Moving on Up-PSF

It’s been way too long since my last photostory Friday!
Oh, my sweet #2-bear is growing up way too fast.  She is already 15 months old and weighing in at 23 pounds.  And, she’s already over 31 inches tall!
Last week, her school told us that it was time for some hard-soled shoes.
I thought: What?  She’s only been walking a month.  What’s the hurry?
Then, I found out.  She’s moving up to the toddler room.
Not my sweet little #2.  Not my baby.
With #1, I was asking every week when she would move up.
But, #2.  She’s my baby.  I’m not ready yet.  
 DSC_4962 DSC_4966 DSC_4973
I have a feeling there is going to be a lot more of me not being ready yet.
And, she’s off.

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  1. I too have taken a long break from photo friday but your reason if far better than mine, your baby is so cute thank you for sharing your pictures

  2. It HAS been far too long!

    Wait a minute…wasn't she just a baby? She's a kid now! It happens so fast.

  3. I love how she always has a big smile on her face! I like her new shoes…sorry I couldn't find Melody's old ones. 🙁

  4. She has the BEST smile!!

    Max is 25 lbs and over 31 inches too, but he's only 13 months!

  5. I love the open mouth smile in every pic! She is so adorable! And so big…when did that happen??

  6. She is adorable. I have a red head of my own and two girls. I remember feeling the same way about my youngest.

  7. Totally understand the baby growing up thing. With Bella? I couldn't wait. I was always wondering when this, when that.

    But with my Madelyn? No thank you. Please don't grow up too fast.


    And that last picture? May or may not have made me teary eyed…

  8. You know her big ole smile is like one of the cutest things ever, right? GAH, I love it!

  9. Whoa. Is it just me or does she look more like her sister every day? (or every photo, at least)

  10. Awe, gosh.
    Sophia will be 7 months this week, just started crawling a couple weeks ago. She stood up yesterday. I cried and am actually hoping it was just a fluke and not a sign that bipedal movement isn't too far ahead. My mother was quick to remind me that I was walking at 9 months and now I'm all upset. I completely feel for you. I want my baby to stay a baby, too. 🙁

  11. mrs. hils says:

    You gotta stop putting her in those jeans. She looks like such a kid in that picture instead of a sweet baby girl!

  12. Oh my!! Look at that smile! What a cutie! Moving up to the toddler room? Oh boy!

  13. I hear you. Your girls are SO adorable.

    It recently occurred to me, looking at photos, that "toddler" might not be the right word for my girls any more. "Preschooler" perhaps, "little girl" possibly, but not "toddler".


  14. Aww. Just look at that big girl. How cute! It just goes so fast.

  15. When did she grow up to be so big? So cute though! Yay on her graduation!

  16. hard sole shoes? gulp. such a hard pill for a mama to swallow!

    but man is she ever cute!

  17. Well THAT happened in the blink of an eye…for all of us, anyway! This whole watching the kids grow up thing is such a push-pull. So fun to see them grow and progress and get so smart. So sad to see the baby (and then the toddler and then the kid…) get left behind do fast.

    She's adorable!

  18. Boo-hoo-hoo! Don't they grow so fast? Too fast! She's absolutely adorable! Don't worry…she'll let you tag along behind for a little longer I'm sure. 🙂

  19. I love her gorgeous smile!! She is beautiful!! 🙂

  20. How can N possibly be walking?? You just had her.

    That time has flown.

  21. Awww! I just love that smile of hers. You can't see it without smiling yourself. They do grow too quickly.

  22. Love those sweet little red headed babies. Yes, tehy grow up MUCH too fast. Hang on…..she's going to be Isabelle's size in a blink!

  23. What an adorable little smile she has. Truly I think it is infectious!

    And so sorry to hear about the toddler room. 🙁 Might be time to think about having another…baby!

  24. I know….I know…it just happens too darn fast!!!! Life just flies by. How can she be a toddler when it seems like yesterday that we were all praying for her safe delivery?

    I am back. I have missed you. Hello from me with hugs, Lura

  25. Awwww! I'm sure Id be the SAME way! Stay little forever little girl!

  26. They grow in the blink of an eye! I can't believe my 'baby' will be 5 next month.:)

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