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Sometimes, I’m convinced my girls do things to drive me crazy.

On purpose.

For example, not only to they jump on the couch, but they get behind the pillows and roll around.

Besides the pillows ending up all amuck, there is another funny result.

And, it’s still fun almost three years later.

She just has a little more hair now!

Static Electricity | Wordful Wednesday

Yay for static electricity!

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    1. I could totally see you running around after your kids with a balloon and trying to get their hair to stand on end.

      Or, chasing them and shocking them:)

  1. Wow! Izzy looks SOOO much like you in that picture – and yes static electricity is fun!!

    1. I shall take that very well…I think she’s pretty cute!

  2. Such a cute pic! She’s so grown up! Let’s skype this weekend….I miss my B&S!

    1. Dude..totally missed the Skype opp. Sorry about that. It was crazy this weekend.

  3. oh my gosh that is funny! The plush softness of a couch is the most fun to roll around in, no matter the static-y consequences LOL!! My little girl has the same avid love for rolling herself among the cushions. Her hair is a bit thinner and finer than yours and so more of it stands on end….too funny!

  4. Silly girl! Gotta love the ways they find to entertain themselves. Although I do love to do this to my kids with balloons… So fun! 🙂

  5. HA! My boys do the same thing. There must be something fun about it but it drives me crazy! 😉

  6. Oh my goodness, she looks so much like you in this picture. You need to teach her how to shuffle her feet then touch something to give it a shock, but on 2nd thought that might not be such a good idea.

  7. That’s pretty much what Melody’s hair looks like 24/7!

  8. we are a walking static electricity experiment around here!

    and by the way have i told you lately how edible she is??

    r u sure she can’t fit in your suitcase??

    1. I wish. She’s pretty rigid. Not much folding going on there.

    1. Yeah…you are right. If only there was a couch big enough for me to roll around in pillows.

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