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#1’s Senior Preschool class is celebrating their last week of the school year with themed days.

Wednesday was crazy hair day.  When we told #1, she said “my hair is always crazy.”

I guess we should stop saying that.

We thought it would be fun to do several different ponytails all over her head.  She loved it.

I asked #1 if I should take a picture.  Of course, she said “yes.”

I grabbed the camera, turned around, and there was #2 ready for her picture, and even saying “cheese!”

Not her best picture, but it was too funny that she was so ready for her picture.


#1 was also ready for her pictures, too. 

In fact, apparently, crazy hair also makes for a crazy preschooler, even before 7am!

DSC_6084 DSC_6085 DSC_6086

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  1. Ohmygoodness honey! That middle one is adorable!! SO cute!!

    Your girls are precious!

  2. She was ready for her close up?

    This means you officially take too many pictures 🙂

    (Welcome to the club)

    Ready for school before 7 am? That's just wrong.

  3. Seriously? It's almost absolutely positively insane how much they look alike. Just wait until they're older – you're going to confuse them!

  4. Your girls are so cute. It's so funny when kid are like always ready for the camera. My cousin is like that also. It's like there's an automatic smile and pose. She's like a doll.

  5. Their personalities are showing through in the pictures more and more! So much fun!

    When she gets older you will have to read the book series "Clementine" to Isabelle. The main character has beautiful "crazy" red curly hair.

  6. they are so cute!! And getting so big!! My goodness loving the crazy hair on your cute kids!

  7. Oh my! Those girls really do get a capital "P" for personality! They have the best smiles.

  8. Crazy or not, I LOVE her hair!! I know I tell you that all the time, but it just makes me smile all over myself!!

    I had a photoshoot last weekend with redheads and I thought of you when I did a three generations of redheads with Grandma, Auntie and Granddaughter. It was a fun picture!

  9. Very cute and crazy hair! That's a lot of activity before the sun even comes up! 🙂
    And Charlie's into saying "cheese" too…he'll run around and start yelling it the second I pull out the camera.

  10. Crazy hair day is always one of my kids favorites. We like to go nuts, too.

  11. She's adorable. And funny. Probably out of all the things she learned at preschool, crazy hair day will be a long term fond memory.

    Unfortunately I have to watch what I say around my daughter, too. It's amazing (both good and bad) what they pick up!

  12. She still looks amazingly cute! Even with crazy hair. I love that she thinks her hair is always crazy, LOL.

  13. Awww, they are both just precious!!

    I always tell my daughter, "What should we do with that rat's nest on your head which you call hair?" and now she's been repeating me. I guess I should squash that saying, huh?

  14. What a great idea by the school. How fun for the kids! My daughter would love a crazy hair day at school.

    Great pictures – they made me smile.

  15. Ha ha, I love it! Hunter is just like N…we take the camera out and he immediately gives us a big cheesy grin in preparation! HOW I've trained my nine month old to be camera ready at all times is beyond me. AHEM. LOL maybe cuz I take pics like every day of his life? LOL
    Cute pics and story! LOve Izzy's crazy hair. 😉

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