Mamalicious Monday-privacy please


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Apparently, if you are a woman, this is perfectly acceptable????

I don’t think so.

Please, if I am sitting in a back room with the doors locked while attached to a vacuum device that is sucking milk out of my breasts, please don’t come and have a conversation with me. Is this too much to ask?

I don’t mind talking to people while I’m nursing, but there is something about pumping that makes me want just a touch of privacy!

And, really, please don’t come and ask me for a projector that I had all semester until I left for maternity leave. The one that you came and took from me as soon as I was out. The one that I went and took back when I returned.


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  1. I can’t believe people would just walk in on you! too bad you dont have locks on your doors! I think I would place a chair there next time… how rude!

  2. I am laughing, but only becuase I can sympathize! I had just had my 1st baby, and was trying to pump…sitting in the hospital room. My hubby went to eat & left a note on the door….do not come in….pumping in progress! Do you know that 1 of his friends and his wife walked right in on me!!!!ARGH! Some people!

  3. Some people are so weird!!! WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!! 🙂

  4. Yes! Pumping is a pain in the arse enough… please leave me alone when I have that thing sucking the life out of me and chanting weird phrases over and over and over!

  5. I always wanted my privacy too when I pumped. I just felt like a cow and really did not want anyone to see my cow-ness.

  6. She unlocked the door to get to you????? Did she knock? I am totally taking her down…if I come to work with you for Spring Break she better not just waltz in!!

  7. Yes you definitely needed your privacy during a time like that!!

  8. Not that Ive ever pumped…but I imagine if i did, i would REALLY want privacy…what the heck??

  9. Wow sounds like some people need to get a clue! I would feel uncomfortable myself if I were talking to someone pumping… I don’t get why you couldn’t post pone your conversation! WEIRD!!

  10. Did you slap the woman? Cause I sure as heck would have! Ugh!!! Seriously, what is WITH some people?

  11. Ahhh!!!! I would be mortified! How horrific, my goodness… nope, it's not okay to talk to you someone who is pumping in an office environment, for crying out loud! (Yes, breastfeeding is totally different, I think so too!)

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