PSF-Strawberry picking with the great-grandparents


With the great-grandparents here, we took the opportunity to do something different and special.

#1 and great-grandpa sharing a moment. He was helping her find the good ones. And helping her not squish them when she picked them
And, great-grandma helping out, too.
“Oh, #1, that’s a good one.”
Look at that sweet girl. Somebody must have taught her well. She’s sharing with me.
Ah, she finally got to eat one.
Or, maybe a couple. Look at that face!
And, the fruits of our labors (sometimes, I crack myself up). Notice that little hand grabbing more. I have three pictures of the berries, and every single one of them has a little paw reaching in for more. I guess you could say she likes strawberries.

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. can i come next time?? looks delish!!

    we had strawberries tonight for dinner – pretty sure they weren't near as yummy as yours!

  2. My little girlie loves strawberry picking (or should I say eating fresh strawberries). She'd eat that whole basket if I let her.

    Gotta go check out when our local picking is ready.

  3. First of all, how adorable is your girl?? Those curls are too cute.

    What fantastic memories…some of my favorites from my own childhood are of picking huckleberries with my grandmother and great-grandmother. Your daughter will truly appreciate these pictures and the memories someday.

    So sweet.

  4. she is better than me…I would be stealing them all with no sharing!!!

    Have you read the book, "the little mouse, the big red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear"? It is one of my all time favorites. And I always eat strawberries and think of it!

  5. Gorgeous pictures!! Strawberry picking is the perfect summer activity in my book, as a kid my summers were punctuated with days at the strawberry patch!!!

    Visiting from What Works for Us

  6. They're so lucky to have great-grandparents that are able to do things like that. The pics are great! And I've gone from wanting strawberry shortcake to NEEDING it! 😉

  7. OH!!! I want some strawberries! She is SO SO SO adorable!

  8. Very cool!!

    We have some strawberry plants and Chandler eats them before anybody gets to them. She absolutely loves them!!

  9. Awwwwwwwwwww. So brings back memories. I loved pickin' strawberries when I was little! I'll have to do this with the dude too.

  10. I have actually never picked strawberries!
    They look insanely delicious though! My paw would be reaching in those baskets too!
    What great memories!!!

  11. I love the pictures! It reminds me of picking berries with my grand parents! What a great day out you must have had!

  12. Too cute. Strawberries are the best! Maybe I'll have some with breakfast.

  13. yummi straberrys

    I have never been to a straberry field before but I think if I did I might eat them all

  14. I love the little hand reaching in for more! She is so cute and those curls are adorable!

  15. I love strawberry picking! I wanted to go this year with the boys, but bending over may be harder than I anticipated. 😉
    I always eat more than I get in my basket.
    Great pics!

  16. She is so adorable with those red curls, and the strawberry mouth, so sweet. What are you going to do with your bounty?

  17. Sparkette says:

    WOW those are gorgeous strawberries. I want to go pickin some 🙂

    Great pictures of Izzy! Looks like she had a great time!

  18. Yummy Yummy! We've been wanting to go strawberry picking…where'd y'all go?

  19. It is so great that she loves fruit! (and I love that her sticky little face matches her beautiful hair!)
    I tagged you. sorry. Had no choice.

  20. this is awesome! love that you have your grandparents around to share with izzy! enjoy the weeekend

  21. That is such an appealing PSF. The photos, the strawberries and of course your lovely little girl.

  22. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    I think these are the most precious memories of all. I love her hair SO MUCH! What a doll!

  23. Those pictures of Izzy and the strawberries are adorable…and I don't blame her for reaching for more. 😉 I'd be doing the same thing and I'm not even a kid! haha

  24. MamabearMills says:

    i want to go pick strawberries!!! haha…and YES i did win the blog makeover! BRAT!!! hahahha

  25. Beautiful photos. I love strawberry season. Nothing better.

  26. I love going blueberry and strawberry picking! They make for fun memories!

  27. What a fun memory for you all. Great pictures.
    It reminds me of snatching the berries out of my grandparents garden and getting into a bit of trouble over it too! 🙂

  28. She is SO darling and getting so grown up looking! Awwww.
    Those strawberries look amazing! WOW

  29. Oh yum! Strawberries………..We haven't gone yet this year……..we better get going! Nothing better than fresh strawberries…….(except maybe fresh blueberries and raspberries!)

  30. Her hair is so pretty!!!

    Those Strawberries look so refreshing!

  31. All those pics just made me crave fresh strawberries – big time. Nummmm!!

  32. Fresh strawberries, straight from the field. I bet they taste even better when you picked them yourself!


  33. How fun! And what sweet shots of your little cutie. We passed a u-pick farm this week, but I didn't come prepared…. boo hoo.

  34. Oh yum! we grew everything except strawberries..and I REALLY want strawberries! 🙂

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