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Mr. Serious had the pleasure of taking the older two girls to SuperWHY! Live! Since he got to take them (and I stayed home with Miss Fussypants-Teething-E), he got to write about it, too!

Krystyn got tickets for SuperWhy Live and thought she’d give them to me, Mr. Serious, and I could take the kiddos. Ok, cool. I can do it. It was on a Friday, so after a hectic day at work, I rushed home – grabbed a bite – and rushed off to the Cobb Energy Centre.

SuperWHY! Live Review

I was pretty excited to take N, as SuperWhy is one of the only TV shows that she will actually watch and respond to the prompts. As SuperWhy says, “Do you see a super letter?” N will shout it out at her one volume setting, LOUD!

SuperWHY Live!

To the show. I didn’t know what to expect. I was actually really impressed by the stage setup, props, costumes and production quality. Using the back wall of the stage as a projection screen, SuperWhy Live used characters and sets exactly as they appear on the show on PBS. This is great, because it’s what the kids know. Using movable panels in the back wall, Wyatt exploded from the TV onto the stage in “live” version, accompanied by confetti-cannon fire into the expensive seats. If you’re wondering, I did not have to remove any confetti from the girls’ hair, which gives you a clue to my seat location.

SuperWHY! Live!

If you’ve ever watched SuperWhy the TV show, you’ve probably notice that the characters’ heads are ENORMOUS. So I think they put as big a head as possible on the live characters, but you had the get used to the relative smallness of their craniums.

SuperWHY LIve Review

Props to whoever played the Wyatt character because the beginning of the show was just him on stage to an opening song. He was all over the stage doing gestures to the crowd like a Pro Wrestler and Dick Van Dyke-esque heel clicks all over the place. Great effort, but actually pretty boring. Later the show ramped up with the introduction of all the characters and some better music, including Princess P’s rock song with a wicked guitar solo by the Big Bad Wolf. It actually didn’t blow, ha!

The show didn’t cater much to adults, except for an odd Lady Gaga reference towards the end. But the kiddos loved it, and got into it towards the end. So if you get a chance, take your kids to check out SuperWhy live and they won’t be disappointed.

Did you see the show, or are you headed to see it in your neighborhood?

Mr. Serious and the Bigs got tickets to see the show. All thoughts are HIS own!


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  1. Papa Bear, aka Mr. Serious, great post! Seems like you had a fun night with the bigs! Mom, aka Grandma, asked me what the show was about. My response: “Ask Natalie!”

  2. Great review by Mr. Serious! Will just started getting into this show…we will have to see if there is anything in our area in the very near future.

    1. They are starting their next calendar for the tour soon..keep your ears open on PBS.

  3. Glad you had fun with I and N. It’s fun to take them to shows at that age.

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