I’m a changed momma


I know that everybody says with each kid you do things a little differently. There are even emails and lists out there showing the dichotomy of the birth order of your children.

What has changed about me from child number one to number two?

I’m in love with the giant bows. I know…I used to gag at the site of them. I swore #1 would never wear a headband. And, I don’t think she ever did.

And this time?

I puffy heart them. Headbands, and big, giant bows. And, little bows too. They make my little girl look like a present.

And, a paci with a flower on it? Adorable? Check out Jenn’s other portrait pacis and fabulous tutus.

Recently, Jen had a giveaway from Born 2 Impress. And I won!!

Look at that cute little clip on my sweet #2’s head. They are so velvety soft…and it actually stayed on her head! Please go check out Born 2 Impress, too. I am definitely impressed!
So, I have no idea what has changed…but I just love making my baby girl the girliest of girly!

And, I think she’s pretty cute, too!

Don’t forget to enter my latest giveaway for an adorable caplet for the little girl in your life.

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  1. So cute! I always loved putting “hair pretties” in BG’s hair. She had a ton of hair though so if I didn’t put them in she couldn’t see, lol!

  2. I have so many hair accessories for Maggie that it is crazy. We just started pigtails! She is just like Midwest Mommy’s girl – if I don’t put her hair up – she can’t see and gets annoyed with it in her face.

  3. They are so cute!!

    I also was teh mama who swore NEVER EVER would Anya wear a headband. And she didn’t. I wonder what I would have done had there been another girl?

    On N they are adorable!! And oh so Southern!!

  4. The bows are growing on me…I used to think they looked weird those sweet little babies heads, but now I think they are just so darn cute! I am not really sure what has changed but I like them!

    Cute pics!

  5. It’s me, Stephanie G. (had to have a new alias to go by so no one could track me down!). Love the headbands and bows! I’m the same way with my two girls. Punky was very tomboyish and I tended to dress her that way. Cupcake? Wow, she’s so girly to me and I dress her up in cute things instead of trendy. It’s all about their personalities, I think!

  6. I changed the same way from Girl one to Girl number two. But I think it was because EVERYONE always called my oldest daughter a boy when she was little! I hated that. Though people still think the baby is a boy when she is wearing a hot pink dress 😉

  7. I was the same way with Melody…no headbands. Now I can’t get enough of the bows! You’re so lucky to have another little girl to start all over with! Do you think Charlie would mind if I accessorized him with a bow or two every now and then? lol

  8. She looks SO dang adorable in her headbands and bows!

  9. loving the bows! and her cheeks!!

    we aren’t crazy for bows over here yet…maybe some day??

  10. Too cute! When Marissa was little, I would put bows in her hair, too. Now she is in her twenties! Oh my!

  11. I’m addicted to bows! When I dress the kids I babysit, they don’t leave home without them! N is such a cutie 🙂

    Love, Mere

  12. I love the bows!! She is such a cutie!!

    I’m sure if I ever have a baby girl I will stock up on the bows!!! 🙂

  13. I have a friend that was the exact same way! Too funny!!
    She looks adorable in bows and bands!!!

  14. She is very cute! And I was the same way with Emma – she rarely wore bows. But if I had another girl now she too would resemble a little round present! 🙂

  15. i do bows a lot. and now i get to match them…

    i am having so SO so much fun.

    she looks like SUCH a happy baby. i think she likes the bows too!

  16. I loooooove the big bows! The bigger the better, in my opinion! I think the fact that I dress up my poor male dog is a pretty sure sign that my future daughters will have big fat bows too. 🙂 N looks precious!

  17. Oh, she is too cute! I’m glad you are a bow mama this time around!

  18. Oh.My.Gosh. I puffy heart big, puffy bows too! They’re adorable! I tried to get my stepmom to put them on my little sister (especially because she had NO hair for so long), but it never happened.

    It makes me so happy to see adorable little girls with big, gigantic bows! SO CUTE!

  19. blueviolet says:

    Oh my gosh, you’re totally cracking me up with your love for the foofy silliness. 🙂

    She does look like an adorable present!

  20. I think the bows certainly fit Miss N’s personality. Maybe that has something to do with it! : )

  21. How cute! I’m glad you are doing what makes you happy.
    Send me an email sometime and let me know how the food allergies are going.

  22. Haha I was so the mom that you were first time around. They are cute, but I don’t know if I could do it to mine. However I ended up with a boy the second time around so the world will never know. 😉 She’s a cutie though! I do love the paciflower though.

  23. Oh my goodness…. That N with those bows is adorable…. so cute!!!!

    I am glad that you won.

    I love bows too… always have. They didn’t make cute ones like you have when my girls were babes… so I used to glue little bows on their almost bald heads…. shh… don’t tell anyone… but hey it worked and when I gave them a bath each eve. the glue came right off. Funny huh.

    Have a good week. Love, Grammy Glue Head

  24. So cute!

    I’m a fan of bows too. When N was a baby she had a few of them.

    Now I try to stick hair pretties in her hair. She pulls them out though but sometimes I can get her to keep them in for about ten minutes or so.

  25. Sparkette says:

    Oh I so want to squeeze those cheekies! 🙂 How adorable! I love the headbands. Went over to that page…good stuff!

  26. She is adorable. I wish the baby would tolerate bows and flowers. She refuses 🙁

  27. Wait until they get a little older… I have 3 girls so I literally have a drawer full of hair ‘pretties’. Beware.

  28. I don’t know if I’ll be a big bow kind of mom or not……will have to wait until I have a girl!!!……and see her head!……But your little sweatheart looks absolutely adorable!!!……

  29. how stinkin cute. my mom always loved the big bows when i was young 🙂 we shall see if i do too 🙂

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