Just checking in…

Pretty sure this is some randomness coming here…consider it written diarrhea, maybe?

It sure seems like this summer is flying by! I’ve got less than 2 weeks left until I have to return to work, and less than 3 before I see a new set of kiddos again! I just can’t believe it.

I’m glad we will be getting a family vacation before school starts again, but I really can’t get my head into it. I guess it’s all the errands I’ve had to run, and packing I’ve had to do. I’ll get there though, right?
Also, I think one of my camera lenses is sick. My 55-200mm lens is making a funny noise when it tries to auto focus. I took it in, and the store said they had to send it back to Nikon. They think it is something to do with the gears. I can’t do without it right now, so it will have to wait until school starts again.
Oh, and I won and I’ve already received a Starbucks gift card from the lovely Holly at Anglohile Football Fanatic. In fact, I’ve already purchased and enjoyed a frozen lemonade. It tasted like it had a hint of mint in it…am I imagining things?

So, I hope you all are enjoying your summers and the last couple days/weeks before school starts up again!

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  1. CONGRATS on the WIN! Yeah school starts Aug 8th. I day they go to school and then off for the weekend? What is up with that?

    HOPE you are having a great week

  2. I just saw this – nothing on Bloglines is updating for me today. Ugh!

    Congrats on your win – yum! I love me some Starbucks. Mmmm…

    That SUCKS about your camera! It just started all of a sudden?

  3. Yay for Starbucks! I just love Starbucks 🙂
    I’m sorry summer is flying by sooo quickly. I was just talking to Leo about the same thing! I hope you have fun on your vacation!!

  4. I love randomness!
    Summer *is* flying by.
    Too fast in fact.
    Yay for vacations.
    Ugh for broken cameras.
    I shudder to think.
    Starbucks frozen lemonade?
    One word: YUM!

  5. Thanks for giving my blog a much needed makeover!! You are awesome!!

  6. Congrats on the win!! And I know…summer is going by WAY too fast!

  7. What a bummer about your lens! My camera has become an extension of me. If I had to part with any of it, I am sure I would feel lost! Hope it is an easy, cheap and quick fix!!!

  8. Yeah for random post!!
    Hope your camera gets well soon!
    2 weeks left..seriously?!?!
    Well, happy Tuesday!
    Glad you enjoyed your Starbucks!
    (thought I would leave a random comment to go with the theme!)

  9. Krystyn….I was just thinking about how fast summer has gone by. My yard boy (who is a former student) is leaving to go back to college NEXT WEEK!! We are going on our vacation on Aug. 2nd, then I have to be back at work on Aug. 15th. The kids don’t come until Aug. 25th. I am more worried about being the mother of a 1ST GRADER!! UGH!!

  10. I’m not sure I’m ready for summer to be over yet…it’s flown by!

    Sorry to hear about your camera lense. :o(

  11. WooHoo on that gift card. Good for you. Hope you enjoy it. And enjoy the rest of summer before it is gone. 🙂

  12. Really you are that close to school starting??

    are you all on a modified year round schedule??

    Sorry about the nikon by YEA for the starbucks card. I LOVE their hot chocolates!!

    BTW- I think the girl who does my hair is going to contact you for a blog makeover. I told her you were THE BEST!!

  13. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Girl you win more contests than anyone else hands down! 🙂

    And enjoy the remaining summer, where DID it go?

  14. I can’t believe school starts so early for you.. 🙁 and you poor girl and your lens!! I went camera peeking yesterday.. and will probably get a better camera than I thought I would!! YIKES!!!

    CONGRATS on the win.. YOU DESERVE IT!!

  15. yeah for randomness and starbucks!!

    boo for your sick camera 🙁

  16. sucks about your camera!

    hmmm… is minty lemonade good??? I heart starbucks…

  17. I like random posts. It sounds like you have some fun coming up before you head back to school!

    Bummer about the lens!

  18. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    School already? Didn’t it just get out? And, when school starts that means the baby’s coming soon, doesn’t it?!

  19. Yay for Starbucks. Sorry about your camera lens, hope it “gets well soon!”

    Have a great time on vacation. We are going next week too and I think it will feel like summer is almost over once we get back. Bummer.

  20. I am so sad that the summer is coming to an end already, at least the summer VACATION part. Don’t you just wish it lasted a little longer??

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