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I originally wrote this post when I was teaching and my girls were in daycare. It still holds true today.

How to show your teacher you appreciate them

On a day when I am frustrated with my students for their…

lack of caring,
happiness with mediocrity,
mean and hateful words,
lack of motivation,
very bad grades,
constant talking, and

I am choosing to take a different approach. Maybe this will help with my incredible sense of frustration.

I will write a letter to my girls teachers telling them how much I appreciate them for…
their hugs and kisses for my girls,
teaching them important things,
cleaning up after them,
calming them when they are upset,
helping them learn how to crawl and walk,
helping them learn how to sleep unswaddled,
helping them learn how to use a cup, and
their love of my children.

I challenge you to do the same.

I have never once received a note or email or call thanking me for teaching a child. Not once.

So maybe today I will make a difference in my children’s teacher’s lives. And, maybe you can do the same, too!

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  1. I thank my boys' teachers almost every time I speak with them. I just finished a thank you to Caleb's math teacher tonight. She has sparked something in him that brings a smile to all of us. Teachers are AMAZING!!! It takes a special soul to teach. So, thank YOU for all that you do 🙂

  2. What grade are you teaching? Kids are snottier the older they get. Sorry you're having a difficult time lately with the brats. 😉

  3. As a teacher and a mother, you are doing awesome! Luckily at my school parents thank us all the time, even with treats in the teacher's lounge. Good luck with everything. Believe it or not, I learned I liked high school the most when I substitute taught. Unfortunately, my certificate doesn't qualify me to teach it.

  4. The parents of one of the children I watch thanks me every single day, without fail. It's so nice to have that reminder.

    In case no one has posted this, thank you for making the choice to teach young adults. You are making a difference.

  5. Well, I would thank you, actually I do, because the kids you teach may grow up to work in a position that could affect us all! I am really amazed how you deal with that all day and then take care of your family and home! You deserve some kind of award as well as thanks!

  6. Wow! You know what? I think that is amazing. When I come to think of it, I have never received a letter like that either from any of my students. I always say…"it would be so nice, just to hear a thank you every now and then." Not only do you seem like a wonderful teacher, you are a wonderful mom.

  7. That is a wonderful idea! 🙂

  8. I am proud of you….

    I have been thanked by several parents and I love it. I send out weekly emails to my parents telling them what is going on in my classroom. They LOVE that. I need to do the same for my own children's teachers.

  9. Good for you – that is so nice of you to do. And I can't believe you've never received a letter of thanks from any of your student's parents! That is wrong! I have never appreicated teachers as much as I do now that my oldest son has started kindergarten. My son really really likes his teacher, and Lord knows I never thought I would see the day where my son would enjoy going to school – and I have to thank his loving, patient, caring teacher for this. I plan on telling her in a card I'm going to send her with a little gift soon. She's made all the difference in his first year of school! I can't imagine the patience it takes to be a teacher.

  10. Great idea!!
    I try to write Landons teachers as much as possible!
    I love that you are reminding all the parents that a simple thank you note can make someones day!!
    Thank you for being a teacher…you are all special in my book!! 🙂

  11. Why is that? Why do high school teachers get none of that? I've always wondered that! Makes a girl doubt herself, you know.

    Well, from one high school teacher to another, I appreciate you deeply!

    I've been there with all that, and if you can survive it and live to tell the tale, then you deserve a big cheer and pat on the back!

  12. Even though they don't say it out loud, since, well, they are teenagers after all, your students will know that you care about them and maybe a few of them will even think about you when they themselves have become parents with children of their own. They might even think "hey, that chemistry teacher I had in high school, she was really something" (and I'm not just talking about your male students here ;).

    We don't always get a pat on the back for the things we do even though a simple thank you note could make all the difference on a bad day. I guess teaching is like parenting. Only our kids remember to hug and kiss us from time to time.

    Big hug.

  13. I am astounded that you haven't ever received a thank you note. I have written them to many of my children's teachers. I have also written principals praising teachers.

  14. Thank you for the idea – writing to the kids teachers right now!

  15. That's a wonderful idea, Krystyn. I bet teachers don't hear that enough. I tell Karys' teachers all the time but never put it in writing. But I also see them on a daily basis.

  16. That is a great idea! Teachers need encouragement and motivation!

  17. I Bet you are a GREAT TEACHER and I am sorry you are not thanked enough.

    If you worked here…trust me you would be spoiled rotten by the parents here! During Teacher appreation week last year…we brought the teachers small things all week LONG!

    The Teachers here say they have been spoiled rotten by parents. MY Friend who is a teacher even had a few stay at home MOMS arrange for Meals to be cooked for HER family for a week!!! As a week of teacher appreation! OMG!

  18. Thank you for the job that you do. Sincerely, I thank you.

    I'm appreciative of this post because I always send notes and emails thanking teachers, and all other staff; however, maybe it's because my kids are in K, 2nd, and 6th grade. I promise you that when my kids get to high school, I will not stop writing the thank yous! But, if you hadn't written this, maybe I would have. Seems like the high school teachers get ripped off in a big way. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  19. As a teacher, and a mother, i GET this.

    However, I get thanked constantly. I'm in TRUE SHOCK that you don't. Maybe it's elementary vs. high school. But I'm sad for you that you don't get the appreciation that you deserve.

    Your thankful spirit is contagious. I'm sure that one day, ONE DAY, your students will "get it" too.

  20. I appreciate a teacher's patience and willingness to give day after day.

    I appreciate their words of encouragement on an assignment or just because.

    I appreciate their zeal for knowledge.

    I appreciate the fact that they don't quit doing what they love just because a few kids don't care. There's always one who does…

    Suffice it to say, I appreciate YOU (and my teachers who have taught me/current professors)!

  21. I could never be a teacher. It takes a special person to be able to do that… deal with OPK.

    I do tell my kids' teachers how much I appreciate them. Thanks for the reminder to do it for the HS teachers too.

  22. And this is why you are an amazing Mom and teacher!

    Thank you for teaching our children…thank you.

  23. That warmed me to the core…I have never received a thank you either.

  24. This is lovely. Sometimes I need a reminder to focus on the wonderful things my kids’ teachers do for them

  25. I always share a handwritten note card at the end of the school year. Yes, I do attach a prize to it, but I want them to know that I REALLY appreciate what they do for our family.

  26. Pauline Linares says:

    I love your thoughts & suggestions! As a former teacher, I thank you for your efforts & time.
    Well done!!

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