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I’ve had my Droid now for 6 months.  I really like that I can access my email (and occasionally facebook and twitter), but I’ve sort of been app-less.

A coworker of mine is very pro-Droid and likes to tell me about his discoveries.

I listen because I never take the time to learn about them and search for them.

He showed me Handcent which makes my text messages look like an iphone.

I had to pick out a picture to represent myself.  You know, so I know which text messages I send.  And, unlike the teenagers, I just can’t be that person to turn my phone on myself and take a picture.

So, I resorted to the next best thing.  A picture of one of my kids.

This one was a requested (by her) silly face capture at the school Christmas party.

when i text

I thought it was a good choice.

And, my choice was confirmed when I saw the picture (with a crop) in action.

when i text

I’m quite certain I made the right choice.

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  1. Sweet silly face 🙂

    Now, I need a text from you!

    1. I would totally text you, but #1…I’d need your number.

      #2 I don’t think you would see the same picture?

  2. grandma Pat says:

    that is great the way it lines up perfectly with the baloon captions. She’s such a silly girl.

    1. Precisely the reason I think my accidental pick worked out so well.

  3. I think that picture of Izzy is the perfect choice!! Happy Friday!!

    Love, Mere

  4. Ha! That’s a great one! Good pick! 🙂

  5. Awesome! I have a Droid too and love it. I’m always on the hunt for cool apps and that one looks pretty dang cool. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m liking it. My only complaint is that if I have a home and cell number for somebody, I don’t know which number to pick to send the message.

      1. Okay, never mind that….I just checked the settings and now I have it set to only mobile numbers (I guess the problem with that is if I don’t have it set to “mobile.”

  6. sad? i had to ask joe what you meant by “looks like an iphone” and he was all don’t you remember what it was like b4 you had the iphone…and i was like no. how sad is that?? truly i don’t remember.

    1. I think you’re getting old, lady..getting old.

      And, I never knew what the iphone looked at until I checked out the site with the auto corrects on it.

    1. It has it’s pros and cons..I wish I got a faster one with more memory.

  7. hi! i found you through our mutual bloggy friend, amanda, and to jump out of the shadows with this post. i, too, have had a droid for 6 months and no next to nothing about apps. i will have to try this handcent one. i love the look of the iphone texts! you should check out retro camera. it’s basically hipstamatic for the droid. 🙂

    1. I’ll have to check out retro camera. My camera is soooo slow, though, I wonder if this would make it slower.

      Glad you jumped out of the shadows and said hello.

  8. I’m app-less too. I need help! I’m gonna look at that one. 🙂

    1. Did you get it? What do you think?

      I’ve got words with friends now, too. It used to be just for iphones..except there are a million and one ads.

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