Sisters can’t be any sweeter if they were covered in sugar


When I go get the girls from school, usually I get #1 first.  That’s the routine.

But today before I left work to get them, I got a call that #2 got in a fight.  With the ground.  Again.

Apparently, she bounced off of a friend and went face first into the ground.

Bloody nose?  Check.

Busted lip?  Check.

So, instead, I rushed in to get my #2-Bear first.  She was doing okay in the room until she saw me, and then she lost it "I fall down.  I hurt my lip."

She wasn’t kidding.  Her lip?  Swollen.  Her nose?  Bruised and swollen.  I’m certain she will have black eyes in the morning.  I will probably find myself at the pediatrician in morning, but I’m praying I won’t.

I’m not telling you all this just about her.

What absolutely killed me?

When #2 and I walked into #1’s room, and she saw #2.

#1 rushed over to her sister, and immediately went up to her all sweet and wonderful and obviously in pain because of her sister’s pain and said "Oh, #2.  What happened to you?  Are you okay?"

While I’m certain there is no way I can capture the look on #1’s face and the tone of her voice, I just want them to know how much my heart broke just then.  I never could have imagined the love these girls, sisters, could and would have for each other.

I was trying to be the strong mom that wasn’t too emotional when their baby is hurt.  After all, we’ve dealt with three surgeries and a broken leg, but when I saw how concerned her big sister was, I couldn’t help but cry.

My poor #2-Bear.  Once again she’s bumped and bruised and still has a beautiful (and silly) smile on her face.

She got in a fight..again

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  1. Poor thing! She certainly looks like she lost the battle! But that smile is definitely still very sweet!

  2. So sad that she got hurt! I have to say I love those moments when it is apparent that your kids really do love each other. It is so sweet!

    1. It’s crazy when it happens, because so often, they aren’t so good at showing the love.

  3. Poor kid! That smile though…she’s a tough little cookie. And that sister moment can’t be matched. That’s love.

  4. oh honey! look at her face!! poor baby 🙁

    but that sister love? it is a crazy, awesome kind of love!

  5. Kids never — EVER — cease to amaze me. Their capacity for compassion, empathy and unconditional love is boundless.

    This is a beautiful story, Krystyn.

    (And, I may have gotten a little misty myself. Don’t tell anyone…)

  6. Sweet sisters like that means Momma is doing a good job. I hope she is feeling better! = )

    1. Aren’t you the sweetest! She’s already healed and back to normal.

  7. That is exactly why I’ve decided to have more than two kids. I’m the younger sister and while we fought all the time growing up, when something happened to one of us, we were always there for one another. And I just can’t imagine my daughter growing up without one. I hope and pray that we are able to have enough children so that my daughter can have a sister, and maybe one day I’ll have a son who has a brother.

    1. Same here. I’m the older sister, and we fought a lot, but we were always “had each other’s backs” when necessary.

  8. grandma Pat says:

    Poor baby, the picture text you sent yesterday did not look this bad. It must have scared her pretty bad. Iz is sure a sweetheart. I would have been crying too if I saw that between your 2 beautiful girls.

  9. Thats the beauty of kids, she is still all smiles and upbeat. Says a lot about your parenting style. Your girls are adorable, I think I say that all the time. Thats cause they are.

    1. Well, thanks. I guess we try not to make a big deal about spills, etc. They are’s going to happen.

      (Or course, we make sure they are okay.)

      Thanks…we think they’re pretty cute, too.

  10. Poor baby girl 🙁 What a sweet big sis though!!
    How is she today?

    1. The next day, she looked a lot worse..but now, you can’t even tell!

  11. How beautiful they are – hurt or not! I pray they are always close like that.

    1. Me, too! (But, I won’t be too disillusioned to think otherwise!)

  12. Bless her heart! That looks so painful, but she sure seems to still be enjoying life. Kids are amazing like that. They fall down, get back up and dust themselves off, just to do life all over again… and with a smile no less. 🙂 A sisters love is the best kind of love. That is such a sweet moment you were able to journal.

    1. It really is amazing, isn’t it? Fall down and get up. If only we could remember that as grownups!

  13. poor little thing!! she definitely doesn’t look too upset about it all!

  14. Oh poor sweet Nat! But isn’t the love between sisters just the best? I don’t have a sister, but am so beyond happy that my girls all have each other!
    Sweet post Krystyn!

    1. Thanks, Lisa.

      It really is awesome having a sister. I don’t have a brother I grew up with, so I don’t ge that relationship, either.

    1. Yeah…I know she’s not in too much pain when she smiles like that (and asks me to take her picture!)

  15. Ahhh poor thing! Seriously though that smile! She’s looking like she’s still the winner, must be all the love from her sis.

    1. Yes..she definitely wins that!

      She didn’t win against the ground, however.

  16. Poor kid! Siblings are funny fight like nothing and then show love and concern like they never fight!

  17. Aww, that is so sweet – and so sad. Is she okay? Poor N – that looks brutal!!

  18. Grrr I don think my last comment went thru. Anyway that is so sweet of them, such good sisters! And poor N, that looks painful. 🙁

    1. It really is awesome to see how much they love each other.

      PS Sorry you had a hard time with the comments..I don’t know what the deal is.

  19. My poor little Nat… I love that she still smiles through it all, what a sweet love bug!
    I think that Isabel is SUCH a wonderful big sister and the reason your kids are so special is because they have such a special mom.
    Hope Nat gets better soon, please tell her I think she still looks beautiful!

    1. Awww…well thanks. I try!

      She’s already back to normal and you can’t even tell!

  20. Poor little sweetie!! I do love hearing how much her sister was loving on her though. So precious.

    1. It sure was…sometimes they really can be sooo sweet to each other. Sometimes.

  21. Oh my gosh! Poor darling little girl! But look at her smile in the picture. Aw. And it is truly a beautiful thing to see the love between siblings – sisters, brothers. When I see my oldest son care and love on his little brother when he’s sick or hurt, it warms my heart like nothing else on earth. It absolutely melts me!

  22. Awww, poor thing…she’s a good sport. 🙂 I will also feel worried if I were her Mom too. You got sweet and loving kids who care for each other too.

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