This is probably one of those “You had to be there” moments.

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This morning, #1 wanted to wear shoes that don’t fit. I tried to tell her they were too small and they would give her owies. She didn’t care. So, I let her wear them.
I called hubby and told him what she had done. I said, “we can start her in some Chinese foot binding and make her feet beautiful. But really, one morning shouldn’t be too bad, right?”

He then said “we should put her in a Mayan head shaper.” Then, I added, “why not start with the Egyptian neck rings, too. Let’s start with the first one tonight.”

He decided that would give us one “diverse baby.”

In the mean time, this is after wearing the shoes for about 3 hours. I couldn’t get a picture of the red spot on the back of her heal.
I hid those bad boys…no more shoes that don’t fit for this kiddo! I want her to have the feet, head and neck that God gave her!

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  1. I love it! Isn’t funny how they get their mind made up and by golly they are going to do it. BG did that once and now everytime she shows me those shows she says ouchie and grabs her foot. Gotta love them!

  2. I love that you just let her find out for herself what would happen.

    When my oldest was about 2 he decided he needed to wear his double lined, too small dinosaur sweat shirt in 100 degree weather. It took a little while and a lot of sweat but eventually he asked for a t-shirt.

    Determined little buggers aren’t they?

    Great PSF!

  3. Ha! What about those huge “earrings” that make a big circle in the lobe? Make her even MORE diverse?? LOL

  4. You would think she was my daughter! I will always cram my foot into a good pair of shoes that are a bit too small if I have to. Anything for the cost of beauty. You may have a severe case of “girly girl” on your hands. Feel free to call me for any advice or tips you may need 😉

  5. oooo or the lip plates.

    Yuck-o. I do however think those sweet little chubby toes are the cutest. Better she learn now that even though they are the cutest shoes sometimes they just don’t come in your size.

  6. Stubborn kids at my house too…just have to let them learn for themselves. Today we went to the park with no shoes on my 4 year old. I bet next time he won’t forget to bring them 😉

  7. Oh, been there, done that with Chandler…sometimes she doesn’t match at all or wears her furry boots (that are too small) with shorts and a tank top!! People just smile and laugh at me!! I love it when they start getting so independent, but it hard to convince them that you are mama and mama knows better!!

  8. who knew the girly love of shoes started at such a young age!!

    i mean really i am pretty sure i didn’t start wearing shoes that hurt until high school!!

    she is ahead of her times friend 🙂

  9. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Ha! Chinese foot binding is just all sorts of nasty. Can you believe women still actually do that too? Ouch.

    LOVE that toddler chub foot.

  10. you coukd have added putting plugs in her ear lobes to stretch them, but you’r right, best to stick with her natural beauties!

  11. Aww…look at those cute baby feet! I love baby feet pictures!
    I hope her feet feel better and now maybe in the future she’ll remember this and think, hm, Mom really does know what she’s talkin’ about 🙂

  12. Hunter did this, with sandals no less. His toes were pretty much hanging off the edge. It was pretty funny, and the best part was that he never wore them when they fit, because he was going through the crocks only phase and complained that they were too tight, a year ago.

  13. It always amazes me how opinionated they are at such an early age.
    Maybe she will listen to you next time.
    Love those cute little feet!!!

  14. What cute little feet! This is my first time to your blog! I will be back! Please stop by my blog and leave a comment any time!

  15. OUCH!
    I wish squeezing into too small jeans would make the fat go away…

  16. My daughter is the same way if those are the shoes she wants to wear by golly she has to wear them.

  17. haha…yeah, Tate likes to try to get his too small shoes on his feet too…thankfully he has not succeeded yet…maybe I should hide them while we’re still ahead!

  18. Oh….. ouchies.. ouchies… that little one needs some flip flops!! LOL LOL… Kids can be so stubborn though!! I love tiny feet though.. you can ALWAYS get the cutest shoes for them!!!

  19. Luke is constantly wanting to put on shoes too. Fortunatly he will still put back his ones that are too little. I might have to pack those up tonight though after reading this! poor girl! she must have loved those shoes. 🙂

  20. don’t ya just love it when kids are stubborn.

  21. Awww…poor baby. Could you just buy her a pair of shoes that fit please!?! 😉

  22. Oh, those adorable little chubby kid feet are to die for! I love them. Those red marks look painful. Good for you for hiding those shoes! lol I’m impressed she stayed in them for three hours.

  23. The Gerster Family says:

    Wow! The little girls are really starting the “beauty before comfort” frame of mind early!

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