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At E’s four month check up, the pediatrician said we could start solids. I said no thank you. She’s growing just fine and meeting her milestones, and I didn’t want to deal with feeding her solids! I have also been exploring the idea of baby led weaning. In my mind, this is a misnomer in a way as they don’t eat purees, they just go straight for table food when they are ready for it. 

So, that could probably put me in the lazy category, but it’s just one more thing to do, and I don’t know how I would get it done. Plus, it isn’t recommended to start until more like 6 months! (And, yes, of course we started earlier with her sisters.) And, we had trips planned.

Well, you know how you hear people say “start solids when they show interest?” I guess she decided otherwise. The other night she was fussing, so I scooped her up and sat her on my lap at the table. Next thing I know, she had stollen a green bean from my plate.

baby led weaning green bean

And, went to town (we cheated..see those green beans on the table, those were actually the first ones she went for. she went back for more!).

baby led weaning green bean

She didn’t really eat any of it, but she sure sucked on them and got a few of the beans out. She just sort of played with them and moved them around in her mouth. 

baby led weaning green bean

In my mind, this is how the baby led weaning works. She told me she wants to try some by snatching it off my plate and putting it in her mouth. Hold me, she’s growing up.

(If you have tips or tricks for baby led weaning, I’d love to hear them. I don’t have a book, so I’m just sort of flying by the seat of my pants!)

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  1. Sara Plays House says:

    I don’t know if I’d call what I did with Zoe “baby-led weaning” but she certainly got a lot less baby food than her big sister did. I think I did a little baby food around six months? But by seven months she was eating the same thing as us all the time. She stopped nursing around 14 months.
    Anyway–allowing her to eat table food and not constantly worrying about whether or not I had baby food in the kitchen was AWESOME.

    1. No kidding. It’s still really nerve racking right now…but it will be awesome in couple months.

      (PS is your site pswd protected now?)

      1. Yes. Yes it is! Now that Avery’s older, I just felt it was time. Usually I point people to my cake site nowadays, but I guess I wasn’t paying attention when I posted!

  2. Yeah, I feel ya on this on! I was not going to start Clay on food til closer to 6 months but he started vigorously attacking my plate at dinner so I decided it was time! Of course, I started slowly but honestly he loves it! He is a much happier baby too! And then I thought making it would be a great idea to save money BUT it took so much time I didn’t have! So gerber it is and anything else that I can find organic! As long as he’s happy I’m happy!

    1. I hear you on it. We made the food with N, and I ended up doing huge batches on the weekends and then pureeing the food we were eating. I’m sure he’ll be on table food soon and you won’t even have to pick it up at the store!

  3. The picture with the green bean hanging out of her mouth is too cute! Eli definitely showed interest in solids fairly early. He would watch me eat yogurt and try and reach out for it. Pureed food lasted for about 2 months and he was never really interested in them. Now he wants everything we have and it makes my life easier. I have never heard of baby led weaning but it sounds like she will start on her own.

    1. Basically, you just start them on the table food right away…just skipping the purees. N was on table food so early, I figured we could just skip it!

  4. grandma Pat says:

    You were never a big fan of puree food either. I don’t remember when you went to table food but it was pretty quick. Emily hated puree food and went to table food only at 9 months.

  5. grandma Pat says:

    georgia wanted me to tell you E is beautiful and the green bean hanging out of her mouth is adorable.

  6. Baby Led Weaning ROCKS. I had Triplets who I did the whole purees and babyfood before I had Violet. I started V on solids at 7 months and just let her have what we have. She is EBF and LOVES her solids. She just turned a year and BLW has been wonderful!

    1. Thanks! I didn’t want to start her until later, but she kept grabbing stuff. So, we’ve done it just a couple times…I’m sure in the next month or so, she’ll be shoveling it in!

    1. Thanks, I’m not familiar with her, but I’ll find her on google:)

  7. oh my goodness that last pic is hilarious!!

    and pretty sure you won’t need any advice, looks like little miss e has baby led weaning down pat!!

  8. Good job momma. Baby led weening seems so natural for you both. I was too busy forcing my child to eat solids to even both with weening. AND THE LAST picture is so stinking cute.

    1. Thanks! It’s a little scary, but we’re both getting there!

      She loves her green beans..and broccoli!

  9. I LOVE to hear of mamas who listen to their baby! You go girl! And the green bean eating… PRECIOUS!!!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

    1. Thanks, Nancy..I try. I’m a better listener with kid number three:)

      (I just clicked on your link and it was wrong, but I found you…your family is gorgeous..headed to read more!)

  10. Those pictures are great! It’s so funny you posted this and my post yesterday is a Q&A on Baby-Led Weaning. I’d love it if you take a peek at it 🙂 And I love how your super smart 4 months old demostrated just exactly how it works! Give her a high 5 for me please!

    1. Thanks. Off to read it right now! Giving her a high five in the morning!

  11. Oh.. my.. GOODNESS. To stinking cute!

    We did BLW with K and I absolutely loved it. For us it was more of a he refused to shut his mouth on the homemade pureed stuff his brother loved so much so we just gave him whole foods type desicion though. I will say it makes the diapers a lot more… interesting. If she will sit in a highchair, just give her a few pieces of everything you are eating. It works great to keep them distracted while you are eating too. lol.

    1. Thanks, Amy!

      Yes…the broccoli..didn’t realize she actually swallowed some until I changed her!

  12. Tim Lintz says:

    She will be scared away from solids forever if her first taste is of a green bean. On the bright side, at least it is a soft food.

    1. I’m thinking/hoping you were joking here…because I respectfully disagree. My older two had veggies first and still eat all of them. I think it’s a common misconception that kids and babies don’t like veggies.

  13. haha I love the last picture!

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