Happy Third Birthday, I


Dear #1-

Three very short years ago on October 14th, 2006 at 12:29 am (just 30 minutes after your due date), you made us a family.

Two years ago, you were learning how to walk, only had one tooth, had a few words and were a cuddly little girl.


October 14, 2007

One year ago, we brought your sister home from the hospital on your birthday. You were as sweet to her then as you are now. You were still my baby then.

October 14, 2008


October 14, 2009

You continue to amaze me and crack us up, most often at the same time. We love it. Every day is a new day with you.

For the past several weeks, every morning, you ask if today is your birthday. We were so excited to tell you that today is finally the day. You’ve been waiting for this day for so long. The first birthday that you really understand. The first birthday where you know you are adding another year on to your age. You are finally THREE!


You are sweet and caring yet demanding and fire-y. You are the definition of sugar and spice.

You are so thoughtful and considerate. At your birthday party, when I gave you the first piece of cake, you immediately went and gave it to somebody else. In fact, you made sure that everybody else had cake before you. I get all teary-eyed just thinking about it. We hope that you always remember to be the selfless little girl that you are.

Even though you were exhausted, you insisted on sitting in your princess castle while your friends jumped and bounced.

You are such a big sister, too. You are never resentful of #2. You shared your ice cream with her this weekend, and you didn’t even get upset when she got her own cake and you didn’t.


You are growing up so much it just amazes me. You played an entire game of Candyland with mommy and daddy last night. You never got frustrated or upset. You followed the rules and asked questions when you didn’t understand. We hope that you are always the inquisitive little girl that you are. Never stop asking questions. Never stop making observations. Never give up that sass.

At three years old, the sky is really the limit. There is nothing you can’t do when you try (even when you tell me “I can’t try!”).

We know when we look back on this year on your fourth birthday, we will be even more amazed at all you are capable of and all you have done.

We love you, sweet #1.

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Happy Birthday Isabelle. She sounds like an amazing big sister. What a wonderful post, here's to many more great memories to come!

  2. Happy 3rd birthday Izzy!! Princess can celebrate their birthday for days before and after. lol

    Hope you have a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday, Dear Isabelle!

    You choose wonderful pictures to post to celebrate her. I hope she has a fantastic day!

  4. Sugar and spice, inquisitive, sassy…that's my kind of girl 🙂

    Happy Birthday pretty princess!

  5. Awww…So sweet! Happy birthday Isabelle…and belated bday N!

    It just reminds me how close Haylee is to turning three (tear)! They are so amazing!

  6. Great Post…great pictures a Great DAY!

    Happy Birthday Isabelle!!!!!

  7. Oh well isn't she the sweetest little girl? Beautiful! Happy 3rd Birthday to your big girl… what a beautifully written post… very touching! She sounds like an amazing little person. I love the Olivia cake!

  8. Such a sweet tribute to Izzy. She is just so sweet! Happy 3rd birthday, Isabelle!!

  9. Yeah Isabelle!! She has the most distinct expressions in all her photos – what a camera girl! And yeah to mom for making it thru the first three years 🙂

  10. It's amazing how much she looks like her sister in that first picture. Happy Birthday, Izzy!

  11. What a beautiful post. Made me tear up. 3-4 was my favorite age with Landon! I will never forget playing our first board game and he actually got it! You are going to enjoy this year so much!!
    Happy 3rd Birthday Izzy!!! You are so full of life and quite the character!!! I cant wait to finally meet you one day!! (hint, hint Krystyn!) lol

  12. Happy Birthday Isabelle!
    I had forgotten that your girls were born so close together in Oct. What fun.

    You have a precious family. What a blessing to have two sweet little girls.
    Hugs, Grammy Lura

  13. Happy 3rd Birthday Isabelle! What a great post for such a sweet girl! Sounds like she's been a true blessing!
    Oh, and is that an Olivia dress, did you have it made?

  14. Happy Birthday Izzy! What a sweet post about her!!

  15. look at that last pic!!! oh how i love her honey!!

    happy number three sweet girl 🙂

  16. She definitely sounds like the most unselfish child, I hope she stays that way 🙂 This is one of my favorite post of yours.

  17. Oh, Happy Birthday!!!…….
    I love the pictures!…….and I, too, loved how this year turning 3, they know what's going on.

    TigerBoy has been playing Candyland too!

  18. Happy Birthday! She looks so much older than three, what a lovely group of photos.

    As I said a million times before… I *puffy heart* her hair 🙂

  19. Happy Birthday I!
    I can hardly believe she is 3…how did that happen?
    Love the hair.
    Love the cake.
    Love this post.

  20. Happy Birthday I!!! Welcome to three. Don't want to scare you but it is the whole new 2!!!

    And my I forgot you had birthday-polozza at your house! Woohoooo!!!

  21. She is just adorable and I love her hair and smile! That last picture of her is wonderful – I hope you frame that one somewhere in your house.

    Happy belated Birthday to your sweet I!

  22. Oh Krystyn your post was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes!! She is such a special little girl…those curls are precious and she is just so adorable! Happy third birthday!!

  23. Happy belated 3rd birthday, sweet I!

    Such a sweet, caring, loving little girl–and so gorgeous, too!

    I love the picture of her sitting in the bounce castle just watching…so sweet!

  24. The pictures are great! Selflessness and patience are admirable qualities to have at any age. Happy Belated Birthday!

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