Photostory Friday


PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

We are on a kick to get/stay healthy!

New shoes:

New exercise equipment:

What? Lube? Why do we need lube?

Funny, isn’t it? Actually, the elliptical needs lube on it’s rails so it’s nice and smooth. Hubby thought the idea was funny when I told him that we got some lube for it. But, then when he saw the container, he about died of laughter!

He’s a work in progress! On his way to better health and fitness.

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  1. haha- my eyes got really big when I saw LUBE! hahahahhahaa

    Good job! Keep up the good work!!!! doesnt it just make you feel better?? I know it does for me!

  2. YEA! Great for you all!

    And that is the funniest container of lube I have ever seen. I just about spit out my breakfast. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the LUBE!!! Too bad it isn’t written in Spanish, French German and Korean…that would be great to see! Can’t wait to see you guys and use the new equipment! Love, Emily

  4. haha you have a tube of lube!!

    happy weekend 🙂

  5. Great post! Here is to a healthy life!!! (Lube and all)

  6. FUNNY FUNNY……LOL LOL LOL LOL YOU crack me UP!!! OOOO you will be going back to school soon! GOOD LUCK! At least it is OLDER KIDDOS….they are not so needy.

  7. Awww.. that’s just what I need! That lube thing is so funny!

    My PSF this week is posted HERE. Please check on it if you can. Happy weekends!

  8. I started laughing too! That is hilarious! hehehe
    I’m on that health kick too! Good luck to us both!

  9. Way to go healthy fam!! 😉
    The lube pic had me dying over here!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Lol! Krystyn, you crack me up!
    Way to be healthy, fam!

  11. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Whatever works. EVEN IF it takes a lube job.

    Ha, I can’t believe I actually just typed that.

    Anyway, I love my elliptical machine too. Now then, I should probably go dust it off and USE IT.

  12. Lube must be universal in all languages! I have one of those machines, too! I just need to knock off all of the dust first.

  13. LOL now that’s a fun way to work out!! (wink wink)
    Good for you guys!

  14. hahaha! I need to get into an exercise routine too. Right now it consists of chasing my kids around, wrestling my little boy during diaper changes and keeping him off of the kitchen counters. He’s two and he’s crazy!!! 🙂

  15. Oh MY husband would have a lot to say about a tube o' lube. Thanks for the laugh! HA HA HA!

    Good luck getting healthy & fit. I need to too!

  16. see…..I would have needed to rub the lube on me inner thighs while I work out so a fire doesn’t start while my upper legs are rubbing together while I exercise. The lube is great for equipment too;-)

  17. LOL! You know the person in charge was totally thinking how funny it would be to label it like that.

    Hey, I left you an invite to my dinner party over at my place. Stop by anytime this month, the post is called…Supernanny’s Barking Mad Dinner Party.

  18. THIS my dear was an AWESOME laugh!!!!!

    Hubby has to loose weight… poor guy.. the dr. told him Wed that if he had to get a CAT scan for any reason we would have to go to a special hospital because he exceeds the weight limit… 🙁

    So since I walk everyday outside ( my shoes smell like cat pee thanks to the dank, wet, mulchy park grass) we decided we would set up a “gym” in the basement for him.. got the equipment…

    and go figure.. we got a $30 gift card from Olympia Sports in the mail for being a “great” customer… tee hee.. pays to be a sports coach I guess… eh?? ( guess whose getting new sneakers that don’t smell like cat piss????)… ohhh did I say PISS!!!

  19. Nothing says heath and fitness like a tube ala lube!
    Happy PSF!

  20. I have a naughty mind. And there is NO WAY my husband would have let me get away without a shower of stupid jokes…

    Great looking equipment. I’m jealous…you don’t have to have gym anxiety!!!

  21. LUBE. hehe You said lube.

    Awesome new equipment!

  22. What a funny tube of lube. (Tube of lube?) Have fun and good for you!

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Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

My little couch potato!
She was watching her Baby Einstein and wanted some fish. And of course, she said “hold it.” And, she’s on vacation, so I figured what the heck. And, she reminded me “don’t spill it!”

I love my little girl…she sure looks like her daddy here!

And, I just loved this one too much not to share it!

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  1. oh how much do i love these pictures!!

    soo sweet.

    nothing better than baby einstein and goldfish 🙂

  2. Perfect combination goldfish and Baby Einstein.
    Love the photos!

  3. What could be better! 🙂

    I am new to Photostory Friday! 🙂 I loved your pictures, she is just adorable!

  4. My little one loves to sit just like that on the couch with her fishies! So cute.

  5. My kids always enjoy their snacks on the couch. I have never had a rule that they have to eat at the table…I know, that is bad!! She is adorable!!!!

  6. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    These are awesome Krystyn. Your little couch potato is a doll. That last shot has pefect comp, lighting and not to mention a perfect little model going for it too.

    P.S. I voted girl. Yep, another girl. I just know these things. 🙂

  7. Awww!! She is a sweetie! And my 3 year old is also addicted to goldfish – yes, bad mom, they often are her breakfast….

  8. She is beautiful! I can see why you let her hold it this time. goldfish are the greatest invention!
    very cute little one!

  9. Cute!!! I love the “Just Like Daddy” picture. Daddy’s Girls I tell ya!

    Karys just got up on our couch the other day. Trouble. We are currently trying to learn that running on the couch over a tile floor is NOT acceptable. Sigh…

  10. That first picture could be me somedays except I am chowing on pita chips and hummus.

    She is too adorable. The second one is Perfect.

  11. Couch potatoes rule!! Especially when they’re that cute.

  12. What a sweet couch potato! I especially love that second shot!

  13. So, so sweet! I love it! She is the cutest couch potato ever!

  14. haha- I love BOTH of those pics!!! she is a cutie pie!!! sounds like she is practicing for her little brother or sister (dont spill it!) 🙂

  15. I love when the help you remember your rules. The whole mini me thing, so cute! Love the pictures!

  16. my youngest is totally addicted to baby einstein!! Love those shows.

    you’ve got some cuties there!

  17. Cute, Goldfish are lifesavers sometimes.

  18. I am a HUGE fan of close up kid shots…that bottom one is perfection! A perfect captured moment!

    Thanks for PSFing with us!!

  19. She’s adorable. I love those photos of her chillin’ on the couch enjoying her goldfish. What a little cutie.

  20. Don’t you love those little commands they give you? Lol. Absolutley adorable. I have a daughter that is the spitting image of her dad, and I love that she takes after him so much- a special thing that they share.

  21. she is so adorable Krystyn!!

  22. Your little girl is one smart cookie…because spilling goldfish on the floor is a clean-up NIGHTMARE!

    Cute pics!
    Happy POW!

  23. She is so adorable! I love love love the 2nd picture!

  24. she’s a cutie! thanks for visiting my blog! i see you’re in georgia. we lived in atlanta in the 90s for a year and a half!

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