Not Me Monday: The Monkey Bread Edition


I {did not} get upset with Mr. Serious this morning on the way in to church.

We {did not} both sit at church thinking about said “argument.”

We {did not} see things two different ways.  We certainly {are not} different people.

I {did not} agree that I could have handled things differently.

We {did not} move past it very quickly.  We {would never} be mature and act like grown ups.

I {did not} make monkey bread for dessert.  And, it certainly {was not} for the sake of trying to remind my man of my love for him.  Because we all know that the way to a man’s heart {is not} through his stomach.

And, of course actions {do not} speak louder than words sometimes.DSC_5050

The monkey bread {was not} delicious.  It {would not} have been better with more butter and sugar.  
Of course, everything {is not} better with more butter and sugar.

I {did not} bring him a bite and eat one for myself before taking a picture.  I {do not} have that much of a sweet tooth.

Oh, and the coffee that I was upset about certainly {did not} wash out with great ease.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

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  1. Why can't butter and sugar be good for you?!!? HAAHA!

  2. Too Funny! The Monkey Bread looks delicious either way…would love the recipe!

  3. Is this from the Taste of Home magazine? Dearest and I saw that the other day and agreed that we MUST make this one together. Would it be a fun thing…or am I just going to start off my Not Me Monday the same way yours did?

    It looks SUPER yummy!

  4. Yum! Sugar + Butter? Yes, please!

    Hope e'thing is better 🙂 xoxo

  5. Augh…I spilled my coffee in the car on the way to church yesterday but as Alex was in his car I couldn't blame him. 🙂 You had me fooled…y'all seemed fine yesterday. The monkey bread looks delish. Is it easy to make and can you pass along the recipe?
    Oh, and love the new picture in your sidebar.

  6. MMmmmm looks soooo good. Anytime you want to do a babycarrier show and tell, i am game. i need that monkey bread recipe

  7. I think this just proves that Monkey Bread solves everything.
    There is a recipe coming soon..right?

  8. I know food always helps 'mend the situation' with my hubby!
    And Yummy photo!

  9. That totally sounds like something Husby and I would do! (the sitting and thinking about the argument the whole time and then making something really yummy to try to smooth things back over 🙂

  10. that does look good though. I think we have all had one of those. LOL Thanks to all of mine, my hubby does all the cooking. HA 🙂

  11. that was funny! These little arguements are so normal, but I am glad that you were able to bounce from it so fast! Sunday mornings are great times for fights here too.

    LOVE that monkey bread! I want to make some too, looks amazing!

  12. oh man and now i need monkey bread.

    ps – cute new profile pic 🙂

  13. HUGE blogger-friend favor.
    Can you PRETTY PLEASE WITH BUTTER AND SUGAR ON TOP post your monkey bread recipe????

  14. my husband and i did not go to a marriage conference and then not even speak to each other the whole time. do not even ask what happened when they said we should all hold hands (each couple) and walk around the parking lot. all i can say is we are still married 14 years later

  15. I vote for more butter and more sugar! Wait..I (do not) vote for more butter and more sugar. lol.
    And between you and me, I wish the way to a man's heart was just that. My husband eats too much as it is..(and doesnt gain a pound..jerk)

  16. So funny! We have those kind of church mornings to, 'cept he'll be in the pulpit and I'm 'sposed to be listening attentively and not glaring.

    Want to share the monkey bread recipe? I've never had it/made it and suuuuure sounds good!

  17. I want some of that bread when I come next time! I'm not sure how this works, but I had a great experience at church on Sunday! I really did! Papa Bear would have been proud…I brought a guest! With arms as sexy and muscular as Anderson Cooper's!!!! Yummy!

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