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Two Serious Girls with Santa.  The Story Continues.

2010: Helen, Georgia

Santa and Mrs. Claus are sitting without a line. Mrs. Claus lures #2 with a candy cane.  Success.  Two smiling girls with Santa.


2009: Atlanta

Santa and the Mrs. at the Chick.  One girl wishes for an Ariel doll.  One girl wishes to get the heck away from these strangers.


2008: Santa on the Square

Two very unhappy girls.  Terrified of the nice man in the red suit.  Neither cared about Ariel dolls or candy canes.


2007: Santa on the Square

One terrified girl.  Actually, she was quite pissed at me and Santa.  Surprisingly, Santa still visited.


2006: Santa in Smyrna, Georgia

One pretty chill little girl.  If only we knew what the future held.


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  1. That progression is an accomplishment but yet hilarious! Adam’s dad has dressed up as Santa for years and goes to the local kindergartens, people’s houses on weekends, etc. It has been a tradition carried on from Adam’s grandpa. I can’t wait to get a picture of him and Connor together this year.

  2. mrs. hils says:

    It is sooo nice when they get to the bribeable age. We are crossing our fingers that this is also Owen’s year.

  3. Way to cute!!! Aren’t most kids terrified of Santa when they are that little?! Mia gets to see Santa next Tuesday and I have a feeling there are going to be some pictures like your earlier ones!!
    I’ve missed your blog….Life is still crazy but I”m trying to get back to it here!

  4. That is the cutest thing. And funniest : ) LOVE it like CRAZY! Happy Christmas to you and your little criers!

    1. They really are silly!

      Merry Christmas to you all, too.

  5. omg she looks like mini matt in that first christmas pic!! soo sooo cute!! love the look back friend. you know how giddy posts like this make me??

  6. Note to self – keep all Christmas pictures. I love the chronological order of the pictures. The girls are too cute.

    1. Oh, yes. Definitely. I have my harddrive set up by year and then by month! Makes it easier to find them.

  7. So glad that things were better this year! I giggled through this entire post (though maybe you weren’t giggling at the time!). They are so cute, in every year.

  8. Oh, my! I LOVE this! This year’s picture is fantastic! We are a bit nervous about how Caitlin will do this year…

  9. great pictures 🙂 and that they both smiled? yay you! I think Anna is going to be terrified this year ~ we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner last night & the cow was out. She spent the ENTIRE dinner saying, “Bye Bye Cow”. Ugh…..

  10. LOL! I love the photos through the years.

  11. That was so clever! Thank you sharing all your happy and not-so-happy Santa memories. 🙂

  12. Angela Hartley says:

    thank you for Sharing!!!

  13. i love the look back at the xmas pictures!! so so funny, looks like both girls were into santa, love it!! btw, they are SO stinking cute!

  14. I still love looking at all of those old pics! Makes me smile everytime!!
    Love the pic from this year..super cute!!

  15. HAHAHA!!!!
    Oh my gosh! Those are awesome! I love it! Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Great PSF!!!!! 🙂

  16. Grammy Staffy says:

    I love this journey though time and Santaville. I am thinking of you. Hugs, Grammy L

  17. Oh my, that’s too cute!……….I love this year’s picture!!!
    Well, those sad, crying faces are pretty cute too!

  18. Oh my! Just look at how much progress you’ve all made over the years! 😉

    Way to go, girls!

  19. I love displaying our old xmas pics every year. Mine look like some of yours…someone is always unhappy in mine! ~wink~

  20. These are so great! Looks like they were all good with it this year. And I love the fun look on Mr.s Claus’ face in this year’s shot! 🙂

  21. I love the year progression of Santa! I wish I would take time to do that too! You are so organized.

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