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we’ve had a long standing thursday “family night” at chick-fil-a.  after all the girls eat free.

and, the favorite, the trading in of the “toy” for the ice cream.  since almost the beginning!

n is so much into being like her sister, she has to have a cone now, too.  but, she tries to eat the cone while it is still full of ice cream.  silly girl.

“i” thinks it’s hilarious to dip her nose in the ice cream…which is what she was doing when i pushed the picture button on my phone, but look what she did before the shutter snapped.  she’s sneaky.

my cuties, eating their ice cream like big girls.  definitely growing up way too fast.

ice cream at the chick

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  1. Totally cute! Man…wish my chick fil a had free kids night on Thursday..I will have to check into that!

    1. Yes, definitely. Different ones have different nights, but I bet they have one!

  2. grandma Pat says:

    Iz and Nat are such cute funny kids. This is a great picture. N looks like shes concentrating on eating her ice cream cone properly.

  3. Mr Serious says:

    Anyone notice that I’m on the side with both girls? The 3 and 1 booth setup worked pretty well.

    1. Not that their toys are terrible, but the ice cream is pretty good.

  4. Hahah how cute! My daughter never fails to get her ice cream all over her clothes.

    1. I can deal with the ice cream:) It washed out pretty easily.

  5. Seriously? You can trade in those freakin’ plastic nightmares of junk? We will be doing this.

    1. Well, I gotta say, our chick fil a never gives’s usually a book, a veggie tales cd or an education game….but yep, trade them in.

  6. I adore that photo! Those girls are just so adorable and we love Chick-fil-A, too – even the ice cream cones. My favorite is the sweet tea… MMMMM!
    HUGGLES to you all and I hope you are feeling much better than last week.

    1. Would you believe I don’t like the sweet tea? Crazy, right? We are all about the lemonade.

  7. ok the trading of the toy for an ice cream is for real? i swear you had mentioned this before – must check our chick to see if we can get in on this action!!

    1. pretty sure it’s all of them! and, now that i say that…pretty sure i told you via email, didn’t i?

  8. Children having fun of this. It can be more excited eating with friends. I love this.

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