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I seriously wonder why we have toys in our house.  Because, really, this box provided a good while of entertainment. 

"Mail #1, mommy, mail #1."

So, she packed her up and "mailed" her off. 

And, then, she unpacked her and opened the mail.

"Where #1, mommy, where #1?"


"There she is…"


And, she’s almost out.


Of course, this game was also reversed, too.  Also, several times.

These girls are too funny…and for the most part, they sure love each other a lot.

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  1. aw, yes they do! (and sometimes I might ask the mailman if they take perishable or potentially hazardous packages yet. does that make me a bad mama?)

  2. LOL! They always have more fun with the boxes than what is supposed to be inside!

  3. Now you know what to give them for Christmas! 😉

  4. That is so darn cute! I’d like to see you get mailed though! 😉

  5. Cardboard boxes are too much fun! I just got a stroller shipped to me and my husband asked me if he could have the box. I told him he needed to battle the kids for it because I know they are eying it!

  6. Boxes are the best! They can provide HOURS of entertainment. 🙂
    Such cute girlies you have. 🙂

  7. That’s so funny! Kids love boxes, don’t they? And laundry baskets too. My two can’t get enough of them. Why do we ever spend money on toys?

  8. I think my kids’ toys are just for dumping. They are much more entertained with stuff like this too.

  9. I’m astounded at how they are growing!
    And you are right – the simple things make the best toys.

  10. it’s always the way isn’t it? same with saucepans and wooden spoons!

  11. Yep. Nothing says love like trying to mail your sister away…


  12. How cute! I miss the days when my children were small.

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