Izzy’s First Vlog-My Tot Clock Review and Giveaway**


Pamela Gonzalez is the inventor of My Tot Clock. She came up with the idea after having a hard time dealing with her son’s antics and games when going to bed; who doesn’t? My friend stayed with us, and she was oogling our My Tot Clock for her 3.5 year old son!

About My Tot Clock:

My Tot Clock is an all-in-one sleep aid, alarm clock, nightlight, and timer for children ages 2+. It teaches little ones when to sleep (blue light) and when it’s okay to get out of bed (yellow light). It also plays bedtime stories, lullabies, fun wake music, and even white noise (like ocean sounds)! As an added bonus, My Tot Clock has a light blue light for nap time, a red light for timeout, and a green light for any positive timed activity. Perfect for those young enough to start learning a daily routine, but not old enough to be able to tell time. Also great for their sleepy parents.

In Use:
Pamela sent us My Tot Clock to use. #1 was getting out of bed several times a night and yelling for us when we put her down. The clock changes colors depending on what time it is. It also will play stories, songs and/or white noise. And, while it looks intimidating, it took me less than a minute to set it all up. And, you can change out the face plate as well as the story and song cartridge.

We’ve been using My Tot Clock for about a month now. #1 understands what the colors are and what they mean. She now will stay in bed (most mornings) if it isn’t yellow yet. It is definitely an improvement. See for yourself what she knows about it:


Also, in the event that you are out late, or your kid rises early, you only have to hold down a button for a couple seconds to get it to restart the routine.


As you can see from the video, if she can get her hands on it (usually, it’s on the dresser and she can’t), she knows she can reset everything. I wish there was a way to sort of lock the back of it so the times and settings can’t be changed.

Also, I wish that there was an option for just white noise. The only way I could get the white noise to play was to allow the 30 minutes of music to play beforehand.

Buy it:
Each Tot Clock comes with the starry night face plate, story cartridge and AC adapter for $49.95.

Win it:
One lucky Really, Are You Serious? reader will win their very own My Tot Clock.

For your first entry? Tell me your best why you need sleep sob story.

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  1. My Tot Clock looks awesome. We are in desparate need of something fun like this to make bedtime easier. My husband works over night and so that just leaves me to get up with C throughout the night…we have always had sleep issues and it is so hard to get in a routine when you are so tired and have to get up the next morning bright and early for work…I have to admit that I have slacked in this area because I do whatever is easier so I can get some sleep!

  2. look how sweet she is honey??

    is beans too young for one?? bc i want one YESTERDAY!!

    my sob story…three am. each and every morning for the last like forever. enough said!!

  3. I'm entering this for my sister – she could really benefit from this.

    She just had her second child (her first child turns 3 in September) and is having a little trouble getting the first child to cooperate with the new baby schedule. A recent example? Two nights ago, her older child did not want to go to bed and began screaming and crying. When that didn't work, she tried crawling out of the room (to sneak out). When that didn't work, she tried asking for ice cream. When that didn't work, she tried ignoring mommy and yelling out to grandma. When that didn't work she tried quietly walking out – not making a sound. After an hour of her trying, my sister had to go inside and lie down with her daughter until she fell asleep. Needless to say at that moment, the baby woke up, so my sister got no rest of her own.

    As you can see, my sister really needs something like this to put my niece back on schedule!

    Although, I thought she came up with some pretty creative ways to try getting out of bedtime…

  4. My niece loves all things princesses, so the Princess Faceplate would rock.

  5. OMG, why do I need this so I can get some sleep? Well that's easy to answer so here goes. I am a home daycare provider and I do all three shifts, meaning that I have kids 24/5 days per week and sometimes on the weedends. The kiddos have have for third shift do not like to go to sleep and this makes it late by the time I get to bed and then I have to be up early to get kiddos in the morning. Nap time is very important to me and for some of my kiddos it works out wonderful but I have a couple that well, it doesn't go so well. I do a some relaxing at nap time and will sneak in a well needed nap if my 20 year old daughter or my Hubby is home. Needless to say, I am busy and sleep is very important to me and the children I keep, cause when they get tired and cranky I tend to get a little cranky sometimes.

  6. MamabearMills says:

    I don't want to even go here right now! I need sleep because my daughter has been cosleeping and sick as hell for a week now! You can only imagine. She has puked all over our bed twice in 2 days in the middle of the night!

  7. MamabearMills says:

    the barnyard faceplate for sure

  8. MamabearMills says:

    i have your buitton on my bottom list

  9. MamabearMills says:

    youre faved on tech. im erinsm

  10. MamabearMills says:

    im in the postits contest

  11. MamabearMills says:

    im in the printing contest too

  12. MamabearMills says:

    ive commented on the SAHM day 1 and 2 recap! im a good commentor!!

  13. under the sea faceplate for sure

  14. Well for starters…we live in an apartment with thin walls. We had new tenants move in beside us and above us. They both have young children and/or newborns…and they cry and scream all night long.


  15. So…tired…must…win…clock…

    I think the best feature is the fact that you can take this with you when traveling so that the bedtime/wake time routine remains constant. Awsome product!


  16. Right now I need sleep because we just had our second child and she's low weight and jaundiced, so we're supposed to feed her every 2 hours. But feeding takes over an hour, because she's sleepy. Sigh. So I need my toddler to be sleeping at least- one awake kid is all I can handle!

  17. Luke is beginning to want to get up so early…I need to keep him in his room until 7am.

  18. Your button is on the left hand column of my blog.

  19. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    This sob story really belongs to my step-daughter. She is a mom of 3 very active boys (2,3,and9). Hubby has been laid off and is looking for work. In the meantime, she took nurses aide training so she could work and bring in some cash. She is working hard and needs the extra rest whenever she can get it (and so can Dad!)

  20. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    I also like the Ninja and Sports face plates.

  21. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    Subscribe via Google Reader.

  22. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    Faved you on Technorati (thebabblingbrooks)

  23. Cindy B.of Montana says:

    Entered The Simple Stencil giveaway.

  24. I need sleep because I have a two year old we just transitioned to his big boy bed and am 6 and half months pregnant and entering the phase where there are no comfortable sleep positions.


  25. One Happy Family says:

    What an awesome invention! We could seriously use that. My doctor likes to wake up at the crack of dawn, but my husband works nights and I'm pregnant with out second- so we could use all of the sleep we can get. This sounds perfect.

  26. This so cool!! We would have to have the barnyard theme. My son is in LOVE with cows and horses.

  27. My daughter gets up way too early and of course comes to wake me up and ask if its time to get up yet. I think the My Tot Clock would really help her to know when it is ok to get up.

  28. My son has the best internal alarm clock in the world. Unfortunately it goes off at like 5:30 in the morning.

  29. I like the Butterfly Faceplate.

  30. I added you to my Technorati favorites.

  31. I entered the Simple Stencil

  32. I entered Kiss My Face

  33. My daughter is one year old and still wakes up multiple times a night. I haven't had an uninterrupted night's sleep since before she was born.

  34. I like the Under the Sea Faceplate.

  35. Melyni + Alma says:

    This is soo awesome!!! I'm trying to do better at managing my time with my kid.

  36. My son comes into our room and sleeps with us in the middle of the night. It's not so much that I mind him sleeping with us, it's the fact that I get hit in the face with his flailing arms a zillion times a night.

  37. I like the dinosaur faceplate for my son.

  38. BrnEyedGal says:

    My sob story is that I have not had a good nights sleep in probably 6 years…that is no joke. Im ridin on caffeine and chocolate…LOL
    ddavidpatrick at gmail dot com

  39. BrnEyedGal says:

    I subscribe as well…. 🙂

  40. BrnEyedGal says:

    LOVE the dinosaur faceplate…my son would love that.

  41. BrnEyedGal says:

    Entered the simple stencil giveaway too.

  42. BrnEyedGal says:

    Entered the Peter Rabbit Organics giveaway.

  43. I really need to sleep. My daughter is 3 and I do not remember the last full night of sleep I have received.

  44. I have two kids…they don't always sleep or nap on the same schedule, so yes I need some sleep and it would be awfully nice if the boy would go down without a fight for nap and bedtime.

  45. I don't know what my best sleep sob story is – simply put I haven't had a good night's sleep in a long time! I'm a mom of two little ones whose husband has been gone for a long while and I'm having to do it on my own! I either need sleep or happy pills!

  46. MissMariposa says:

    This looks great!

  47. MissMariposa says:

    Gosh – with a boy and a girl, I haven't slept through the night in almost 2 years! What a fun invention…

  48. MissMariposa says:

    PS – I love Chicken! 😉

  49. MAN I need sleep! 🙁 I know everyone does!) I have a 3 yr old and a 9 mo old that…let's put it this way – don't like sleep as much as I do. The baby is in her crib right now crying, hopefully going to sleep soon, b/c she won't nap at all during the day! arrrr. Would this clock help? I hope so!

  50. with 2 little kids who refuse to go to bed on time, i need sleep because they still wake up at night and wake up too early for my liking

  51. i like the Barnyard Faceplate

  52. entered Peter Rabbit Organics giveaway

  53. The Bluths says:

    *tears welling up*

    I need this because I am 5 months pregnant, have a 4 year old, a 15 month old and a 7 month old dog…need i say more?

  54. The Bluths says:

    Faceplate? Hmm, The Ninjas is funny so I'll pick that one.

  55. The Bluths says:

    I entered the kiss my face giveaway.

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