“Please don’t blog about this.”


You know it’s a good post when that is your hubby’s response to a text message you send him!

I told him that people respond more and appreciate it more when you are honest…and maybe tell a little bit too much about yourself….so here it goes.

My text read “Don’t you hate it when you forget you have a doctor’s appointment and you didn’t shower or change your drawers? Yeah, me, too.”

Seriously, I totally forgot about my appointment. And I was going to shower the next day! I’m so cool like that!!!

But, I forgot about that completely when I arrived to the new GYN office to be greeted by the nicest most friendly people. This is completely opposite of what I had for the past 3 years at the old office.

Then, I went to the bathroom, and they had cloth washcloths. “You’ll find no paper in our office.” How cool is that?

And, I was taken back to the room, and this was on the ceiling:

No kidding! And, I laughed out loud. I bet the nurse gets that a lot!

The doctor came in and she was super nice and told me to change…that whole fun routine. Imagine my surprise again when they had a cloth gown and sheet! Cloth! No scratchy paper gown on my bare bum. It was heaven. Divine in fact (and that says a ton when you are in that setting in that position).

The best thing…that fun little metal contraption that is usually colder than ice? She pulled it out of a warming drawer. Yes, ladies, it was warm. And, yes I know what it is called. I just don’t like the word.

Am I the last person on the planet to find a doctor like this? Why didn’t somebody tell me about this sooner? I feel so out of the loop.

And, when I left the doctor’s office? I completely forgot about my shower and undies…until hubby reminded me!

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  1. Wow. I love my doctor and the nurses, but I loate the receptionist people. They are snotty and act like you interrupted them by showing up for your appointment.

    I’m way jealous of the cloth. For real.

  2. I’m so jealous! They don’t make doctors like that in these parts, I guess.

  3. I know that feeling of OMG what am I going to do???

    I am totally jealous, sounds like a great dr. Send them my way. Our dr. here are WAY behind the times!

  4. oh my God. That ALMOST makes me WANT to go to an obgyn appt. ALMOST.

  5. haha! 🙂 For something so dreaded its nice of them to go the extra mile!

  6. Yeah, I’ll tell you it makes so much difference when it’s a nice office and great people. I love my OB/GYN…..and everyone in her office. It’s a small practice, and she is at all of her patients’ births…….you know, the old fashioned way of having one doctor, and that doctor is on call.

    So, I love going there….I can’t wait to be pregnant again, so I can go more often!!!….

    Love the pic on the ceiling! Too funny………

  7. I have never heard of that! Oh, wouldn’t it be nice….?

  8. I love, love, love my ob and most of the office staff is really great too! I keep getting pregnant just so I can see him on a regular basis! 😉

  9. Speaking of…

    Thanks for reminding me!

    Glad you found a good OBGYN…they are really SO hard to find! I loved mine out in Utah, I haven’t been so lucky in SC!

    But you are right! Honesty is the best! And we all like to have a good little snicker because we’ve SO been there!

  10. Wow. So, do you actually look forward to going to the ob-gyn now?

  11. Wow, I need to find me a doctor like that. Sounds like a pleasant experience considering. And cloth?! Lovely!

  12. I was just there today thinking how much nicer it would be to have cloth! Sigh.

  13. My doctor runs the silver cold platypus until hot warm to warm it up. So nice of him.
    However, we don’t have funny pictures on the ceiling like you.

  14. i love your honesty friend.

    and pretty sure i would drive to your neck of the woods for a doctors office like that!

  15. I so get the whole “I’ll shower tomorrow” deal. I thing 9 times out of ten Maggie’s daycare teachers don’t realize I shower AFTER I drop her off – thank you short hair! I am envious of the whole doctor’s office set up – all paper up here in WI.

  16. Yah so I think you need to share this Dr office’s info with the rest of us as I would love treatment like that. Talk about a “not so fun” appt made great 🙂

  17. Yeah, you just made me a bit jealous. My doctor’s office is nothing like that.

  18. That is hilarious! My doc uses paper gowns but has warm plastic thingamabobs. He’s half way there! ;oD

  19. I’m so jealous! I hate mine!

  20. My dr. still has paper, but the office is soooo nice. They even upened up a little shop next door with baby stuff for sale. One day maybe my stuff will be in there.

    I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten about an appointment, but that’s because I’m crazy about things like that(always worried that I’m going to forget.)

  21. That is hysterical, honest, and oh so awesome!!



    Seinfeld picture?

    That’s it. I’m changing my OB to yours. Don’t care if it means an airplane ticket to ATL! 🙂

  22. blueviolet says:

    Wake up! You’re having a dream.

  23. Is that a spa or a GYN office? Geez, I’ve never heard of all that special treatment. I might be up for the commute! HA!

  24. Wow, I am impressed. Please tell me though that you at least had tp? The cloth was to dry your hands right?

  25. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    How about this: I also was at the dr’s today to find a new warm specu-oops sorry. However, I had showered.

  26. I had my lovely GYN appointment yesterday. I had a male doctor but he was friendly. Though I think I blushed 3 shades of red when he told me that I was healthy. Down there. I’ll be writing about that experience tomorrow.

  27. That sounds like a fantasy doctor’s office….are you sure that wasn’t a dream?!?! lol. haha. That sounds AWESOME!! Lucky, lucky girl.

    Love, Mere

  28. I’m totally on my way to Atlanta for my upcoming gyn appt. I’m scared to get one done here in Lake Charles because my hubby told me of a terrifying story about a gynocologist out here. He had a camera attached to the pocket of his gown and posted pictures of all of the women on the internet!!! I’m totally coming to Atlanta…

  29. Too funny about the shower and undies but so jealous about the cloth and warmer. I’m out of the loop too 😉

  30. It’s official. I am now in love with your doctor’s office.

    Seriously. A.maz.ing!

  31. That sounds amazing! I hate those paper gowns, I get so nervous and sweaty and the paper sticks to me and they never quite make it around me…
    The not getting a chance for a shower thing? My worst nightmare. Silly eh?

  32. What do husbands know anyway?????
    Sounds like your doctor’s office is like a spa unlike mine which is like a torture chamber!

  33. That is priceless!!!
    My doctor is not like that..I might have to got find one though now!!

  34. Wow, now this sounds like the place to go!! It’s amazing how impessed we are as consumers which just a little good customer service!!! Lucky you!

  35. Wow..no paper and even better a warming drawer! Is is small or big office? I love my doctor and office, but no luxuries like that…however she delivered both my children and even held my pillow as I pushed Luke out.

  36. Okay, my doctor has a swanky new office I discovered last week. But it doesn’t have cloth! And it certainly doesn’t have warmers! What is up with that?? I want!

  37. UM – I had no idea these doctors existed either! please tell me about one in Texas!!

  38. really??? there are STILL places in the US of A that DON’T have warming drawers, warm lube, and PAPER gowns?? Man girl, you’ve been deprived! Welcome to the 21st century OB/GYN experience! 🙂

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