhere. On her hands, on her paci, which was in her mouth, thank you very much, on her shirt, and on the carpet. #1 art at it’s finest.

So, I went to clean her off and took her paci out of her mouth, and then, she did it, she put her hands in her mouth!

OMG. She just ate $hit! “Yuck, #1, don’t put your hands in your mouth. Don’t put your hands in your diaper. Yucky.”

To which she responds, “yucky, no hands in mouth. No hands in diaper.”

And then, she had a bath.

And, then I called my mom, and she wondered if I puked. And, then hubby wondered the same thing!

I just did my mom duty. And, made a mental note never to put #1 down without pants on again. Lesson learned!

And, no, there aren’t any pictures or photographic evidence. I thought about it, but I think all you moms know exactly what happened.
And, yes, another award….but this one is JUST FOR ME!! Midwest Mommy made it just for me after a comment on made on her blog.

Seriously, you have to go and read the post where I left the comment, and then go read about the award. You guys know that I don’t share too much with you, and really I had doubts about even writing the comment, but it made her laugh all week…so, I figure, you all deserve a laugh, too!

And, I think I might love to pass this one on…but you are going to have to earn it. So, I’ll keep it in my back pocket and pass it on when you least expect it!

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  1. oh honey i think i just threw up in my mouth a little 🙁

    but thanks for the tip. pants will always. always. be on!!

    congrats on the award – headed over there now for the full story!!

  2. Oh sweetie, you handled that mommy moment with tons of grace and dignity. I would have puked for sure! Even in your post, there is not any tinge of anger or disgust in your tone! What a great mommy you are!!! Oh, and we keep that doorknob thing on the inside of the bedroom door too – works wonders, right?

  3. OK, the origin of the award makes it that much better AND now I can’t wait to go visit scrapblog!!! Gotta love Bloggeritaville, always learning something new when you least expect it! Now go forth and post that bling on your site with pride (and a note that you are the ONLY one who owns it!!)

  4. Thank you for no pictures of the pooing accident!! hahaha

    YAY for the award! I’m gonna have to go check out what you wrote!!

  5. Congrats on the award! It’s adorable!

    I have no idea how you didn’t throw up…but I think we have all learned something new…never, ever, ever let our little ones sleep without bottoms. Which is something I do quite frequently…I mean, did quite frequently 🙂

  6. Speechless…

    I would have vomited. No doubts about it. I simply cannot handle it. I don’t know how you do it. I will never ever lay K down again without pants – just a simple heads up lesson learned from you and Izzy. Bleck!!!

    Cute award!!!!

  7. This post about Izzy’s new art medium takes the cake…. maybe that is not the right phrase for it… but anyway you know what I mean.

    I’ve raised 4 children, tended many grandchildren and ran a preschool for 24 years…..NEVER….EVER…. did I have the experience you’ve just had. I can not imagine….I’m sure that it was not funny from your prospective but it is hilarious from mine….sorry..

    I’m glad that Izzy thinks it is yucky “lotion” now…..however, I think that your idea to not put her down without pants over her diaper is a good one.

  8. My niece used to do that all the time. She would take her diaper off during her nap and smear the poop all over herself, her crib and the wall. Isn’t that the nastiest?
    I would have puked for sure. Blahhh.

  9. Congratulations on the special, made-just-for-you award, what an incredible honor! How sweet!

    Poop story, not so sweet. Ewww.

  10. Ya, isn’t that the BESTEST!!!!

    I don’t know why but my little girl does that WAY more than my boys ever did. you would think my boys would eat more poo than my little girl. . . . .I don’t know why i think that, I would rather NONE of them eat poo, but I guess to me, it would make more sense if my boys did it, not the girl. Anyways, I digress. Good job on taking care of the mommmy business!

  11. Okay, reading my comment back made me realize that I make it sound like we eat a lot of poo around here, and we really don’t! But as you know, once is MORE than enough. Okay, I’ll stop now.

  12. Ok, now I have to go find out what this award is all about, and it better not be for a $hitty reason… HA! (well, at least I think I am funny…)

    So sorry about Izzy and her poop-scapade!

  13. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Ahh….the days of shit paint. I can say, of all the shenanigans my kids pulled somehow I lucked outta the crap all over the place one.

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I could smell where this post was going a mile away!!! too funny!! sorry mamma… fortunately I have never had to endure this problem… HOWEVER… I’ve had plenty of my own “surprises” from my little blessings!!!

    CONGRATS on the award.. off to read!!

  15. OMG! I can’t believe that happened! BG once took off her diaper during her nap but she only peed. I can’t imagine watching her eat it.

    You definitely deserved the award 🙂

  16. Oh girl..I have to say I was lucky for that not to ever happen! Although he has thrown up all over me while I was sleeping..he walked in and said…”mom..I think….BLAHHHHHH”..All over me, my pjs, my bed. Just nasty..but you are right..your momminess just kicks in and you look back and then you want to throw up!
    Congrats on the award!

  17. I feel YOUR Pain on so many levels! What a great MOM Moment! LOVE IT LOVE IT and guess what ….it was not so bad…you can laugh now!

  18. I laughed so hard I cried… Poor Izzy and poor poor mommy.

  19. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Dude. You rock that award!

    Now then, the poo lotion. That just sucks a duck. What IS with kids and $hit? And kids with dirt? And kids with water?


  20. Oh! Poor you! Good job keeping it together!

    And congrats on the award!

  21. That’s definitely a story to be told when your daughter gets older lol.

  22. Oh lord! You poor thing! LOLWhat a mess…glad to hear you didn’t puke!!

  23. HA! I just love reading your blog! Your blog name drew me to it! Anyway, you handled the situation beautifully! Isn’t it funny how in moments like these we just go on auto-pilot and deal with it and then think later how on earth you got through it? Thanks for the laughs!

  24. OMG! I am so glad I am past those days. Kathryn was the worst about poop EVERYWHERE!

  25. Ha… This story scared me. I seriously went upstairs to put something over Haylee’s diaper who I had just layed down for a nap.

  26. As you know, I have been there and experienced it. Though I did photograph it and put it on my blog, not the 1st time it happened but the 10th time I figured if I had to deal with it blogland may as well too.

    Congrats on the award. I have to read all about it now.

  27. It is amazing what we can handle as mothers isn’t it?

    Before becoming a mother that story would have made me sick. But now? Ehh. $hit happens

  28. wow. thats gross. really gross.

    we’ve never had an exploring poop incident in the house but the other day my 20 mth old stepped in cow poop (might have been horse poop but it was not his poop none the less). He thought it was mud. I freaked yelling for my husband to get him before…. the hands went up to the face… I practically tackled him. But we avoided something nasty. really nasty. and now im sharing htis with a stranger… whats wrong wtih me!

  29. Oh my! that is just gross. was she planning on pooping and playing with it and that is why she fought with you to not have them on. what is it with kids and playing with poop?
    glad you did not throw up!
    Happy pow…

  30. Hilarious!
    So glad that you didn’t photograph the work of your “Pint-size Potty Picasso”.
    The visual I have in my head is truly gross enough.
    Congratulations on the award…funny comment. Truly?

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