Preschool fashion


My middle girl, N, has her own wonderfully awesome sense of fashion. Many times I see the outfit she has ready for the next day and just shake my head. But as long as it’s weather appropriate, we let her run with it it. 

Her sense of style and fashion is spot on!

Preschool fashion

I saw Nicole Kidman on a show this week and she was wearing two very mismatched patterns…and she makes a ton of money and was on a national television show.

She has a keen sense of optical fashion as well. Lab goggles are very important for your outfit’s completion. (Sidenote: these are the first pair of goggles I purchased for my very first college chemistry class!)

Preschool fashion

Of course, hats are ever important for accessorizing and completing your look.

Preschool fashion

But the ultimate is this winter themed skirt which has seen quite the variety. From wearing it with an orange sequin shirt and maroon flower leggings

Preschool fashion

To wearing it with a long-sleeved shirt under a too-small short-sleeved stripped shirt and stripped tights. She totally rocks it. And her personality suits it.

Preschool fashion

So we’ve decided to let her do her thing. If it ever becomes an issue, we’ll have a chat further down the road…and maybe only give her jeans to wear on the bottom!

I almost hit publish and realized I had recently discovered an app that compiles name data, and no joke, the top profession for her name is Costume Designer! (The free app is called NameTrix if you want to check it out!) Funny how her name, and her outfits can suit her so perfectly!

Top occupation

*Not sponsored. Just incase you were wondering. It’s free. Go get it and see what it says about you. I’ll bet your name is in there, because mine isn’t!


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  1. dude she totally cracks me up!!

    and that skirt is all sorts of awesome!!

    1. I need to get one just like it for me…you know, in an adult size!

  2. grandma pat says:

    If anyone can pull it off it’s N, especially with her sweet funny personality. I also saw the show you were talking about with Nicole Kidman and the first thing I thought was “wow interesting outfit”.

  3. LOVE IT! lol That skirt is too cute!

  4. she is TOTALLY ROCKIN IT!!!!
    that would be awesome to have a daughter to have fun times with the fashion.
    love it

    1. I’ve seen some boys with some pretty awesome fashion, too:)

  5. I think individual style at that age is SO great! And I love her choices and that her name matches up to Costume Designer – so awesome!

  6. I think it’s great you let her do her thing and let her creativity develop. 🙂 I think I should let mine start picking out her clothes, I usually just pick them out for her…

    1. Part of it was necessity…there’s just too much to do, so we had to let her take care of it. Sometimes I help guide her decision, but most of the time, it’s all her!

  7. Jennifer young says:

    My daughter is the exact same way! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said the phrase “she picks out her own clothes” when I catch people looking at her, lol. Interesting for sure, but I love it!

    1. I think most of the time people just smile..parents totally know:)

  8. Catherine says:

    Very cute girls and right on to let them choose their own outfits!

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