Why we bought Samsung Appliances at Best Buy and will do it again.


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In the last year, we’ve had two of our kitchen appliances need replacing. It’s not fun to have to replace them. And, thankfully, they had been with us for over a decade, but I still didn’t want to do it. With a budget, I shopped around and made sure I got the best deal and best bang for my money. Both times Best Buy was a winner. (To be clear, we spent our own money there!)

They offered price matching with any store (but it turned out they were exactly the same as other stores) and had a promotion with free delivery and installation for our washing machine and cheaper than anywhere else delivery and installation for our dishwasher. Adding to that the fact that the store I went to was pleasant, easy to work with and got them set up for delivery in two days and I will definitely be going back.

Now, I’m not willing anything else to break (hear that universe, I don’t really want to purchase any new appliances right now), but when the time comes, this set up is looking pretty fabulous.

New Samsung appliances at Best Buy

At first, I was wondering why I need a screen on my fridge and I wanted to discount it as another piece of technology that is totally overrated and unnecessary. But, I listened to what all it had to offer, and now I want that bad boy.

Sure, it plays music, tells the time and weather, but it also does other fabulous things. It allows you to display pictures (and even send pictures to it from a work trip) so that there aren’t pictures all over the sides of the fridge. It also syncs with your phone. You can make notes of things you need on your next trip, search for recipes based on what you have and add items to your list, and it even takes a snapshot of your fridge. So, when you get to the store and you can’t remember if you have tomatoes or not, check the app and you’ll know if you need to pick them up or not. 

New Samsung appliances at Best Buy

Another plus is the doors on the bottom instead of those random freezer drawers that things get lost in. Now there are shelves and door space. Oh, and you can change the temperature of one of the doors, too. You can make it a wine fridge, a freezer, or an extension of the regular fridge. 

Usually technology and appliances angers me (yes, old lady here..get off my lawn), but I’m starting to see the light and can see how this fridge would totally be a game changer in my house (when the time comes…when my current one dies, of course!)

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  1. That refrigerator is crazy high tech. There’s an app that shows you inside your fridge. Mind blowing

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