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Remember how I found those mystery stains streaked on the wall in #1’s room?  Well, you could see her bedding in her room, right?

 DSC_4918 DSC_4917

Doesn’t very well match with her sister’s current bedding, does it?

So if I were to go looking for some new kids bedding for their room, I would probably look online, right?  I think either of these would go really well with the green in #1’s room. 

image image

And, the plan is, once #2 gets into a big girl bed, she and her sister will share a room, so they need to match.  Well, they don’t need to match, but I think they should.

Do your kids share a room?  Did they always share a room?  I’m a little worried because they don’t currently share, but I think all siblings should share at one point, especially in a 3 bedroom house.  Help me out, because I have a feeling this transition is coming sooner than I think.  #2 likes to climb!


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  1. Well, right now Kristen and Kendall share a room. It all started out because we only have a 3 bdr house and Kristen didn't live with us full time then. We got their bedding at Pottery Barn Kids (thanks to my parents) and it all matches! Now that Kendall is 2 and Kristen is 12, sharing isn't working anymore for them. So when we get our next house, hopefully soon, none of them will share! I'm an only child and never had to share, but I do think their bedding should match! Very important!!!

    Yeah, that was a book! Sorry!

  2. Oh and I really like the pink set. The brown looks teenager-ish to me!!!

  3. The pink polka dot one stands out to me more.

    I had only 1 brother growing up and he is 7 years older than me, so we never shared a room. My boys share a room now and probably always will.

  4. Okay, once Maddie is ready for the transition to a big girl bed we'll definitely be having them share a room. At least for now while we live in MS.

    Once Leo retires and we move into our "dream home" in a few years I'll let them have separate rooms 🙂

    Love the two you picked out!

  5. #1- I love the pic of N in her crib. My two boys always used to have 4-5 nuks laid out all around them too. Hehe. 🙂

    #2- I was nervous moving Tommy in with Joey when we were expecting Ben but it turned out to be SUCH a blessing. Joey was 3 and a half and Tommy was 1 and a half. After the boys had been sharing for about a month or so Joey came up to me and said, "I like Tommy in my room cuz now I don't have to be scared anymore." I never even knew he was scared before. He never mentioned it. But it warmed my heart so that he was so happy to have Tommy with him. 🙂

    #3- We actually recorded some of the sweet conversations the boys had up in their room at night as we were listening on the monitor. So sweet!

    #4- Joey has his own room now and Tommy is now sharing with Ben. Tommy likes getting the top bunk and being "the big brother" and Ben likes not sleeping by himself. He became really afraid in his own room which is why we moved the boys around. Anyway, it has worked out great, and Tommy and Ben are closer now than they used to be. 🙂

    #5- And yes. They have matching bedding. 🙂

    Good luck!

  6. Mine share. They always have. For me, that was a no-brainer, but perhaps if they were different ages, I might have considered giving them each their own room. Melody and Jess shared a crib for quite a few months, actually.

    The girls' bedding doesn't match. One of the ways I got them excited about big girl beds was to let each of them pick out her own bedding. It's given them such a sense of ownership, in a world in which they share EVERYTHING with sister.

  7. I never had to share a room growing up…but I think the bedding should match, but not be the same. There are so many cute things out there that you could cordinate. That way each girl still has her own different stuff…..but I'm not one that is into everything being matchy matchy….going together yes, but not always alike! 🙂

  8. I agree with Jessica's comment. I've seen some adorable quilts in the PB Kids catalog that coordinate, but don't match exactly. I love that! And my kids would share a room if we didn't luck out and get a 4 bedroom base house this time.

  9. My kids are sharing a room until MM gets older and needs his privacy (or until they force me to separate them! lol)

    We're still in the early adjustment stage as she's just starting to do the "sleep through the night" "putting herself to sleep" battle so I'm laying her down in a pack and play in the living room to let her scream it out so as not to completely disturb her brother. Then once she's zonked out cold I move her to the "kids' room" for the night. Or at least until she wakes up again to nurse because I have no backbone…

    I think sharing a room is a good idea and I can tell you the kids love it and I love using the other "bedroom" in our apartment as their toy room – I'm not a fan of toys in the bedroom or the living room at least at this stage in their life.

  10. My boys share a room. Ya know, it definitely has its upsides and downsides. But I know 100% that they LOVE it, so that makes me happy at the end of the day. Especially once they've fallen asleep. 😉

    Cute bedding!! I love that pink and green. Sigh…girl bedding is the best.

  11. Sounds like you don't have a choice if there are only three bedrooms and you don't want to shove your guests into a polka dotted princess bed fit for a 3 year old, right?

    I think it would be good for them to share. You might experience some down-right interesting moments when you shove two sisters in a room together, but I bet it will also create a bond to last a lifetime!

  12. My girls share rooms- 2 and 2 – and we have 4 bedrooms, but I like them together. They don't mind and I think it's good for bonding. Thunderstorms, nights when you can't sleep, when somethings on your mind…etc.

    My girls all wwent into a bed right at 1- and did FINE!! It's lower and easier to get in and out of then a crib- so less of a chance of them getting hurt!!

    LOVE the bedding on the left- so cool1! (And it willlast right through tweens!!)

  13. You know I'm all about matchy matchy! You have fun taste, though, so I know whatever you decide will be cute!

  14. love both sets friend. and love the idea of them sharing a room – i think it would be fun. my brothers got to share a room, i never did. but those two together? perfectly delightful and oh the stories they will tell!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I had my own room growing up, and for that I am eternally grateful. I guess I don't understand why kids share a room if there isn't a space issue at present. If it's because there will be a new baby at some point, sure, that makes sense! But if not, then I'd let them have their own rooms.

  16. Do you have something else you want to share?

    ps. LOVE the brown set – it's SO SO SO cute!!

  17. We are facing the same decision. We are going to have our daughters share a room and wasn't planning on doing so for at least another 6 months. I think it will be sooner. Definitely have the bedding coordinate, there is some cute stuff out there!

  18. i love both of the bedding choices!! love to see those little girls sleeping away;) bradley and ellie will be in adjoining rooms in the new house, but if we had a third they will definitely be sharing with someone!!

  19. Connor (4.5) and Collin(2) not only share a room, but also a bed now. we just took the crib down and moved another twin in the room. they love it. no fancy bedding or frames or anything, just two .mattresses/boxsprings on the floor. i actually just blogged about it if you want to see the pictures

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