On stubbornness


If there is one way that people would typically describe me, it would be blunt.

If they had to say a second thing, I think they would go with stubborn.

Unfortunately, my dear, darling little girls have been blessed with this trait as well.

And, they are even more stubborn with me than anybody else.

Take #2 for example. At school, she will drink her milk cold and out of a cup.

Last night, I gave her a cup of milk with dinner. She threw it on the floor. I asked her what she wanted, she signed for milk. I told her milk was in the cup and offered it again. Guess what? She experimented, and sure enough there is in fact gravity in our kitchen, and down to the floor it went.

Asked again what she wanted and she signed for milk.

Fine. You win.

Take the cup to the cabinet, pull out a bottle, pour in the milk, nuke the milk in the microwave for a couple seconds.

Hand bottle to #2. Gulp, gulp, chug and gone.

Then she signs for more.


I get her more milk.

And what doe she do?

She throws.it.on.the.floor!

Thank goodness she’s so cute, because she’s surely going to give me a run for my money!


PS. Thanks, Midwest Mommy, now I tried out flickr and my picture looks a million times better.

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  1. And just think, the teenage years are even harder! 😛

  2. Don't you just love it? Maggie has been drinking out of a cup at school for months and months. At home she HAS to have a sippy. It took months but we finally got over the "warm" milk, but only through gradually making it colder. Ugh!

  3. She is too cute!
    Caroline would do the same thing. When she was in daycare {I was in school} she would nap. She would lay down on her mat and go to sleep. Not at home. Nope. It is still a battle every night. Why would she do it at daycare but won't do it at home? Ugh!

  4. What a little stinker..but you are right..she is a cute one!! 🙂

  5. I have to laugh because before I read that last comment I was like wow, that picture really came out clear this time, lol! I love flickr now!!!!
    What a cutie.

    oh and I tried that blog this and it still wasn't there. It wanted me to write my blog post on flickr and publish it from there? Is that strange?

  6. Uh-oh. You are in for it mama. 😉
    She is a doll!

  7. Aw, what a great picture! My kids have a serious love for throwing their cups on the floor. It is driving me INSANE, which I think is the reason they do it!!

  8. we truly are long lost sisters.

    blunt. stubborn.

    my middle names.

    what are we going to do with these girls honey??

  9. She knows what she wants….now you just need to figure it out!! 🙂

  10. Ugh, I remember those throwing-on-the-floor days with my first. Could be facing them again with my second, in about six months.

  11. So I'm about to say how trying that must be, but then I see her picture at the bottom and all frustration and sympathy for you is out the door. I'm now putty in her hands.

  12. Already? Uh oh. My second is a stubborn little one as well. Just wait until she wants to do everything herself. Oh Lord, just wait…

    (the cutest ones get away with more…) 😉

  13. what is it with kids? My son will do the same thing. Or I love it when my mom tells me that he loved something so much, so I go and get it for him, and he refuses to eat it. But he will at her house! or he will go to bed for daddy but not for me. Stinker stinker stinker. I have a feeling my daughter is going to be even worse!

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