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Put this on the list of things we never imagined we’d be doing a year ago. 

One year ago, our friends first met. They’ve since dated during a pandemic, got engaged and got married all during a pandemic. 

When they told us their wedding date last summer, I think we all thought things would be looking different. Maybe it was wishful thinking? But, nope. So, we attended our first (and hopefully last) pandemic-safe wedding. 

We were masked, and very socially distanced the entire time. Mr. Serious was in the wedding and the bridal party was so spread out on the altar. 

With the pews marked off, we were actually lucky Mr. Serious wasn’t sitting with us, because our 5 bottoms barely fit together in our pew. 

wedding in the church mommy and me monday

Matching monogrammed wedding masks are the latest wedding accessory!

mommy and me monday at the wedding reception

After the ceremony, we walked over to the reception. There wasn’t any dancing (because, social distancing) and a much smaller wedding list then the bride and groom wanted (but they set up a live stream of the wedding for people to watch at home)! Oh, but there was a bouquet toss…and since it was families there, the only unmarried people were kids. So, N caught the bouquet!

Even without those things, it was fun to have an event to go to and see the love between the new family. 

Plus, we all dressed up! I’m pretty sure it had been since last Spring where we dressed up for home church. 

We slipped our masks off after finding a willing party to grab us a picture and got our first non-selfie family picture in likely over a year!

wedding reception mommy and me monday

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