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So maybe there have been some new wrinkles. And we definitely have more to worry about, but I think the years have been pretty good to us.

Just this past weekend we ventured with the family and Mr. Serious’ family to Stone Mountain. I don’t do it very often (because we don’t usually have people with us to make sure the older two are okay, which is silly because they are really good when we go anywhere and stay with us). But, I turned the camera on us (thank you again front loading camera), and got a picture of the Mr. Serious and me (and one sneaky little E, but I definitely couldn’t crop her out).

Stone Mountain

When I pulled it up and looked at it, I thought it was a pretty good picture of us, but certainly the one from several years ago of us pre-kiddos would be much better.

Um, uh, well, it’s good, but we just don’t look as vibrant. Which is crazy because I’m pretty sure we had a ton more sleep, ate better and took better care of ourselves.

Stone Mountain

So it would seem that the years have been pretty darn good to us.

Thanks girls. You make us look good.

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  1. Children certainly have a way of changing everything don’t they? You’re quite brave to turn the camera on yourselves too I might add! Sounds like you all had fun on your outing 🙂

    1. Yes, they definitely do! I turn the camera on us often because I want to be in the pictures when my kids look back. Part of the reason I host Mommy and Me Monday!

    1. Funny, my in-laws were here this weekend and my MIL said to my FIL “see, I told you she’s matured!” I almost died.

  2. mrs. hils says:

    Once a set of hotties, always a set of hotties! Loving your 31 crossbody purse…

  3. You guys are such a cute couple!!! You can tell how much you love each other.

  4. ha! love that sweet baby face peeking in the pic!! so darn sweet!!

  5. Heather S says:

    LOVE that top photo, you both look great – young, in love, and happy!!

  6. Cute photos.
    When I look back at the pictures of my husband and I when we were dating, we look so well-rested and happy 😉

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