What a great cause

I would like to introduce you to two very important people in my family.

This is my cousin Nicky.
She lost her battle with cancer on October 30, 1991 at the tender young age of 9. Yes, 9 years old. She had a tumor on her brain stem. She was diagnosed on October 18, 1991.

This is my cousin Taylor.
She lost her battle with cancer on July 18, 2002 at the tender young age of 11. Yes, 11 years old. She had a soft tissue cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. She fought her battle for 4 years. 4 years of treatments including radiation, chemotherapy, and a 70+ day stay in the ICU.

They were both fighters. They both lost their fights.

Cancer research is very important to our family. Some of us participate in Relay for Life. Others donate money. We do what works for us.

I recently discovered Jay’s blog. He is doing a fundraiser specifically for children’s cancer research.

He said

“Today starts my final St. Baldrick’s push before my head shaving on March 21st. For those of you who don’t know, I am raising money and shaving my head for St. Baldricks children’s cancer research soon…my original post that talks about this decision can be found here. Want the reader’s digest version?

Cancer Sucks.

And for kids?

Cancer REALLY sucks.”

Please go visit Jay and make a donation to this worthy cause. Any donation will help. And, it’s such a great cause.

In addition to Jay thanking you, my family thanks you, too!

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  1. Your right. Cancer does suck and seems to affect us all!

    Thanks for the reminder Krystyn!

  2. Cancer sucks! I totally agree. I can’t imagine what your family has gone through loosing to very young people to it.

  3. Such a terrific cause to donate to! I always do the Komen Race for the Cure 🙂 Cancer has touched several around me. Hugs to your family.

    Love, Mere

  4. blueviolet says:

    How sweet of you to call attention to what he’s doing. He’s quite a guy, isn’t he?

  5. Cancer sucks. I hate reading about it – but over the last few months of reading blogs, it’s apparent that it affects way more people than I had once thought….and kids?? Yeah. It sucks.

  6. We lost our 2 1/2 month Zariah January 2008 to pancreatic cancer. She spent 2 months of her short life in the hospital going through chemo and radiation. I will always donate to anyone and any organization for the chance to stop cancer, especially childhood cancers. They really do suck!!
    Check my blog and Youtube key word “cancer sucks 4” to see a great video Julian’s mom made (he died last year from cancer also)

  7. Savannah had a ST. Baldricks here last WEEKEND! I was at our Mall during it and sat and watched. I cried like a baby! There were quite a few women getting their head shaved and I turned and told my husband I wanted to SHAVE MY HEAD for the cause. HE said no but we can go donate right now….and that my friend is what we did!

  8. What a great cause…cancer does suck 🙁 I dont think I knew that you lost 2 young family members. I am so sorry.
    Way to enlighten us! I’m going to check out his blog now!

  9. Oh my. I just got chills all over. What sweet little angels you have in your family, now looking over you and yours.

    I’ll check out Jay and his wonderful pursuit of finding answers…

  10. Oh, wow, so sorry to hear about your cousins. That just breaks my heart.

    So glad to linked to Jay’s cause – you’re the best K! : )

  11. How great of you to link…

    and those photos are heartbreaking.

    Cancer really does suck.

  12. I appreciate people like that calling attention to these matters as well! I’m behind you all the way! Thank you for raising awareness!

  13. Thank you for tell us about Taylor and Nicky. What sweet girls. I am sure that they are angles in heaven. I am sorry for all they suffered… I am sorry for your loss. Thanks goodness that we know that life is eternal.

    Thanks for making us aware of this good cause.
    I am sending love, Lura

  14. Oh how sad. Thank you for sharing this and raising awareness.

    Love and hugs to you and your family.


  15. HUGS to you!
    and yes, Cancer SUCKS big time.

    YAY for you and for Jay for spreading the word!

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