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This week was an odd one. The little two wrapped school, the oldest two are doing end of year things and all of our schedules are just off. Mr. Serious had the girls at the Y and the beloved bunny got left behind. If I had to choose between bunny or a kid, I suppose leaving bunny is the way to go.

It was nap time when I got home and B was more than upset. It took me a minute to figure out why she was so beside herself. Bunny. Missing. Send help. As soon as I realized she was attached to that bunny, I purchased a back up. It. Never. Worked.

She knew it as an imposter. At this point, it doesn’t even do in a pinch.

Snapchat fun with B

The girl that hardly likes to hug and kiss me (despite giving them out to her sisters like candy) snuggled on me and fell asleep. If it wasn’t so traumatic for her, I’d loose bunny a little more frequently.

(Tonight, bunny had an accident. Bunny is getting washed. I gave her back up bunny. She told me it wasn’t bunny. I tried to explain. Then I asked her who it was. She said “it’s Fluffy” and was okay with it. So, I’ve learned if I don’t call it Bunny, maybe all is well? Time will tell!)

Nap wake ups have been rough and needy. She woke up early and I was trying to wrap some work. I thought I’d let her sit on my lap, but she wanted to be silly. Snapchat to the rescue (PS Follow me there: SeriousKrystyn…I’ll follow back!).

Snapchat fun with B

I think the Snapchat filters were made for her!

Snapchat fun with B

And, oh my goodness, the cute that is this one. She was born to be the crazy cat lady.

Snapchat fun with B

Or maybe a flower child.

Snapchat fun with B

But, at the end of the day, she’s still my baby B and her snuggles will make my day every time.

Snapchat fun with B

Now, go follow on SnapChat, because I’ve posted some pretty funny videos (like this one below) and pictures! Let’s just say the little two keep finding trouble. And markers. Lots of markers.

What were you up to this week?

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  1. She is too cute! I guess I am behind the times because I don’t have Snap Chat, lol. I hope you were able to retrieve Bunny from the Y!

    1. Yes, we were…later that afternoon. As soon as they saw me walking it, they had it ready!

      Snap chat is fun. It’s like instant and raw and ugly instagram!

  2. Awe, B is too cute. I hope the Y kept Bunny until your next trip there?

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